Partnership with D.G.Pals to support best in class gaming experiences

DateDate21 Jun 2022

About the Partnership

VersaGames has contributed to the development of D.G.Pals with a private round investment. This will help D.G.Pals to continue to build best in class gaming experiences, and give VERSA token holders exposure to such a promising project via the VersaGames treasury. VersaGames and D.G.Pals will continue to work together to fund and promote this exciting project, and to provide deep and efficient markets for the game’s assets.

About D.G.Pals

Website | Twitter Discord D.G.Pals is a Collectible Virtual Pet, first interoperable NFTs GameFi Project that focuses on V-pet simulator (LIVE), PvP, 5v5 Squad-battler (LIVE), Virtual Town, SLG x Tower Defence. Land sales for D.G.P: Adventure is set to be in Q4. D.G.League — a marketplace-based NFT loaning system is also in development.The multi-genre NFT game allows players to:

  • Hatch, nurture and collect cute and powerful D.G.Pal NFTs

  • Bring your D.G.Pals into PvP battles and compete against players

  • Earn DGG and OPL from participating and winning in different game modes and quests

  • Challenge world events and difficult game modes together with your Clan members

  • Socialize with other players in real-time

  • Collect and trade NFTs, NFT equipment and NFT Land, and More!

DateDate21 Jun 2022