Staking $VERSA is simple and rewarding

DateDate01 Nov 2022

If you want exposure to the web3 gaming industry and you like our platform's progress so far, keep reading. We’ll show you how your commitment can help you make some cash on the side.

The big WHY!

Our vision is to BE the go-to place for all web3 gaming-related activities. A gaming hub that provides easy access to next-generation games and their digital collections, assets, trading, and earning. We are committed to delivering value to all our partners, and below you can find why you should join us too:

1. Our project has utility:

You might see the platform as an information portal about web3 games, but in the background, just like Amazon, Uber, or Airbnb, there is a real infrastructure of services for Game Studios and Publishers.

2. Sustainable business model design:

Many crypto projects are built around unsustainable, collapsing economic models. We are confident our services offer value to our partners and we expect a continuous flow of partnerships as the sector grows. Our confidence is backed by our team's strong expertise in the financial and tech industries.

3. Bonus 40% APY:

If you decide to be with us during good and bad times, there is a hefty remuneration of 40% APY for your dedication. This is simply another way to share the gains for sticking with us. Important note: The only way to fully feel the benefits of staking is to keep the VERSA tokens deposited for a longer period. But no worries, the following two points give you more freedom:

  • No lock-in period, withdraw anytime:

Other projects can offer a bigger APY return, but they dictate when and how much you can withdraw, committing you to 3, 6, or 12 months. We have no lock-in period, which means that you can withdraw anytime.

  • No vesting period, withdraw all your gains:

We have no vesting period either, withdraw your rewards as soon as you want.

4. Get exposure to the NFT gaming industry and cool related projects:

From triple-A games to indie projects, the web3 gaming industry is rapidly growing and provides a wide range of fun and exciting projects. We are thrilled to be part of it and work with game studios to create opportunities for everyone interested to have fun. We are working hard on delivering on the promise of a full-service gaming platform and by sticking around, you’ll get exposure to interesting and creative projects.

5. History of Versa token price stability:

Since our launch, we have gathered a group of loyal believers that are focused on the long-term horizon. This can be seen from our relatively stable token price, even when compared with the volatility during turbulent times of well-known tokens.

6. History of bonus rewards and Airdrops:

To keep things fun we sometimes do secret snapshots to reward those who stake for longer periods or give out digital collectibles/NFTs in our raffles in Discord. In April 2022, 10 winners won a total prize pool of $15,000 USD worth of NFTs!

There might be thousands of alternative investment opportunities, but if you landed on our platform and are happy with what you see, our vision, and the team delivering on it, then buying and staking $VERSA should be an easy choice. Try it, enjoy the ride and the rewards, and withdraw (unstake) anytime.

The big HOW?

  1. Go to Stake

  2. If you have no $VERSA, you will need to buy first. Please use the link provided in the bottom-right corner of the screen to complete this step. Currently, the operation is supported on Polygon and Cronos.

  3. If you have $VERSA on Cronos, you can Bridge it to Polygon for Staking and vice-versa. Please use the link provided in the bottom-left corner of the screen to complete the step.

  4. Follow the next steps on the screen to connect the wallet and stake your $VERSA to the max.

If in addition to this you want to join our community where exciting events, contests, and giveaways happen, please click here.

DateDate01 Nov 2022