Major platform updates and integrated trading

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DateDate13 Oct 2022

Game Discovery

With so many new titles published weekly, choosing favorites can easily be overwhelming. Which games exist on BNB Chain or Polygon? How can I get early access to a game? And can I also play Phantom Galaxies, Planet Mojo, and Aavegotchi on a mobile device? So many questions.

That’s why you need a one-stop shop with a superior user experience to support your Web3 gaming journey. Improved browsing capabilities allow you to find a particular game in the library or narrow down the results by the Network (chain), the Platform (device), the release state, and the genre. Browse and find the game that sparks your interest!

VersaGames Relaunch

Here’s how it works. You can now easily find games based on quick filtering and three main categories:

  • Top Live - games that require you to purchase Tokens, NFTs or both

  • Free to Play - games that can be started without any upfront cost

  • Top Upcoming - games are still in development, but you can keep an eye on them. Easy to filter the ones the developer intends to release as Free to Play.

Game Page

Ok - that works. So you have found some exciting games that match your interest and search criteria. Still, information is scattered across platforms and communities. How to get started?

With our improved game page structure, all titles on our platform now come with a wealth of information. Quick summaries for those who only want to scratch the surface, detailed information for those who don’t want to miss anything! Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect… how cool!

VersaGames Relaunch 1

For released games we feature the tokenomics and game design, as well as information about the team and how you can start playing the game you like! Our content team and Game Studio partners keep you up to date with the latest and hottest news.

Stay tuned for more updates! Join live discussions, gameplay, and events, share strategies in our Discord, and reach out to our team in case any games or information is missing!


Now guess what. You have picked your favorite game, are ready to go, and want to buy your first gaming assets! Yes, we’ve got you covered. In partnership with Kyberswap, we integrated the trading capabilities for the leading chains and supported wallets. This includes Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Cronos. We’ll progressively add more support for more chains and wallets.

VersaGames Relaunch 2

VersaGames is super excited about all these major updates and looks forward to celebrating this with you in our Discord.

Share your excitement on Twitter (tag @VersaGamesHQ) and Discord!

Published onPublished onMedium
DateDate13 Oct 2022