Web3 gaming and VersaGames are building momentum

DateDate12 Jul 2022

While investors are going into hibernation mode with on-chain activity dropping by 13% in early July from November’s highs and bitcoin traders expecting a long consolidation phase the Web3 gaming industry is steadily building momentum. Last week, early-stage gaming VC, Konvoy Ventures, raised a $150 million fund to invest in gaming, targeting Web3 and the blockchain-based gaming industry. Late Wednesday, Web3 gaming startup Planetarium Labs announced that it has raised $32 million in new funding led by Animoca Brands to build the next generation of games. It’s clear the industry is moving ahead and we are happy to share some exciting news from VersaGames!

Covered in this newsletter

  • R&D updates

  • Meta Lordz Game Preview and AMA

  • Illuvium Community livestream!

R&D updates

First, let’s start with our R&D updates. We have the technical solution in place to start providing liquidity pool staking (farming) on the VersaGames platform on Cronos, Polygon, and BSC. This is the key technical building block in our LaaS (Liquidity as a Service) business model. We are discussing some exciting new partnerships and you will be updated via our regular channels when news is available! Curious to learn more about LaaS? All details can be found in our whitepaper.

Secondly, we are actively working on improving the user experience on the storefront. As a part of that initiative we have released today some major changes to the user navigation and start page! The main focus has been to provide a clearer picture of our business and platform for new visitors as well as improving the user journey on the storefront. This will be a continuous process — as we are delivering on our feature roadmap we will also make sure we are continuously analyzing and optimizing the existing functionality. Check out our new design below!

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Meta Lordz Game Preview and AMA

In our previous newsletter we announced our latest partnership with Meta Lordz. To celebrate this partnership we have invited the Meta Lordz team to our Discord server for an AMA on Friday, July 22, 2022 8:00 PM CEST.

During this AMA the Meta Lordz team will talk about the game, the team, and their vision on Web3 gaming. We will be one of the first to show you in-game footage and live gameplay. Make sure you join the AMA! You might become one of the lucky few to start testing the playtest and pre-alpha. All you have to do is fill out this form.

If you are not familiar with Meta Lordz and their Rockstar team read the article we recently published on our Storefront!

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Illuvium Community livestream!

VersaGames is the most exciting Web3 gaming community and where our users are our stakeholders. As such, we share the rewards of creating an awesome platform through our Epic, Legendary, and Mythic rewards levels. Many community members have already won beautiful NFTs and $VERSA tokens and last week Versian Skaliwag pioneered by earning his first Versa Points by hosting a livestream in our server!

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A fantastic event and very exciting to see Skaliwag playing his favorite play-to-earn game Illuvium — an extremely exciting open-world exploration, NFT creator collector and autobattler game that has gained so much attention in the Web3 gaming space recently. You definitely want to see the dazzling alien landscapes live!

Get yourself ready for your first livestream! All details about our community rewards mechanisms are published here on Medium — or connect with our team on Discord to find out more!

While we acknowledge that the bear market is impacting VersaGames in terms of overall community engagement we want to emphasize VersaGames is in a very strong position.

Since our IGO in April we at VersaGames have taken a conservative approach, as we know it takes time before high quality and fun Web3 games come to market. Therefore, we work hard to make sure VersaGames has plenty of runway to build, and to be in a strong capital position when the games arrive. Check our the June token liquidity update from our CEO Noah Clason and our Storefront Treasury page to see how we are achieving this.

And that’s it for this week. We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition and see you around next week!

VersaGames team.

DateDate12 Jul 2022