VersaGames IGO - How do I start?

DateDate11 Apr 2022

How do I start? 

The VersaGames IGO is done via the DEX of VVS Finance on the Cronos blockchain. This is one of the largest decentralized exchanges on the Cronos blockchain with a TVL of $1.7 billion.  In this video, I explain how to participate in the IGO on April 12th. Although he is spoken in English, that should not be a problem. 

Step 1: 

Make sure to buy CRO tokens, you can do this through the exchange, through a bridge, like Elk Finance, or of course through Add Cronos to your MetaMask as a network. 

Network Name: Cronos 


ChainID: 25 

Symbol: CRO 

Block Explorer URL: 

Step 2: 

Go to the website of VVS Finance and go to the IGO page. You read there that you can participate in two ways. 

  1. Basic Sale of Gem Fair 

  2. Unlimited Sale of Warehouse Fair 

Basic Sale In my opinion, this is the best way to participate for small investors. What you do is you buy VVS tokens and place them in the xVVS vault. When you place 2,000,000 xVVS tokens in the vault for 48 months, you get access to the VersaGames IGO. This sounds like a lot, but it's only $48. You can also choose to lock the tokens for 12 months, 6 months, or 1 week. But then you will have to buy 5 million, 7 million, or 10 million VVS tokens, respectively. Since I have faith in the VVS and teams, and I would rather invest more money in the IGO than lock tokens, I chose this path. 

1: Buy with CRO tokens VVS 


2: Stake your VVS tokens 


3: Lock your purchased VVS and get xVVS. In this case 48 months or 4 years. Which equates to +/- $48 worth of xVVS tokens.


4: By securing your xVVS you are automatically qualified for the IGO on April 12, and all other IGOs ​​that will take place on VVS Finance in the next 4 years. You can now invest from $1 to $500 in the IGO.


5: On the day of the IGO you can buy $VERSA tokens for $0.10 each. You do this by buying VVS-CRO LP tokens and investing them to buy $VERSA. You buy LP tokens by swapping CRO for VVS again.


And then click on “liquidity” to add your CRO tokens and VVS tokens as an LP pair to the LP pool, CRO-VVS.

You keep this in your wallet until the day of the IGO. Then a button will appear on the IGO page. 

“Commit your CRO-VVS LP tokens” 

This button is not yet visible. 


Half an hour after the IGO ends you can claim your VERSA tokens, and you can use them right away in the Glitter Farm. When it is active, I will update this document. You then earn VVS and VERSA as a reward. This farm will stop after 60 days, but from then on it will be possible to discontinue VERSA via the VersaGames website. More on this later too. 


I find it very difficult to pass judgment on VersaGames impartially. But I can be impartial about investing. I qualify this IGO as a medium to high risk. New projects are always a risk. While I firmly believe that VersaGames has a bright future, it is my responsibility to you that commands me to say that there is indeed a high level of risk involved in investing in new projects.   

Again, I think it's important to mention that I, personally or the VersaGames team, have no benefit from the IGO. Other than that,it's good for the business. 75% of the IGO will be used to create liquidity for VERSA-USDC and VERSA-VVS. The remaining 25% is used for platform development, investments in Path of Survival, and other partnerships. 



Initial Circulating Supply (Day of Sale): 20,000,000 VERSA 

Contract Address: 0x00D7699b71290094CcB1a5884cD835bD65a78c17 

Audit: Paladin Audit Ongoing — 






VVS Finance: 

Path of Survival: 

DateDate11 Apr 2022