Gods Unchained

Market CapM. cap$54,719,098
Price todayPrice
GenreGenreCollectible, PvP, TCG
NetworkNetw.Ethereum, Immutable X

‍Gods Unchained is one of the gaming industry’s new forays into blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is a free-to-play online trading card game that is similar to Magic: The Gathering Arena. The Gods Unchained video game describes itself as the trading card game that “pays to play.” It is shaking up the normal model of gaming commerce where players purchase the game along with in-game items that they will never be able to sell back.

Players will be able to earn the native GODS token that acts as a payment method throughout the game. Rare cards have unique real-world value as they can be sold for GODS, which can be transferred to fiat money. This model gives players more incentive to play as they have complete ownership over the valuable assets they accumulate over time.

The game was first announced in 2018 when it made its first mythic card sale. Since then, they have sold millions of cards, raised $15 million in Series A funding and launched their first season of the game. The game is exploding in popularity, along with other NFT and crypto-based games that attract those who want to earn while having fun.