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No Lock-up! No Vesting Period!

No Lock-up! No Vesting Period!

Why buy and stake VERSA?

If you want exposure to the web3 gaming industry and you like our platform's progress so far, keep reading. We'll show you how your commitment can help you make some cash on the side ...more

How do staking and unstaking work?

  1. When you deposit (stake) VERSA on our platform, you receive xVERSA tokens at the displayed ratio. Ex: 1 xVERSA = 1.198 VERSA.

  2. Over time, the ratio VERSA-xVERSA changes to account for the staking rewards (currently ~40% APY).

The longer you keep xVERSA, the better the ratio becomes, the more rewards you will gain once you decide to withdraw xVERSA back to VERSA.