Partnership Announcement: Path of Survival and VersaGames

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DateDate25 Jul 2022

We are excited to announce that VersaGames and Path of Survival will work together in partnership to bring forth an incredible NFT gaming experience to the community!

About the Partnership

VersaGames has contributed to the development of Path of Survival with a private round investment. This will help Path of Survival to continue to build best in class gaming experiences and give VERSA token holders exposure to such a promising project via the VersaGames treasury. VersaGames and Path of Survival will continue to work together to fund and promote this exciting project, and to provide deep and efficient markets for the game’s assets.

About Path of Survival

Path of Survival will be a Play-to-Earn MMORPG and is being developed on Binance Smart Chain. It will feature a variety of PvP as well as PvE modes. Most of the game’s content is planned to be off chain, meaning there will be little to no transaction fees during gameplay! Their main token is called SRV, or the Survival Token. Details of the token launch will be communicated to you through our storefront.

The Team

The idea for Path of Survival was born a year ago by the founder, Alexander Tomov, who was managing a community of about 400 people pooling resources together to progress in R-Planet — a blockchain game which was not able to survive the everchanging crypto environment. Experiencing the gaps and issues with other games first hand, he decided to create his own game designed for passionate gamers.

CTO Alexander Nadjarian has over 5 years of professional programming and development experience with HackSoft, a software development team.

The rest of the 13-headed team consists mostly of talented developers and artists with experience at reputable companies like Ubisoft and DNADOTA.

Published onPublished onMedium
DateDate25 Jul 2022