Gods Unchained - Work your way through the ranks, earn cards, and trade

GameGameGods Unchained
DateDate23 Feb 2022

Gods Unchained is a turn-based card game between two players. Gods Unchained is using Immutable X - a layer 2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is very similar to the card-game successes Hearthstone and its predecessor Magic: the Gathering. Players compete on the ladder for rewards in form of booster packs, which is possible to turn into NFTs and the limited supply of the in-game token $GODS.

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The Game

Like Hearthstone, Gods Unchained uses 30 card decks with Gods wielding a special power. In Gods Unchained each God offers a choice at the beginning of every game between 3 unique powers. There are 6 different Gods to choose from, War, Death, Deception, Magic, Light and the Nature God.

The goal of the game is to attack and destroy the opponent’s god, by reducing their life total from a starting 30 life to 0.

These gods will also allow the players to use “God-specific” cards that only that God is allowed to play with. The cards often follow the theme of the gods, for example Magic specific cards is mostly spell based cards whilst Nature specific have a lot of creatures instead.

The game utilizes a mana system that every turn allows the active player another mana to play their cards. Gods Unchained has introduced another concept called Favor which are quests you can complete in the game to earn points to gain extra cards. This concept adds a level of depth to the normal way to play the game and is an interesting addition. Pictured below are the cards available to be acquired from the Sanctum to the players’ hand by spending Favor.

God-s Unchained 2

As a Free-2-Play NFT game, Gods Unchained has a solution allowing players to start free of charge and then gradually enter the blockchain if they want to. This is accomplished by winning ranked games, earning packs, and then slowly but surely adding cards on the blockchain to their collection, which is possible to trade on the marketplace. The rewards will climb when achieving higher ranks, which will allow players to expand their card base when getting better at the game.

God's Unchained 3

When you first start off, you can play the tutorial to earn a few extra packs to get you started with the first deck you’re going to build. This is done by choosing a God of either War, Death, Deception, Magic, Light or the Nature. Then you choose the 30 cards you like the most, while doing this it might be good to keep in mind what options each God has as abilities they can use each turn. A few things are important:

  • It might be good to keep a good spread in mana cost in the deck so that you’ll have enough low mana cards as possible to cast during the first turns of the game.

  • It’s also important to have a late game plan when you have more mana available, since you get 1 more mana to play with every turn, and only 1 mana per two turns after turn 5 and then it goes even slower to get to 8 and 9 mana. The “mana curve” should by these facts gradually reduce in the number of higher casting cost cards and only end up with a few cards costing 7 or more.

God-s Unchained 4


Chris Clay, with 20 years’ worth of experience in development and design and his former position was game director for MTGA.

“I believe blockchain represents a new frontier for game developers” — Chris Clay

Robbie Ferguson the co-founder of Immutable said his company has 120 employees and is hoping this number will grow to 200 in six months.


The game has huge backers, like Coinbase and Venture Capital legends Naspers, one of the early backers of Tencent. The most recent funds added to the developers large war chest came from the pre-sale of their $GODS token where they raised $10 million.

They have a long-term partnership with OKEx Blockdream Ventures, to accelerate the development of Gods Unchained and growing the ecosystem.

How to get started

  • Start with setting up an account on Gods Unchained webpage. A great thing about Gods Unchained is that you can start to play before needing to set up a wallet or add any money.

  • Download the client and confirm your account in the e-mail sent by Immutable.

  • If done you can run Immutable, login and start playing.

God-s Unchained 6

For those wanting to try Gods Unchained before playing, you don’t have to make any investments to be eligible for in-game prices. Explore the game easily by starting with starter packs and decks first.

A good tip for a new player is to explore all the Gods by playing the different starter decks before building your own decks, just to get a feel for the Gods’ abilities and God-specific cards. Since the cards issued are random, different players might get more cards for another God. Put simply, just check out your collection and see what God gives you the best option.

GameGameGods Unchained
DateDate23 Feb 2022

What is covered in this article: