Battle Saga - RTS, build, defend and attack

GameGameBattle Saga
DateDate26 Jul 2022

Battle Saga is a Play-to-Earn and Earn-without-playing (EWP) real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay that is based on Binance Smart Chain. The objective of the game is to build, defend, and attack. Defending and attacking are two of the many ways to earn tokens that will build a stronger economy. On your journey, you may encounter alliances and unexpected attacks from enemies. Explore the metaverse gaming platform as you play the next-generation strategic game.


Battle Saga is inspired by the wildly popular game “Clash of Clans”. This is why the goals of the game are to build, defend, and attack. Battle Saga, however, is more diverse in terms of games than its inspiration. The game includes PvE (Player versus Environment), PvP (Player versus Player), Allies War, and Breeding.

To succeed in this game, you must establish a strong, independent base. Build not only your base but your allies too. As you pave your way to the top, unexpected enemies await to bring you back down. Think you can handle the pressure? Time to start building! Ticktock!


Humans explored an empty island many years ago. Hungry for survival, they fought for their lives to stay alive. It wasn’t long before a few people discovered a land full of resources. After relocating themselves, the chosen ones began their new journey ahead. As everything has become limited again, the story seemed to go back to fighting for survival. People figured out different ways to win battles and formed friends and families as Allies. Through their battles and growth, they became stronger. Now it’s your turn to survive. Take your hammers and spears, and let’s get started!

Battle Saga 2

Battle Saga caters to a Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Earn-without-Playing (EWP) with the genre of Real-time Strategy (RTS). The game has not yet revealed its developer or publisher; however, you can check its website for more information in the future. The gameplay of Battle Saga is what makes it so exciting. In Battle Saga, the main goal of the game revolves around three things:

  • Build — You will construct custom bases, towers, and buildings to use for your strategic functions.

  • Defend — Defending yourself against an attack requires strategic planning. Game plans include establishing defensive towers, walls, bombs, traps, as well as building and tower levels. Attackers are defeated by stronger defenses.

  • Attack — You may attack enemies by using train troops to attack the enemy bases and win.

You can also enjoy the game in different ways. You may participate in the following: 

  • PvE (Player versus Environment) — You are provided with quests to finish.

  • PvP (Player versus player) — Leaderboards determine the strongest player.

  • Allies War — Earn gold for you and your allies.

  • Breeding — Successful breeding can be sold as NFT.

You may acquire the following NFTs during the game:

  • Heroes

  • Hero skin

  • Buildings and Towers

  • Troops

  • Towers

  • Base 

  • Camp 

Battle Saga 3

Earn Without Playing (EWP)

Earn Without Playing (EWP) is one of the unique aspects of Battle Saga. The idea is to empower you to make passive income without actually playing the game. After you build your base camp and set up defensive towers and fortified walls, other players will try to break into the base camp and steal your resource while you’re away. If the attacking player is unable to succeed in the base camp’s defenses, you will gain rewards. 

You don’t need to be online to defend the base camp, so rewards can be earned even if you are not playing. Rewards can be exchanged for $BTL, this will then act as a passive income source for you.

Battle Saga 4

Team and Partnerships

Sherab Jamtsho, the Chief Executive officer, has proven experience in the GameFi and Blockchain industries. His skills in strategic planning, gaming, concept-building, scriptwriting, and commerce have helped him to pave the way for Battle Sage. On the other hand, Sangay Norbu, the CMO, has the experience of being the co-founder of MYAC for 2 years, a business relations specialist for 11 months, and a foreign exchange for 1 year. 

Battle Saga 5

Likewise, Rangjung, the Chief Strategy Officer, is just as talented. As a Power Engineer and a Graphic Designer for 10 months, he has a lot of experience to bring to the team.

Battle Saga includes some of the most famous partners for a blockchain game. Some of these are GameFi Capital, MH Ventures, and Fairum Ventures. The GameFi Capital company caters to blockchain technology adaptation in Asia. On the other hand, MH Ventures is a well-known group of investors that supports only the most innovative blockchain projects. 

Battle Saga 6

Finally, Fairum Ventures is a community that actively looks for potential partnerships in the blockchain sector.

In terms of Launchpad Partners of Battle Saga, PolkaBridge, MultiPad, RoseonPad, synapse network, and DuckSTARTER are their decentralized application platform for the game. 

Battle Saga 7

Assets & Ecosystem

The governance token of Battle Saga will be called $BTL, while the in-game token will be called $GOLD. You can liquidate $GOLD into $BTL and vice versa. In the game, you may earn passive income by investing in non-fungible and fungible tokens using an innovative DAO platform powered by De-Fi tools.

Battle Saga 8


The game caters to the Beta version of Battle Saga at the moment. Listed below are the updates and information they provided in Q1 of 2022. In accordance with their schedule, the team has completed the following setup.

Battle Saga 9

Developers will further improve the game during the Beta launch of Q2 2022. A new update will be posted soon after Q2 of 2022.

Q3 of 2022 shall cover the launching of Battle Saga’s Marketplace, NFT sales, and some metaverse beta. Likewise, game expansion, NFT staking, DAO implementation, and finally, the metaverse launch will take part in Q4 of 2022.

How to get started

As of the moment, the game is currently in the phase of Beta launching. However, the downloading of the Beta app is currently closed. 

If you are interested in purchasing the token, click here. You can obtain the token for a low gas fee at Pancake Swap. After buying some tokens, you may also stake them here to fixed staking or here to flexible staking. 

Battle Saga 11


Battle Saga is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game inspired by Clash of Clans. Your ability to build, defend, and attack will depend on your critical thinking abilities. By utilizing the Play to Earn (P2E) and Earn without Playing (EWP) systems, the game keeps your gaming experience interesting. Building allies and making your stronghold will determine your next move. Attack or be attacked. Break down defenses or defend yourself. Are you up to the task?