Mirror World - Gaming platform multiverse with a twist of ARPG and PvP

GameGameMirror World
DateDate28 Jul 2022

Mirror World is a gaming platform that offers different kinds of game genres including ARPG (Action Role-playing game), PvP (Player versus Player), and Simulation. These games are supported by the Matrix Core Engine which enables the acceleration of Web3 game development. At the time of writing, the game is built on Ethereum and will soon be migrated to the Solana blockchain.

The platform currently offers three different games such as Mirrama, Brawl of Mirrors, Beacon, and many more in the future. Journey your way and escape reality to fight the enemies, called Mirrors, throughout the game. Utilize the play-to-earn system by defeating your foes and winning matches to earn tokens. As you explore this new world, you are bound to face countless battles and challenges all throughout your adventure. Will you triumph, or will you falter? The choice is yours!


Developers engage in the Mirror World Ecosystem to construct the Matrix Core Engine’s modular design. Mirror World provides interesting ideas that are currently being developed.

There are four fundamental components to every digital world: 1. A worldview (game worlds) 2. Native beings (AI NFT) 3. Builders and contributors (community and DAO) 4. Governance and economics (Blockchain)

The utility value of the game is improved to benefit owners, as it increases NFTs function and diversifies the game content thanks to AI. 

Mirror World 2


Mirror World is home to three different games: 1. The ARPG Mirrama, 2. Battle Arena: Brawl of Mirror 3. Tower Defense: Beacon. 

Each has different gameplay with different types of characters and settings.

ARPG: Mirrama

First off, we have the first and only available game at the moment — Mirrama. Mirrama is a Roguelike ARPG (Action Role-playing game) game based on exploring the city of Xalem. As plague and monsters scattered around the city, fight your way out using your character NFTs, skills, and equipment. The game offers different game modes as well. However, the game is still in the testing phase. A further announcement about the release date has yet to be confirmed.

Mirror World 3

Character NFTs

The Mirror NFTs (Character NFTs) in Mirrama are classified according to rarity, level, class, and faction. All of which will impact a character’s growth and development. Moreover, Mirror NFTs have different attack methods, such as melee and range. As you progress through the game, random enemies will appear. Your main goal is to survive as long as you can.


An NFT character has three essential attributes: Attack, Defense, and Health. Mirror NFT Rarity has a variety of passive skills and classes that caters on different rarities.Factions may also determine your character’s skill. 

There are different skill genres based on the character’s attack type (melee or ranged). A skill genre is either active or passive. Here’s how they differ:

  • Active Skills: includes three active skills with multiple attack effects.

  • Passive Skill: includes six passive skills in each skill set, which could supplement the active skills to some extent.

Alternately, the trait can alter equipment’s attributes or skill effects.

  • Main Traits: the equipment’s primary base of its characteristics.

  • Sub-Traits: changes the equipment’s base attribute.

As a result, rarity determines how many qualities and attributes boost based on the rarity of equipment, which is divided into five levels.

Mirror World 4


As for equipment, it is divided into several kinds based on its quality, rarity, level, and strength. The gear consists of the following:

Mirror World 5

Furthermore, there are two types of Game Modes.

  • Story Mode — There are eight chapters in this mode. Each contains the same number of mini-levels, but with different entry requirements and awards.

  • Dungeon Mode —Mirrama’s Dungeon Mode offers both higher admission requirements and rewards. Your ability to earn rewards is directly affected by how quickly you complete higher levels.

Battle Arena: Brawl of Mirror

This MOBA and PVP dueling game provides a fast-paced, real-time strategy, that offers a competitive environment for both casual and professional gamers. The game is simple to play but hard to master as you will be facing different kinds of skilled players. Plan and execute your actions wisely to dominate every match! 

Development, strategy, and many other possibilities are incorporated into the game’s design. The game is still currently in the testing stage, however, we will still discuss all the necessary information available.

Character NFTs

In Brawl of Mirror, characters are differentiated by their rarity, class, attribute, and faction traits. Such will be defined as health points (HP), attack power (AP), defense power (DEF), and stamina (STAM).

It is important to note that the rarity of passive skills and classes will affect your battle experience in Mirror NFT. Rarity tiers include Mythical, Legendary, Elite, Rare, and Common.

On the other hand, factions define passive skills and roles. The factions are named as follows:

  • Genesis

  • Nova

  • Vida

  • Xeon


Meanwhile, the Skill System organizes the player’s skills into three categories: Active, Passive, and General. Regardless of their level, you can only use one of the same passive skills after gaining extra passive skill slots.

  • Active Skill — There are 20 active skills in the game. Power-ups are available from loot boxes for Mirror NFTs. Opening loot boxes after obtaining active skills does not result in duplicate skills. It is possible for you to assemble, replace, and pick the skills you wish to use in the game.

  • Passive Skill —Passive skills are inherent to all characters and cannot be changed. 

  • General Skill — 4 basic abilities are given to all players. You can learn for free and use them in combat. Generic talents in the game do damage to targets within a certain range.

Several skill sets  are available depending on the character’s rarity and the location.

Loot Box

Players can get their gear from the Loot Box, which contains props and surprises. Characters and abilities are the two categories of loot boxes. Loot Boxes can be redeemed for prizes once players win trophies.

Game mode

You can choose from three different game modes, name the regular knockout match, the show hand mode, and the ranking match. 

  • Regular Knockout Match —when each player reaches zero health points, they are eliminated and the last one standing wins. The number of players will rely on the given map. 

  • Show Hand Mode — TheShown Hand will be played with randomly assigned-sized maps after the matchmaking process ends. Staking will be conducted in a room chosen by the players. Matching will begin after the stake is completed.

  • Ranking Match —Ranking matches require players to have at least one Mirror NFT and energy. Ranking matches can be played individually or in teams. 

Tower Defense: Beacon (WIP)

Beacon is still in its early development stages, specific details are not available yet. Nonetheless, the genre revolves around Simulation and ATD, and the release date for the game has yet to be announced.

Mirror World 6

Team and Partnerships

The founder and CEO of Mirror World is Christopher Zhu. He has the experience of being a Product strategist, and has also participated in the Money Guy Space Traveler (Tech made of Films).

On the other hand, Jonas or Jonathan Bakebwa, the CTO, is the creator of chakra UI Vue. Chakra UI Vue is a modular component library that caters to applications with speed. He is a Ugandan UI engineer that creates absolute web experiences for the people.

Mirror World 7

Some ventures like FTX and famous investors with almost 1.5 Million members can be seen below in the Seed investor. Other partnerships, such as Fractal, which is known for various games and Ink finance for financial governance are also part of the Partnership of Mirror World.

Mirror World 8
Mirror World 9

Assets & Ecosystem

In Mirror World, you can earn tokens, a Mirror NFT, a Battle Pass, Energy, Equipment, an Item, a Loot Box, and a Trophy, among other things. Some of these assets are shared between games, as they serve as an important part of the Mirror World game ecosystem.

The Mirror World Matrix Token ($MWM) will be the only token used in the ecosystem. This token serves as a combination of economic incentives for developers, in-game utility value, and governance value.

MWM Token has governance value. Because of this, Mirror World has been planning to have a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This would allow the MWM Token to be fully used as a governance token in the Mirror World ecosystem, both in-game and out-of-game.

Mirror World 10

Token Emission

Mirror World 11

Token Distribution

Mirror World 12


Mirror World 13

At this moment, Mirror World is currently in the Q2 of 2022. Future developments of the game are currently in the process to improve the game’s platform and economic frameworks. 

How to get started

The game has still not been launched. However, NFT characters are already available in the Marketplace of Mirror World. In addition, the initial phase of the Mirror World has yet to specify a date. With this, players can still check the roadmap for more details.


The Mirror World is a metaverse that is  made specifically for the community that caters to the players’ adventures and rebirth. Aside from that, like most of the other NFT games, the Mirror World has its own unique gameplay and concept. 

Additionally, the possibility to earn tokens while playing the three games may also be advantageous for the players, particularly if they have the requisite skills and abilities. In Mirror World, players can connect to different versions of fate and destiny as they gather themselves for the next adventure of their life!