Meta Lordz - A blockchain MOBA built by gamers for gamers

GameGameMeta Lordz
DateDate06 Jul 2022

Do you have what it takes to survive in the medieval universe of Glaesmir? Become a legendary warrior and join us in the search for the precious treasury in this immersive, multiplayer battle arena. Meta Lordz puts your gaming experience first in this play-and-earn game.

Meta Lordz is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA). With a focus on fast-paced, action-oriented gameplay and deep character customization systems. The team looked at the best AAA gaming titles, such as the Diablo series™, Dota 2™, and newer titles such as Brawl Stars and Wolcen. Meta Lordz makes the perfect cocktail for the next-gen MOBA genre.

The gamer is the most important factor, Meta Lordz is designed to be a kickass game first, and an earning platform second. This means blockchain integration comes with a strict emphasis on enhancing the game and overall experience. Rather than becoming a stale, joyless DeFi loop. Meta Lordz is a play and earn title developed by gamers, for gamers.


Set in the dark, medieval universe of Glaesmir, it began with the appearance of a strange stone arena in a mysterious town. Then came the endless night and the mysterious fires that seemed to consume the world around it. It all seems to lead back to an ancient tale about legendary warriors, each with their own special skill, who are on the search for a treasure of unfathomable value. Is this mysterious legend about to come true?

Sure enough, the arena attracts powerful champions who are willing to bleed and destroy all others to prove their valor and win the ultimate treasure. These warriors not only face foes in the arena, but also fight alongside allies to crown the ultimate clan.

Meta Lordz 1


Meta Lordz flagship game mode is a MOBA, where teams of players are grouped in a deathly competition. The first team to get to 14 kills wins the game. Matches will last for up to 10 minutes, allowing players to quickly jump in and out of action as they please. When the time runs out, the top 3 players are awarded valuable treasures based on kills and dominance.

Meta Lordz 3

With an immersive, atmospheric battle arena with social trading and RPG adventure modes, Meta Lordz prioritizes game play and gaming experience. Where each character is a unique NFT, with fully customizable equipment. Creating a variety of possibilities for gameplay styles and effective ways to counter other players', or other teams’, builds. 

Each piece of equipment that is earned/purchased by the players adds to the power, level and value of the character. Meta Lordz is all about skill and strategy. In addition to mastering battle moves, players must also have a strategy to build their champion and adapt quickly to counter other players' strategies.


Meta Lordz 4

The integration of NFTs and blockchain technology will provide the gamers full digital ownership of their in-game NFTs. This is where gaming meets web3.

An experience system will allow for character progression and development. As a player fights and wins more battles, their characters will level up, ultimately enabling them to breed into more powerful champions. To give players maximum agency, the game will be on the blockchain, allowing players to freely trade their characters and items.

Each player controls a single character and they have the option of choosing 4 different classes to fight with in the arena (more to come in the future!)

  • Barbarian

  • Monk

  • Wizard

  • Archer

Meta Lordz 5

Meet the game creators

The Meta Lordz core team of 21 have a collective 150 years of experience as gamers and game creators with experience across companies the likes of;

  • Blizzard

  • Activision

  • Miracle

  • Octro

  • RV Technologies

  • Google

  • Meta

  • Uber

It would be an understatement to say they are experienced, reciting the names in the list of companies the team has worked for. VersaGames is proud to announce the partnership with Meta Lordz, join their discord and say “Hi from VersaGames!”.

Community Playtest

The Meta Lordz team has been busy building the game for players who are looking for a fun and skill based experience on the blockchain. Their priority is to build the most immersive, atmospheric and thrilling battle experience set in a fantastical medieval world.

They are giving a sneak preview of the game to the Versagames community through exclusive playtest sessions commencing on the 25th of July. Join now as a tester and guarantee your spot in their launch collection whitelist! The top 2 contributors will also be awarded Meta Lordz NFTs!

GameGameMeta Lordz
DateDate06 Jul 2022