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Essentially a mirrored real-life version of Monopoly, Geopoly continues to cater to the title of being the largest capitalist metaverse in the world, utilizing a geolocation economic simulator, players will be able to buy, rent, upgrade and sell a bonafide business across the globe. Opportunities to explore, and create profits within your reach are now possible virtually, with lots of promising features, Geopoly is here to take you on an adventure.


From the one and only Widow Games, which is known for successfully porting numerous popular board and card games such as Sudoku Classic, Jogo da Vida da Estrela, to digital platforms. Geopoly revolves around a Play-to-Earn system as the players are both immersed in the off-chain and on-chain versions of the game. 

Talking more about the actual gameplay, Geopoly utilizes a Pokemon GO style Alternate Reality version of your real-world geography as the world map, and gameplay mechanics from the board game Monopoly. In Geopoly, players are supposed to find opportunities to build their businesses from scratch. Apart from that, players are also allowed to rent, buy, invest and sell assets in the game as broadening your business is your main ambition in Geopoly. 

Numerous features of Geopoly, such as the Off-chain game loop, On-chain tokens and NFTs, Business objectives, Exploration, and PvP are the following attributes that make Geopoly stand out. Especially with the recognition of the Apple Latam team and the Global Google Indie Games Accelerator in 2019.