Market CapM. cap$34,810,625
Price todayPrice
GenreGenreCollectible, PvP, TCG
NetworkNetw.Hive, Binance

Splinterlands is a lightning-fast card battle where you will fight your opponent’s using a vast sets of card monsters and summoners with different kinds of abilities and stats. The game will play out automatically starting with a random mana cap, and ruleset on every battle. The only thing that you can control here is the drafting phase which makes the game easy to play but hard to master since you will be drafting your lineup based on the mana cap, mixed ruleset, opponent’s previous battles and available splinter for the specific match. The game is very competitive especially thru anticipation and crazy strategies that you can build on a specific deck and ruleset. That alone is what makes the game different from the other card games that we know.

For the recap of my previous post, the game will start once you’ve clicked the “Battle” and you will be then matched up with an opponent with the same ratings as yours. In every match, you will be given a randomly chosen set of battle parameters (Mana cap, Ruleset, Splinters available). You will both then have at least 2–3 minutes to create a team of cards, consisting of one summoner card and between one and six monster cards based on the given battle parameters.

Once each player has chosen their team, the battle will begin and will play out automatically based on the predefined game rules, and the first team to destroy all of the monsters on the opposing team will be the winner.

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