Kawaii Islands - Anime metaverse with a twist of simulation

GameGameKawaii Islands
DateDate26 Jul 2022

Kawaii Islands is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn anime-inspired game based on Binance Smart Chain. Using DeFi mechanisms, a fresh form of diverse entertainment is created by the islands located in a floating city in the sky. Your journey will include a range of simulation games such as designing, building, crafting, farming, and social networking. Take the journey with your creativity and perseverance and experience the anime vibes along the way.


Anime Metaverse is the goal of the Kawaii Islands. The unique graphic style of this game aims to entertain, connect, create, and earn. Social games and multiplayer simulation are the main themes of the game. Farming, crafting, dressing up, decorating, and social networking are some of those activities.

You are encouraged to be independently creative in this game. Like an entrepreneur, you can utilize the game concepts to thrive in the game. Building a home is your next goal after handling all your resources. Is it in your nature to build? Let’s get to work then!


Kawaii Islands once float in the sky like a magic land. In this world, prestigious and wealthy people live luxurious lifestyles, surrounded by wonders. After noticing the opportunities of this land, many ambitious people rushed here and established businesses in order to succeed. You are one of them, a young merchant on the Kawaii Islands who wishes to transform your destiny.

Kawaii Islands 2

Kawaii Islands is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn simulation game. The game was developed by Imba Games Studio and Oraichain. Imba Games Studio is known for epic and unique games that will stand the test of time. Likewise, Oraichain is known for developing Web3, scalable Dapps, and decentralized artificial intelligence.

Taking part in the exciting part of the Kawaii Islands, the gameplay is the highlight of this game. Here are some of the main features of the game:

  • Farming —Plants and fields are essential to farming. In return for your time and energy, you will gain harvestable items that will be useful for crafting.

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  • Crafting — Crafting requires blueprints. In exchange for the harvested item, time, and Kawaii token ($SILVER), you will receive packed furniture for your future home.

Kawaii Islands 4
  • Order — By completing and delivering orders, you can earn Silver, EXP, and trophies for the current seasonal league.

Kawaii Islands 5
  • League — The ranking of all players.

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  • Decoration — An important feature of the Kawaii Islands. In a real-life simulation, you’ll be able to use our Kawaians’ decorative items to decorate your Villa.

Kawaii Islands 7
  • Dress-up — A wide range of dress-up categories is available for your characters. You can either buy fashion items, purchase other players’ items on Marketplace, or create outfits with Tailor House’s service.

Kawaii Islands 8
  • Social — You may interact with other players in Community Islands and you can add them to your friends list.

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This is where the core loop takes place in the game. Initially, you will enter the marketplace first, buying the things that you will be needing for farming. Then you’ll farm, craft, deliver orders, decorate your home, and become a fashionista. Your everyday actions will reduce and increase your items until you reach your goal. Customizing your home to your satisfaction is the goal. 

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The game also holds mini-games for those who have clans. You may stumble upon a clan you want to join through meeting other players in Community Islands.

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Kawaii Islands has four tokens:

  • KWT - will serve as the governance token

  • MILKY - the reward token

  • SILVER - gaming currency

  • GEM - exchange token for MILKY

Updates about the future uses of tokens will be posted on Kawaii Islands’ website and other social medial platforms.

Team and Partnerships

As the CEO of both Kawaii Islands and Imba Game Studios, Minh Do has worked for many years as a CTO, lead developer, and game developer. As a result of his extensive experience, he is the ideal leader for both the game and the company. On the other hand, Thang Nguyen Quang also has years of experience as a developer. His expertise in the Finance Lead department at Oraichain will be of great use to the game. As for Minh Huynh, the tech lead, he has almost 10 years of experience at Imba Gaming Studios.

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Kawaii Islands partners include the following. Funding investment company Signum stands out for its popularity. Likewise, Hyperchain is also present in the partners. The company focuses on blockchain-based projects and decentralized protocols, making them one of the first.

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Assets & Ecosystem

In the Kawaii Islands, four currencies will be used to model the economy. There are three types of coins: KWT, MILKY, and KCoins (SILVER and GEM).

For trading important assets in Kawaiiverse, the $KWT token is used.

  • In the Marketplace, you can purchase game items with KWT.

  • A DAO-style framework governing policy decisions related to playing or spending within Kawaii Islands can be accessed by KWT-holders.

  • As a reward for yield farming activities, including liquidity provision or staking, KWT token holders can earn KWT.

Kawaii Islands 14

MILKY tokens will be the utility token (for in-game fees) and earning token.

  • Burning tokens (5% of MILKY fees spen

    t in-game) decreases MILKY supply

There are two off-chain gaming coins: SILVER and GEM.

  • K-coins can only be used in specific games.

  • To begin playing, all players, old and new, will receive a few tokens.

Vesting Schedule

Kawaii Islands 15

KWT Allocation

Kawaii Islands 16

Releasing schedule for different allocation

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Currently, all the check marks below indicate completed tasks for the Kawaii Islands. The second quarter of 2022 will cover updates to the multiplayer mini-games, clan features, and more. Updates to the persona avatar, virtual anime concerts, entrepreneur islands, and infrastructure for creators will be released as follows.

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How to get started

Below are the steps you need to take to get started:

Step 1: Click here to go to their main website.

Step 2: To access Kawaii Islands, click “Play Now”.

Step 3: Choose any of the three accordingly.

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Step 4: Choose “My Account” from the menu.

Step 5: To connect your wallet, choose one of the two options.

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Step 6: Click on “Play” to begin.

Step 7: Choose your avatar and get started!

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Kawaii Islands is a simulation game that features an anime-inspired graphic style. Various game features will encourage creativity and skill development. Kawaii Islands offers three currencies for the economy and for you to use. Interact with people and make friends, or you can join a clan to play mini-games with them. The best part? Bringing your dream home to life and dressing up! Ready to fulfill your dreams?