Life Beyond - Game-like metaverse with real-world impact

GameGameLife Beyond
DateDate28 Jul 2022

Life Beyond is the ultimate socio-tech metaverse built on the blockchain of Polygon, where you can endlessly create whatever your heart desires. As a citizen of this virtual ecopunk society, you experience a unique MMO game with a bunch of creative possibilities and endless social interactions, all powered by Web3.


With the development of blockchain technology, various metaverses arise to enable the play-to-earn mechanism. However, according to many game developers, we need to make a shift to a play-ánd-earn mechanism. Life Beyond is a dynamic MMORPG game that offers a unique experience wherein you can voice your expectations, needs, and feelings. The game is being developed to serve you, as an advanced gamer. 

Instead of creating a playful metaverse that will occupy players during their game, Life Beyond creates a socio-tech metaverse that mirrors all aspects of a real-life society. Build the foundations of a new society and economy and unleash your wildest dreams! 

Own land, build a cinema or a hospital or become a major. In this metaverse, you can create and become anything you want. All of this while completing challenging missions where you develop special skills and even learn how to craft unique NFTs. Life Beyond will define a new genre: the Play And Earn MMO.

Life Beyond 2


The earth is sick and there is a desperate need for new civilizations and societies. While colonies are exploring Mars for resources, they activate a portal with an unknown destination. What they discover is a brand new solar system where life exists. This is perfect to create new settlements and a brand-new society where you can build things up from scratch. 

They decide to contact earth to tell them the big news. New ‘pioneers’ arrive to expand this society while bringing advanced machinery and facilities. Welcome to the new planet called: Dolos. In this search, they discover nanobots, which are parasites of this new planet. They control and destroy anything getting close to life outside their world. Mankind arriving at this new planet unraveled a war. Release Dolos from its alien threat!

Pioneers arrive with specialized equipment and must team up to explore, clear and establish new settlements in these new regions. Are you ready to make this new planet yours and create your own brand-new society, while discovering new regions?

Expeditions & Combats

Join expeditions in order to receive valuable resources and artifacts. These rewards are key elements to expanding the planet of Dolos and opening up new regions. Every region has different narratives, but all finish with a final battle involving all the players. Conquer these relentless and dangerous nanobots by strategically using all your tactics, skills and courage. Only this way you can secure this new society. 

Life Beyond 3

Progression & Crafting

Property, equipment, and weapons mainly remain yours, although certain events might change that, where you can lose items. Important in-game items such as weapons and equipment are all crafted or purchased in the in-game marketplace. Blueprints indicate what can or cannot be made, as long as you have the right resources for it.

Additionally, crafted in-game items such as weapons and equipment could possibly become an NFT. Even existing items can be modified, which gives them value like an NFT. As you progress through the game, you will receive new resources with which you can craft new items and unlock new regions. 


Don’t we all want to succeed? But how do we become experts? Unlike other RPG games, where you gain expertise through your characters, in Life Beyond you gain expertise by obtaining the right tools for the job:

Life Beyond 4


The custom-made society and economy of Life Beyond evolves over time via different eras. Each era has different gameplay with different levels and different challenges. Step by step, the planet Dolos will grow and mature, you’ll also have ever changing possibilities and opportunities to create your dream society. 

  • Pioneering era - explore new regions

First real combat begins in the pioneering era, in which you will fight evil to explore this new world. Investigate this new region and make sure it's ready for a new settlement. Every region has to be fully conquered in order to proceed to the next era.

  • Settling era - building and growing

Now that the region is safe, it’s time to start building. Establish farms and houses, build and grow industries or agriculture. You can own land, have different jobs and even run ventures: anything that leads you to success and happiness in the socio-tech metaverse of Life Beyond. This settling era is no guarantee of a safe and peaceful existence. On the contrary, intruders and nanobots will do their very best to attack your land and society. Use your equipment, show your skill and protect your land. 

Life Beyond 14
  • Political era - shape a society

Now your region is secured, it’s time to take civilization to the next level and shape society. The key to society is a set of rules, laws, and organization. And the good part: you have the freedom to do this however you choose. Influence other players, speak up about ideas, and guide society like a true politician. 

Life Beyond is a metaverse that wants to mirror a real-life society, there are no strict rules. Do you want a flourishing economy that benefits all players, or do you prefer an autocratic society that only serves the rich and wealthy people? The choices are endless, everything is possible. 

Life Beyond 8

Assets & Ecosystem


Life Beyond Token, better known as $LBToken is an ERC20 utility token and is used as the native currency. It also functions as a governance-tokens where you can spend LBToken in order to vote for in-game matters. Life Beyond will be fully decentralized and sustainable. It has a total supply of 1,088,774,211. All the in-game transactions will be done by using the $LBToken. Think of items like

  • Lands

  • Outfits

  • Weapons

  • Equipment

You receive LBTokens as a reward while completing missions, but also during various social activities. In the future, it will also be possible to stake your native tokens.

In-game marketplace

Beyond Life consists of fungible and non-fungible tokens, both acquired through gameplay. These fungible tokens are the primary resources to compete in challenging missions. These non-fungible tokens and customized fungible tokens are will be available on their in-game marketplace.


Pioneers arriving at the planet of Dolos will be assigned a customizable apartment in the Base of operation. Therefore, you need a special key, a unique NFT. This NFT granted you early access to the Open Alpha of Live Beyond in June 2022.

Apart from that, Life Beyond uses various in-game NFT items that can be sold on their own in-game marketplace as well as secondary marketplaces such as OpenSea. Click here to see their current collection. Up until now, they only listed their Apartment Access Keys. 


Are you a die-hard fan, and you don’t want to miss anything? Buy a Visionary pack which gives you a lot of privileges. With only 2 000 available, you can buy these NFTs for €149,99. Your benefits will be:

  • Apartment Access Key

  • Early Access to all Alpha/Beta/Launch

  • Discord Founder Section

  • Alpha & Beta Special Rewards Pool (NFTs & Tokens)

  • Agent Zero Jacket (in-game item)

  • Original Soundtrack

Team & Partners

Darewise is a video game studio integrated in Animoca Brands. They are building games based on true ownership, where you can create and shape your individual and collective experience. Darewise mission is to deliver interactive, social and meaningful gaming experiences

With offices in Paris, Barcelona, and London, Darewise is a multicultural team of experienced game developers. Their mission? Create online video games that are meaningful, and interactive and boost the social experience. 

Life Beyond 7

Benjamin Charbit - CEO

Benjamin is the CEO and founder of Darewise, the independent video game start-up studio behind Life Beyond. Ben graduated as a Master in Corporate Finance and Financial Engineering and was active in the banking industry. Luckily for us gamers, he made a switch and joined Ubisoft as a producer and designer. 

Samuel Kahn - CTO

Samuel is not only the Chief Technology Officer at Darewise, he also is a game software engineer who has been making games since 2009. Just like Benjamin, Samuel worked for Ubisoft in various positions. From a tool engineer to lead programmer. As a software architect, Samuel wants to reach a high-quality code culture where robust architecture, quality and stability are put first. 

Marc Albinet - Senior Creative Director 

Marc joined the team in April 2022 as creative director. As a graduated story writer and filmmaker, he focuses on player experience and gameplay. Marc was also active for Ubisoft. He already joined Ubisoft in 1984 as a graphic artist and worked his way up to Senior Game Designer and Game Director. With 35 years of experience at Ubisoft, Life Beyond has a lot of experience on board. 


The year 2022 is going to be an important year for Life Beyond. In Q2 they released their season 0 NFT collection, consisting of the Apartment Access Keys (AAK) but also DEEP Portraits. This is the name of the earth-based consortium which sent the first pioneers to planet Dolos. 

Later this year, they will focus on land ownership rewards, land offerings and also the politics and governance game content. Check their Discord for the latest updates. 

Life Beyond 8

How to get started

Step 1: Visit their official website and download the launcher. Note: at this point, Life Beyond is only available for Windows. 

Life Beyond 9

Step 2: Customize your own avatar and you are ready to enter Life Beyond!

Life of Beyond 10

Note: you can also log in on their platform. This allows you to connect your wallet. This way, you can get your NFTs and connect them to your Life Beyond-account. Did you buy/receive an in-game NFT? It will be sent to this account.  


Life Beyond put you as player first. It is not just about play to earn, but play ánd earn. This socio-tech metaverse combines virtual gaming with real-world aspects. In the future, Life Beyond will support multichain tokens to support interoperability. Cross-community social experiences will be on top of their list. Join other players on the missions, discover different era’s en create new rules in this fully decentralized metaverse. In this metaverse, anything is possible. What is your wildest dream?

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