Blockchain Gaming and VersaGames are going strong

DateDate05 Aug 2022

Have you already turned away from crypto as ether and alts were tumbling or still watching fearfully from the sidelines the current bitcoin flirt? C’mon! Don’t fool yourself! Blockchain games are least affected by the bear market and attracted a whopping $2.5 billion in VC investments in Q2 2022.

Having a long-term outlook is essential for your success and personal learning and development is key to come out stronger. That’s why you must be aware of this week’s exciting updates from VersaGames.

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Fight of the Ages partnership

Yes, that’s right. Another strategic partnership was signed this week and the VersaGames ecosystem is expanding rapidly. After onboarding Path of SurvivalD.G. Pals, and Meta Lordz we have now officially signed our strategic partnership with Fight Of The Ages (FOTA)! One of the best Triple A MOBA Gaming projects with a fantasy universe which is home to many races. With optimized NFT technology for owning valuable digital assets, robust and sustainable economics, and a realistic universe with the integration of Microsoft Mesh this is certainly big news! More information about the partnership will follow shortly. For now, get yourself ready and check out the full review on the Storefront!

Fight of the Ages is one of the best AAA gaming projects and the strategic partnership with VersaGames is certainly a major event!


New Storefront User Experience

Key R&D updates were shared in this recent newsletter — including the new Storefront User Interface. Responses have been overwhelmingly positive and we are seeing a large increase in visits and engagement too! We are definitely on the right track to deliver the best experience to everyone involved in VersaGames. Check out the Storefront yourself and let us know on Discord what you like to see more!


New published Game Analyses

Stay hungry, stay foolish. Web3 Gaming is awash of new projects and our research team is helping you to seperate the sheep from the goats, so that you can focus on what truly matters: fun-to-play and play-to-earn!This week has been full of new articles now available on our Storefront!

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DateDate05 Aug 2022