Geopoly - Geolocation economic simulator: rent, buy and sell real-life businesses

DateDate26 Apr 2022

Essentially a mirrored real-life version of Monopoly, Geopoly continues to cater to the title of being the largest capitalist metaverse in the world, utilizing a geolocation economic simulator, players will be able to buy, rent, upgrade and sell a bonafide business across the globe. Opportunities to explore, and create profits within your reach are now possible virtually, with lots of promising features, Geopoly is here to take you on an adventure.


From the one and only Widow Games, which is known for successfully porting numerous popular board and card games such as Sudoku Classic, Jogo da Vida da Estrela, to digital platforms. Geopoly revolves around a Play-to-Earn system as the players are both immersed in the off-chain and on-chain versions of the game. 

Talking more about the actual gameplay, Geopoly utilizes a Pokemon GO style Alternate Reality version of your real-world geography as the world map, and gameplay mechanics from the board game Monopoly. In Geopoly, players are supposed to find opportunities to build their businesses from scratch. Apart from that, players are also allowed to rent, buy, invest and sell assets in the game as broadening your business is your main ambition in Geopoly. 

Numerous features of Geopoly, such as the Off-chain game loop, On-chain tokens and NFTs, Business objectives, Exploration, and PvP are the following attributes that make Geopoly stand out. Especially with the recognition of the Apple Latam team and the Global Google Indie Games Accelerator in 2019.


The designated goal of Geopoly has been effective ever since the white paper was launched.

Geopoly 2

As seen from the Roadmap, PvP Prototype and Auctions will be launched in Q1 to Q2.


Geopoly is an economic simulator that allows players to buy real-life properties across the globe that may then be bought, sold, or rented to earn from playing. The game is based on a geolocation economic simulator that caters to the capitalist metaverse of Geopoly which enables the players to buy, rent, sell, and upgrade real corporal businesses all over the globe. Having said that, the objective of the game is pretty direct and easy, players get to explore the Geopoly metaverse map, locally and globally. 

Exploring gives you the best chances of being able to buy, invest and rent the preferred property of the player to be able to produce an extraordinary empire that spans the world.

Geopoly 3

The interconnection of the Off-chain and On-chain versions is one of the novel parts of the gameplay of Geopoly. The Off-chain game cycle will consist of building, renting, upgrading, and selling businesses. 

Players are authorized to have access to a Branch (Headquarters for your business) for free. The specific branch will provide them with a specific Management Capacity to supervise the new businesses involved.

After reaching their total management capacity, players should invest in upgrading their businesses as each upgrade rewards or improves XP gain.

Geopoly 4

Acquiring XP allows the player to level up the headquarters which will eventually grant the players ownership of additional branches.

Some of the definitions that may help you throughout the Off-chain game loop are the following:

Cash — is earned through renting businesses, this may be used in the off-chain game as a currency and can be also utilized in renting a new business and investing in the upgrades as well.

Gold — can be earned through completing business objectives, some of its uses are to speed up the time procedure of building and upgrading businesses.

XP — or Experience, as stated earlier, this may be acquired through finishing upgrades of your rental. This will also be a great help in expanding the level of headquarters.

MC — or Management Capacity, this can be obtained by branches and can be later be boosted by upgrading your property.

The On-chain Tokens and NFTs are specified into 2 types of NFTs, these are Special and Iconic locations and Ownership certificates. Differentiating the two: 

The Special and Iconic Locations are the off the rack NFTS that are purchased by different players which will consecutively produce GEOS Token in terms of Yield farming. While on the other hand, Ownership certificates are the NFTs that are demanded by the players. Players should be able to receive the full and permanent certificate of the NFTS.

Note: Owners should be able to create a passive income by owning a certificate.

To learn more into the specific insights of the On-Chain Economy learn more about these definitions:

Buying and Renting — the availability of NFTs will be regulated by the GEOPOLY Central Bank during times known as Seasons. As the NFT owner, you will be able to earn Tokens based on the category and tier of the purchased property at the end of the season. Additionally, participants from the off-chain field can rent their enterprises, which would earn the NFT owners additional benefits.

Categories and Tiers —  two types of categories are placed within the game, the first is businesses, and the second is special locations which consist of monuments, and landmarks. Subjected to their geography and tier, these Special Locations will assist businesses in growing economically. The current value of Special Locations caters to 1 to 4, 1 being the undistinguished business and 4 being the most popular. This will now determine the extent to which Special Locations will have an impact on the territory.

Note: Special collections and future changes are included in this segment.

Selling — comes in two different options, It can be done through in-game offers or auctions, as well as external marketplaces like OpenSea.

Upgrading — facility and service upgrades are the main systems for improving businesses. The facility upgrades fall into the side of on-chain while the service upgrades fall into the side of off-chain.

Merging both Economies

Consolidating both economies will result in on-chain and off-chain being both affected in different ways. 

Geopoly 5

Player vs Player

As tokens are released on a pre-sale, the next move of Geopoly is to produce an aggressive and communal feature that will capture the players for a long period of time and also generate Sink or Burn points for the Geopoly’s economy. In these asynchronous ‘Tower Attacks’, players use robots, drones, and satellites to assault other players’ branches, attempting to hack their mainframe. Successfully doing so will allow the stealing of resources. 

Non-tokenized digital assets are at stake for this specific combat.

Exploration Features

Expanding on the idea of Move-to-Play, Geopoly has created a mechanic that allows players to explore areas far away from their present location. This feature will be able to let the players explore different sites and cities across the globe. To use this feature, either a drone or satellite must be used. Players can then locate other locations where they can set up a business, or find a business to buy.

Business Objectives

This objective tracker displays a list of objectives and is divided into the parts such as Entrepreneur, Start-Up, SMB, Corporation, International Corp, and Global Empire. Achieving business goals grants you rewards in-game and is vital to growing your businesses.

Geopoly 6

Team and Partnerships

The success of Widow Games was built on the back of the leadership of Martin Spinetto.

Geopoly 7

The Founder and CEO of Widow Games. Also a former Microsoft Latam Marcom Director and was named Argentina’s Entrepreneurial Promises in 2017. Co-Founders Sebastian Borget and Diego Zaldivar, both famous for their own platforms such as The Sandbox and IOVLabs are present in the scene too.

Geopoly 8

On-chain Launchpads Backers:

Geopoly 9

On-Chain VCs Backers:

Geopoly 10

Off-Chain VCs Backers:

Geopoly 11

Member of:

Geopoly 12

And finally, the talented Advisors Kmanu88, Elad Levy, Juan Waehney, and Diego Zaldivar with tons of experience which lead Geopoly to recognition. 

Assets & Ecosystem

Geopoly’s on-chain currency is $GEO$, which will be utilized for NFT property minting, Special Location NFT purchases, property renovations, and all other on-chain game actions. NFT owners can make $GEO$ by the virtue of yield farming, participating in PvP, and renting their NFTs.  

The Geopoly economy will be based on player engagement, permitting the $GEO$ token to appreciate in value as the roadmap advances through the year 2022.


As seen below, the token distribution consists of four rounds in which Geopoly is starting to be registered on major exchanges.

Geopoly 13

$GEO$ in the Geopoly app will be available for the players as well. Geopoly has constructed a successful and long-term economic system, game sinks will be implemented for the team to achieve a supportable economic system.

Geopoly 14

How to get started

Players must first download the Geopoly app, which is now accessible in an off-chain version on Android, and IOS.

Step 1: To go to their website, click here.

Step 2: Click Downloads.

Geopoly 16

Step 3: You should be able to see the choices below, click your desired version.

Geopoly 17

Finally, we’re done! Take note that players will receive the first Branch of their company for free, this will allow them to begin their venture in wandering and acquiring other businesses based on their in-game income and EXP. 


The public attention that Geopoly has garnered speaks for itself, and more upcoming features that are yet to be announced are coming, so stay tuned for more Geopoly news!