VersaGames strengthens ecosystem with new D.G.Pals and Meta Lordz partnerships

DateDate29 Jun 2022

Never waste a good crisis. After weeks of relentless selloffs across almost any cryptocurrency and “Bitcoin Dead” google searches to hit an all-time high this week our mission remains unchanged: making web 3 gaming easily accessible to everyone. This week VersaGames doubled down on this exciting promise by announcing new partnerships with D.G.Pals and with MetaLordz. This week’s edition zooms in on these important milestones and gives you updates from our existing partnerships too.

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  • New Partnership D.G.Pals

  • New Partnership Meta Lordz

  • Path of Survival partnership update

  • Single Finance partnership update

New partnership with D.G.Pals

big story this week on Twitter about the D.G.Pals and VersaGames partnership — bringing forth an incredible NFT gaming experience to the community. Not only did VersaGames contribute to the development of D.G.Pals with a private round investment, it is also planning to provide deep and efficient markets for the game’s assets. This helps D.G.Pals to continue to build best in class gaming experiences, gives VERSA token holders exposure to D.G.Pals via the VersaGames treasury, and helps fund and promote an exciting and promising project. Read more about D.G.Pals and our partnership here on Medium.

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New partnership with Meta Lordz

It has been in the works for some time but now officially announced: VersaGames and Meta Lordz will work in partnership during the initial game development process and will shape together the best go-to-market strategy to bring this exciting project to the masses. What can you expect?

  • Promotion of Meta Lordz across the VersaGames network

  • All-round game review about Meta Lordz

  • AMA including an exciting prize pool

Meta Lordz is a fantastic team and very exciting project and we are committed to bring forth an incredible NFT gaming experience to the community. Stay tuned on Discord for more updates and make sure to join our AMA the 3rd week of July!


Path of Survival

Our friends are partners from Path of Survival shared the success of phase 1 of their Closed Alpha testing this week on Medium. Over 70 people participated in Stage 1 — focused on Dungeon(PvE), Skills & Character equipment — of the closed alpha testing and the team is expecting these numbers to increase with the release of the PvP (1 on 1) mode. This marks a historical moment for Path of Survival and clearly demonstrates their momentum and community involvement. Congratulations!

The Closed Alpha will be in 3 stages, which will include different game mechanics. Make sure you read their Medium article for all information about Stage 2 and Stage 3 and how to get access as a holder of the Bronze Pass and Golden Pass NFTs

Also, the team has started on the Clan lands & Global Map. The Global Map visualization has just stared and is excpected to be implemented within the next two development milestones. The Global Map will feature a dynamic environment with resource farming and hostile encounters along the way.

Single Finance

Last month we announced the expansion of our partnership with Single Finance — a super intuitive platform to all your DeFi investments minimizing correlations to the general market. It started with VersaGames utilizing Single Finance platform to earn a yield on our treasury, and now covers also $VERSA on the Single Finance platform so users can open farm position on VERSA-VVS and even lend $VERSA.

As part of their ongoing strategy, Single Finance have recently launched a new “Single-Click” CRO Leveraged Long/Short strategy. It provides a good choice for users that have a view that the CRO price will go up or down. By using their new strategy, users could have a long/short option to CRO during leveraged yield farming while earning yields at the same time. Also, they are officially live on Fantom. More speed, more integrations, and cheaper fees would be provided. Of course, there will be new farms and strategies with nice yield! Congrats to their team with this exciting new funcionality.

And that’s it for this week. We hope you enjoyed our second edition and see you around next week!

VersaGames team.

DateDate29 Jun 2022