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Liquidity as a Service (LaaS)

Liquidity support for your tokens on DEXs
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We offer customized
for crypto projects

Take advantage of the solution that will reduce price volatility and increase the project’s credibility.

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The best liquidity package on the market with promotional exposure.

All-inclusive liquidity

100K and more liquidity
Incentivized Farms (Optional)
Featured Spot on Home Page
Storefront listing, Article, Events
Featured Spot on QuickSwap Gaming Hub
Whitelist spot on QuickSwap
QuickSwap Syrup Pool Rewards
100K and more liquidity
Incentivized Farms (Optional)
Featured Spot on Home Page
Storefront listing, Article, Events

A deal that covers all your goals.

We are are a trusted partner with extensive financial expertise

Get in touch to understand better the Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) offer and analyze your specific case.

Liquidity is essential to
facilitate trading



Increase Liquidity

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Frequently asked questions

VersaGames is proud to be a web3 company building a digital platform for gamers worldwide to discover NFT games and grow their digital collections and portfolio. Our mission is to advance web3 gaming growth and help game studios become more sustainable with effective Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) so they can focus on development and in-game economics.

CEX listings can bring projects market validation and a large amount of exposure. However, one needs to take into account the high upfront and running costs associated with CEX listings. And in our experience, the boost of interest from a CEX listing is short-lived and mainly attracts speculators rather than gamers/users of your project. VersaGames aims to instead effectively target the gamer userbase that wants to play your game and minimize the costs for liquidity as much as possible.

The optimal amount of liquidity depends on your project needs and daily transaction volume. It can vary from 100K to 200K as an example.

You need to increase your liquidity to get less volatility (price slippage) and as a result more credibility in the project and prospective investors.

There are various reasons to consider launching or migrating to another chain: increase the visibility of your project, offer trading at lower costs for your users, reach a new user base, or leverage a partnerships on that chain. When you do so, you will need liquidity and VersaGames can help you with it through the LaaS offer.

You can unlock part of your LP by leveraging the LaaS offer.

Build good partnerships, solid tokenomics, an optimal amount of liquidity, and work towards a stable increase in price. Make sure your team is doxxed.

The cost of LaaS offer depends on the risk of the project (team, progress level, other liquidity listings), the form of payment, runway, and tokenomics.

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