Fight of the Ages II - The ability-based team battler for web3

GameGameFOTA II: Fight of the Ages
DateDate01 Aug 2022


“In the early days, the universe was an infinite space covered with darkness, there was an evil entity called the Darkness. And then one day, the most destructive explosion ever happened, bending all space-time, tearing the silence apart, pushing back the dark and ushering in an era of mysterious chaos.”  

This is the story of the FotA metaverse, a place where the spiritual and physical realms intersect, where a plethora of unique races and monsters exist, fight, and survive together. A world where magic, technology and spirituality clash, and every creature has one singular purpose, to claim the legendary Aether for themselves. A new era is about to dawn! 

Game Overview 

Basic Gameplay 

FotA 2

Fight of the Ages is an ability-based team battler, where you customize your heroes with equipment and skill augments, build a 3-unit team and take on waves of enemies, using your heroes' unique skills to decimate your foes!  

While this system may seem simple at first glance, the wide variety of heroes, equipment, and abilities allow for near infinite combinations of teams.  

For the Campaign mode, players will fully experience the story throughout the FOTA universe. The FOTA universe consists of three main worlds: The Greenland, The Earth, and The Nightmare, with a total of 30 levels in the early stages, allowing the player to complete quests for rewards of Tokens and Experience Points. 

In addition to the pre-set main quests, each season, the platform will host side events that allow players to complete quests and receive Super Rare items or rewards. The main incentive is the FOTA Token. 

PvP is possible in the FotA arena or duels, so you can put your theory crafting skills to the test and see if you can build a better team than the other players! 

Blockchain and engine 

FOTA is built using the Unity 3D Engine. With a vision of universalizing the Metaverse for all audiences, FOTA will be developed simultaneously on iOS, Android, WebGL, Windows, and macOS platforms right from the design process.  

Choosing Binance Smart Chain as the main platform to develop FOTA's Metaverse has shown outstanding advantages with low transaction fees, universal NFT standards, and, especially, the Binance user ecosystem. In the future, other Blockchain platforms will also be optimized with the FOTA ecosystem, such as Solana and Polygon. 


FotA 3

Fight of the Ages has a wide variety of races for you to choose from, each with their own unique interesting lore and in-game advantages. As of now, there are playable races in the game. 

1. The Omni 

  • The Omni is one of the unique races of the FOTA universe. They have an elegant form with the ability to master the use of Aether energy in the form of magic. This is also a race created from the earliest times, along with the land of Greenland. 

2. The Dragons 

  • The Dragons are mystical creatures of the Greenland world, described as having a massive body and large wings that allow them to soar through the skies of Greenland. 

3. The Elves 

  • Their culture is based upon the preservation of nature, and so they receive the favour of Mother Earth, allowing them to use the Aether energy as their fighting power or to protect themselves. 

4. The Keen 

  • The Keens are amalgamations created from the energy of Aether and minerals of the Earth. The Keens' bodies are surrounded by the most durable metals, giving them an indestructible body. If unable to find Aether to maintain their bodies, the Keen will meet a tragic end and become inanimate blocks of metal. 

5. The Humans 

  • Humans are the most populous race on Earth. Physically, they are not as strong as the Elf, nor do they possess an indestructible body like the Keen. However, in return, they are a race with complex and strong social structures and bonds and good intelligence. 

6. The Demons 

  • The Demons are beings that crave the peerless energy of “Aether” in the cold world of the Nightmare. According to rumors that still circle in the universe, the Demons are ancient Omnis corrupted. 

7. The Beasts 

  • The Beasts are the native inhabitants of the Nightmare. They are a fierce race with extraordinary endurance and the first inhabitants of this terrible land. 

8. The Ogres 

  • The Ogres are monsters bred by the dark magic of the Demons. With the ambition of possessing Aether to conquer all lands, the Demons wished to establish a powerful and elite army, so they created the Ogres. 


Aside from the races, there are also 8 classes your hero can become, each with their own unique playstyle and capabilities. A team with diverse classes to cover each other’s weaknesses is paramount to your success in FotA! 

1. Mages 

  • The Mage is a Class that specializes in destructive skills with magic taking from the Aether. In skirmishes, they can proficiently deal medium and long-range damage, and can manipulate their enemies against their will. 

2. Priests 

  • Priests often enhance their ability to develop healing and protection skills through the knowledge gained from the Aether energy. In battles, Priest often stands at the back to help recover and reduce damage suffered by allies. 

3. Warlocks 

  • With unique skills, the attacks of the Warlock often deal a significant amount of damage. However, despite having excellent attacking abilities, their low HP is their biggest weakness. 

4. Warriors 

  • The Warrior is a class of elite warriors who are trained to use weapons skillfully. Their power is more physical than magical. They use magic only to strengthen their body, increase protection, and increase damage to physical attacks. 

5. Chemists 

  • Though not possessing serious physical damage or the ability to channel magic, the Chemist's poison-imbued equipment is the kind of magic that disables and damages opponents persistently throughout the game. 

6. Hunters 

  • Carrying sharp bows and arrows or destructive rifles, they roam around the jungle in search of prey. Not only are they adept killers, but the Hunter also can tame animals to become companions. 

7. Assassins 

  • They can use physical skills combined with unique magic to increase damage. However, the Assassin's defense is lackluster. 

8. Mechanics 

  • The Mechs are the true heir of the Keen. They combine technology which their race has learned and the energy of Aether to create advanced weapons of destruction. 

NFT Assets 


FotA 4

Heroes can be purchased from the Official FotA Marketplace. Heroes purchased in this manner will start at Level 0.

Hero Skills 

Each Hero will be equipped with 3 Fixed Skills at the beginning along with a Normal Attack. Players can upgrade each Skill with a maximum level of 25. 

Each skill can be upgraded up to 5 times at the following milestones: 

  • Skill 1 can be upgraded at Level 1, Level 6, Level 11, Level 16, and Level 21 

  • Skill 2 can be upgraded at Level 3, Level 8, Level 13, Level 18, and Level 23 

  • Skill 3 can be upgraded at Level 5, Level 10, Level 15, Level 20, and Level 25 

Levelling up 

Then, through participating in quests and battles, heroes can gain experience points that increase their Levels. With higher levels, heroes become more valuable on the FOTA Marketplace and bring players attractive income. Revenue from Hero and common items sales at the Official Store will be liquidated to the Marketplace itself every quarter to maintain a stable transaction level. 

Players can accumulate EXP points when completing missions in the Campaign and Arena Modes to increase their levels. In addition, each time they level up, users will need to expense a small fee. This fee will be used entirely for creating liquidity at the Farming Pools. 


FotA 5

Currently, FOTA allows users to use 70 diverse types of NFT items divided into four main groups, including Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.  

For items in the Common category, players can directly buy them at the project's official Store on FOTA Marketplace.  

The remaining item categories require the player to use the alchemy ability to forge equipment in the rare category or higher. These can then be sold for a nice profit on the marketplace! 

These items grant unique bonuses to your heroes when equipped, and of course get stronger the higher rarity they are.  

FOTA Land 

FotA 6

During the era of The Unity Saga, FOTA allows players to conquer 30 lands on 3 different worlds: Greenland, Earth, and the Nightmare.  

Each land will become a unique NFT asset. When players can create their own Clan, they will be entitled to hold one corresponding NFT Land and receive 1% of the profits from that land.  

In addition, NFT Landowners are allowed to sell or rent that land with members of their own Clan. 


In FotA, the Skin system allows players to change their character's appearance in the game.  

In addition, a limited number of Skins will be released as NFT assets to allow players to personalize the appearance of the Heroes in the Game.  

As NFT assets, players can trade Skins on the FOTA Marketplace. 


$FOTA – The main token of the game.  

Starting with a Total Max Supply of 700.000.000 FOTA, the Total Supply will increase based on the system’s mining features. 

FotA 7

Anti-inflation policy 

Inflation has become a serious problem for virtual economies when the number of Tokens put into circulation exceeds the demand of the whole market. This increase in tokens causes their value to decline, which, in turn, makes users feel that their assets decrease over time. FOTA realizes that this is an issue that needs to be considered and resolved from the moment the project is conceived. Therefore, FOTA decides to issue only one Token to manage the circulation of money easily as well as to ensure low inflation through the metrics shown on the Blockchain network. In addition, FOTA also developed a Treasury to allow a portion of the profits of the entire FOTA to be used for the buyback and burn mechanism, thereby minimizing the risk of increased Token supply or illiquidity on the entire system. 


The FOTA Marketplace is a decentralized exchange platform that allows players to directly trade and rent NFTs with each other, including directly training skills for heroes and items from the Common level to higher levels. 

Users will be able to trade FotALands, Heroes, Items and Skin NFTs on the Marketplace. Additionally, the FotA Marketplace allows players to rent NFTs!  

For players who are new to the game and need Heroes or Items with a higher level but do not want to spend too much time or money on upgrading the above NFT components, Rent-to-play is a must-have feature. Rent-to-play allows players who already have Heroes and Items of high levels to rent out those NFT properties on the FOTA Marketplace to earn an income! Please note that for each transaction, a 10% transaction fee will be taken for: 

  • 3% for the Developers 

  • 2% for Referral 

  • 5% for the Treasury 

The Treasury will be used as an anti-inflation fund for the FOTA Marketplace. The Treasury will be used to buy back and burn the first NFTs listed for sale every quarter. For the amount in the Treasury that is not used up, these tokens will be burned at the end of each quarter. 


The Meta Djinn Team 

Fully doxed development team based in Singapore. 

CEO – Duc/Grey Trinh -  

  • CEO and Co-founder of Meta Djinn 

  • Investment Advisor at Hobbit Venture Investment 

  • Chairman at D.lion Media and Solutions 

COO/CPA - Binh Nguyen -  

  • Principal Engineer at KIXEYE STUDIO under Still Front. 

  • Technical Consulting Architect at VNG Corporation. 

  • COO at, which is among the Top 2 websites with the strongest community-building and game-publishing between 2011 to 2016, just after Zingme. 

CTO – Ryan Nguyen 

  • Senior Security Specialist at Microsoft APAC 

  • Senior Security Expert at Vodafone Corporation 

  • One of the 200 most talented engineers globally under the Microsoft Aspire Program 

  • The only Vietnamese among the total of 3 people from Microsoft APAC to win the global “Technology Solutions Excellence Awards 2020” 

Art Director – Minh Hoang 

  • Principal Artist at KIXEYE STUDIO under Still Front. 


FotA has managed to garner the attention of a large number of backers and partners across the globe. 

Worldwide Partners 

FotA 8

Asia Partners 

FotA 9

American Partners 

FotA 10

European Partners 

FotA 11


Fight of the Ages is a promising project with a solid proof of concept and gameplay. It has carefully thought out tokenomics with plans to combat inflation of the FOTA token, and a Marketplace that supports a rental system which is vital to its economy.  

The art is beautiful, and the animations in the game look good and are smooth. The large variety of heroes, races, classes, items and abilities allow for players to express their own playstyle and build a near endless number of teams to experiment with.  

Clearly there is promise with this project, as shown by the massive amount of support Meta Djinn has managed to gather, with their partners and backers.  

Any fantasy game lover should keep their eyes on this project!