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VersaGames storefront released today — what’s next?

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DateDate13 Apr 2022

aaand, we are live!

We are extremely happy to release the VersaGames storefront! Our talented developers and designers have worked hard to create an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Currently, the storefront helps gamers find new projects, read reviews, and see upcoming community events. These are the first steps of the platform, and we also want to thank the content providers, both those from our team and increasingly those from the community, who have helped populate the site.

VersaGames 2

This is just the beginning!

The storefront is an important extension of our community. It brings gamers and game studios together. Our community contests and events will continue to allow gamers to highlight their skills and knowledge, with winners having a chance to be published on the storefront and receive rewards for contributing to the platform. It will also enable stronger engagement with game studios who want to display their product though on storefront and deepen partnership ties.

Following the initial release, we have already started work on enabling the Web3 functionality. The first such functionality will be a staking option for VERSA token holders, to allow them to benefit from the VersaGames treasury growth. Following the staking, we will look to integrate DEX APIs to enable app trading for game tokens. We will also expand the staking offering to include partner LP staking for game token rewards. Our audit by Paladin is currently being completed, and as user security is especially important, we wanted to wait for the green light on smart contracts before integrating Web3 functionality.

Beyond the expansion described above, we plan to integrate NFT trading and borrow/lending into our storefront. We will also use the staking mechanism to distribute greater rewards for investors with a long-term commitment to the project. Web3, and especially NFT gaming, is a fast-evolving space, and we are excited to expand our offering to explore more avenues to benefit the community!