Partnership with Meta Lordz to bring an incredible NFT gaming experience

DateDate26 Jun 2022

About the Partnership

VersaGames is going to contribute to the development of Meta Lordz with Q&A support during the development phase of the game. VersaGames will also help Meta Lordz in the go-to market campaign. This will help Meta Lordz to continue to build and launch the best blockchain MOBA game in the market.

VersaGames and Meta Lordz will continue to work together to promote this exciting project. We will kick off with a teaser article about Meta Lordz, followed by an AMA in the third week of July.VersaGames and Meta Lordz will award several prizes and surprises for the viewers, stay tuned!

About Meta Lordz

The development of blockchain technology brought the gaming industry straight into a new era. Up until now, traditional metaverses have been launched offering minimal gameplay experiences. These projects have been designed with one primary focus: fundraising. The challenge with such a model is that the prioritization of financing means that gameplay becomes an after-thought.

Not for Meta Lordz. We put gameplay and the experience first. We are a team of experienced developers, who also happen to be avid gamers, and our ambition is to create the type of content players deserve.

Our plan is to challenge the market by creating a play and earn movement (rather than play to earn). This means our experience will be fun, engaging and player-centric, rather than a joyless DeFi loop. We understand the importance of building this together with a community that believes in this vision,  therefore, we will develop this  game listening to you and implementing what you need. The sole purpose of our mission is creating the best gaming experience for gamers, like you and me!

DateDate26 Jun 2022