Mouse Haunt

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PublisherPub.IsoForce Games
GenreGenreAction, Breeding
StateStatePrivate Access

Mouse Haunt is a 3D isometric team based multiplayer game. There are two teams, the Mouse Heroes team who’s trying to reach the Fragrant Cheese of Yore — and the Ghost Team, whose goal is to kill all the Mouse Heroes before they get the Cheese. 

As the Mouse Heroes shoot, dash and use special abilities while navigating their way through the haunted Castle, the Ghost Team possesses objects, activates traps, and uses their own uniqure ethereal abilities to kill the pesky mortal rodents. 

However, when a mouse dies, it’s not the end! They come back as Ghosts, switching teams mid-game and changing the tides of battle. Now they have a new objective and earn their score (and $MHT tokens) by going against their former teammates!