$VERSA coming to VVS on Cronos

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DateDate01 Apr 2022

What is VersaGames?

VersaGames is the next-generation community-driven NFT-gaming ecosystem. VersaGames connects investors, gamers, content creators and developers. The easy to use yet ultramodern web3 storefront enables its users to:

  • Find content about new and upcoming GameFi projects

  • Share knowledge, through content creation

  • Be a part of an active and meaningful community within the #CROfam

  • Take part in tournaments and community events

  • Interact with all disciplines. Developers meet investors. Gamers meet developers.

  • Stake $VERSA and earn $VERSA/GAME tokens distributed from VersaGames Treasury

  • Stake Liquidity and earn $VERSA/GAME tokens

  • Have access to GameFi IDO’s on Cronos

  • Trade Game NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

VersaGames brings together proven and new concepts to unite the NFT gaming ecosystem and dramatically improve the experience of every participant in this area. By combining and empowering our community to grow with VersaGames, we are creating a unique powerhouse in this growing ecosystem that attracts gamers, investors and developers

Find out more about VersaGames: www.versagames.io

What is VVS?

VVS is the first and leading DEX on the Cronos blockchain. Since its launch, it has gone from strength to strength, rapidly accruing TVL to 1.3b USD today and adding offerings to lower barriers of entry for participating in defi. VVS now offers

• Trading with high efficiency and low slippage

• Liquidity mining and LP farming with an intuitive and simple interface

• IGO platform to launch high quality projects which further the Cronos ecosystem

Find out more about VVS: https://vvs.finance

The Partnership

The partnership is a perfect match. As a platform to help bring more game projects to market and to provide liquidity, VersaGames will benefit from the VVS community and the DEX’s market depth. As an exchange, VVS will benefit from the additional listings and activity generated by new game tokens’ trading. The partnership is further strengthened by both projects’ focus on quality and service to their communities. VVS and VersaGames are committed to building a thriving, robust ecosystem of NFT games.

To kick off the collaboration, VVS will host VersaGames IGO! The initial subscription will be via the VVS IGO portal (https://vvs.finance/igo) and initial $VERSA trading pools will be hosted on VVS Crystal Farms (https://vvs.finance/farms).

Participation details for the IGO can be found in VVS Medium Post: https://t.co/wpdsUk7qd0

Why Cronos?

Simply put, because Cronos, the blockchain of Crypto.com has unparalleled promise for retail adoption. With over 10m retail users and ambitious plans to reach 1b, combined with their leadership in bridging fiat to crypto, we believe Crypto.com will continue to be at the forefront of web3 adoption. Additionally, Crypto.com has a stated focus on NFT gaming, a passion fully shared by VersaGames. We are excited to be the first gaming platform on Cronos, and are eager to help top tier games launch on VVS in the very near future!

Join VersaGames now and own the future Appstore of Web 3.0 Gaming! *

Published onPublished onMedium
DateDate01 Apr 2022