Karmaverse - a gaming platform multiverse by an experienced team

DateDate07 Jun 2022

This round in VersaGames review we will explore Karmaverse which is a blockchain gaming ecosystem built by the mobile game makers bringing King of Avalon in the simulation game genre; not only that, we will also get to fight zombies in an apocalyptic world in its very own Match-3 game of Karmverse Zombie!

What is covered in this article:

  • Introduction

  • Gameplay

  • Team

  • Partnerships

  • Assets & Ecosystem

  • How to get started

  • Conclusion


Karmaverse is a GameFi platform, a gaming multiverse that contains multiple game worlds which are distinct yet interconnected via blockchain. Currently, Karmaverse has launched one game title, Karmaverse Zombie, and aims at producing multiple games and eventually tools for players to create their own in the ecosystem. The game titles are going to be available on mobile as the studio is a veteran in mobile game production prior to producing blockchain games.

Karmaverse Zombie

The currently available game in Karmaverse is Karmaverse Zombie. It is a SLG (simulation game) based in a zombie apocalypse setting. Players will build shelters as their bases and assemble teams of fighters (NFTs or non-NFTs) to progress through content.

The game is currently available for download on IOS and Android. It is free to play and also has play to earn elements. The blockchain assets (tokens and NFTs) reside on the Polygon network.

Karmaverse 2


Karmaverse Zombie combines a SLG game with also a match-3 battle mechanic. Players start with a tutorial and once done they will be taken to the shelter where they can start building their base known as a shelter.

Players start by constructing buildings which generate resources which are required to start battles and also level up their fighters which are avatars used in battle.

When players have built up their resources, they can continue with their ventures where they can start fighting the undead in numerous encounters on the worldmap.

Karmaverse 3
Karmaverse 4

Before each battle you can preview the enemies you will be dealing with, this way you can alter your party to prepare for the battle with the undead.

Playing the game will earn you experience and level ups, which open up more features. Such as alliances that will allow you to team up with other players. Or PVP mode that can earn you resources via stealing another player’s resources.

Karmaverse 5

The actual gameplay mode is a match-3 game where your party fights off enemies by swapping through the tiles. The game adds complexity to fighters in a way. Also enemies have their own elements which might be strong or weak against your attacks. Players need to put some thoughts in assembling the right party for different encounters.

Karmaverse 6

The game characters are Polygon NFT assets and come in different rarity. Level ups are paid for by basic resources, but players can also apply different rarer food resources to grant their fighters greater powers on the level-ups if paired with the right resources.

In addition to level ups, a breeding system is also in place which is discussed in the whitepaper. We suggest interested players check it out as there is certain complexity involved in the breeding mechanics and the official docs are the best place to refer to these.


The Karmaverse team lineup is available in the whitepaper. Key members of the team are Scott Cheung the CEO, Marketing specialist Adam Markiewicz , lead development engineer Jesse Slater, BD Kartik Garg and Creative Director Greg Young.

Scott Cheung, a.k.a. Zhang ZhiWei, is a multimedia artist and one of the pioneers getting involved in the Chinese NFT Art scene before launching Karmaverse. His connections in the Chinese tech industry have equipped the team with the expertise needed to venture in the Web3 space.

Another notable member of the team is Kartik Garg who is an entrepreneur with diverse experience in multiple businesses and also a shareholder in Animoca Brands. He heads the business development in Karmaverse and will leverage his network to expand the project’s outreach.

It is also worth mentioning that the development team brings experience from having previously built top SLG (simulation game) titles such as King of Avalon and Guns of Glory which have millions of monthly active users. The project says they will prioritize delivering games that are inherently fun and engaging before integrating blockchain elements; this stays true to the ethos that a functional product on Day 1 goes a long way along with a sustainable ecosystem.

Karmaverse 8


Karmaverse has closed a $6 million private round in Feb 2022 led by A&T Capital to expand its teams and offering. This investment round also included Foresight Ventures, Polygon Studios, OKX Blockdream Ventures and more. While the investors are not top tier 1 venture capitalists, they have a lot of presence in Asia and are expected to appeal to the gaming communities especially in Southeast Asia.

Karmaverse 9

An earlier seed round was closed involving Metaverse guild Yield Guild Games SEA, Infinity Ventures Crypto, TPS Capital and Panony Group.

In terms of growing player communities, Metaverse guilds such as PathDAO have been very involved in establishing a foothold in Karmaverse since its beta tests. A partnership has been announced earlier in March and we can see in the leaderboards and alliances that PathDAO players have a presence in the ecosystem!

Assets & Ecosystem

KNOT is the main utility token in Karmaverse. It has a total supply of 210,000,000.

The token has undergone two rounds of seed and private sales earlier and 40.95 million tokens were sold. However, the private and seed price have not been disclosed.

For token distribution, we can refer to the following infographic. It is notable that the public sale distribution is quite low and also circulating float compared to the investors’ tokens allocation.

For the IDO, KNOT appeared on multiple launchpads to gather funds. It appeared on Gate.io, Trustswallet, PAID network and a few others throughout the course of Feb to March 2022.

In the whitepaper, a number of key utilities are outlined for KNOT. These include:

Karmaverse 10
  • Minting of NFTs in each game world

  • As primary trading token in the Karma Marketplace

  • As the governance token for voting and raising proposals.

  • As the P2E reward token.

  • Potential defi usage in the ecosystem. Borrow and lend are hinted by the Karmaverse team.

As a blockchain gamefi ecosystem, Karmaverse adopts a dual token system in which KNOT is the governance token and individual games will have their own tokens. For Karmaverse Zombie the in-game token is SERUM.

Regarding SERUM, the whitepaper does not a clear cut tokenomics but based on its utility it is the play-to-earn token and is used as a consumable in game to pay for some in-game mechanics in KarmaZombies in particular. 

Primary utility as of now is as a currency for the in-game NFT minting mechanic, i.e. curing zombies into NFT fighters.

How to get started

Karmaverse is available on mobile. To start a player needs a Metamask wallet to be able to interact with the dApp and the blockchain assets.

Karmaverse KNOT is on the Polygon blockchain so players will need some MATIC for gas. Both KNOT and SERUM are listed on Quickswap.

Players can download the mobile game app on IOS or Android app store to get started. Remember the game can be free to play but has limited earning potentials unless players deploy a certain amount of NFT fighters in their lineup.

For NFTs, these are tradable on the Karmaverse marketplace and require KNOT as the transaction currencies. Players can purchase a set to begin with or sell their fighters on the secondary marketplace to cash out their rewards.

Karmaverse 11

For getting into the game, other than our quick intro on the gameplay, the official Karmaverse Medium also has a lot of guides for new players to check out. Especially for people who are new to the match-3 genre of games, this can be very helpful!

Karmaverse 12


Upon trying out the game, we have to say Karmaverse Zombie is quite engaging and because the match-3 gameplay is so popular (thanks to Candy Crush) it’s very easy to pick it up. Also, we quite liked the fact that the project Medium pages have very detailed tutorials that really help beginners. In the future, we look forward to seeing the other games planned in Karmaverse to come online and hope these will be bangers too!