Zuki Moba - Fun snow shooting game with chibi graphics

GameGameZuki Moba
DateDate05 May 2022

Zuki Moba is a play-to-earn mobile blockchain gaming platform with a genre of MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) E-sports combined with NFT gaming that is built on BSC and Polygon. The game concept is inspired by the japanese sports game called “Yukigassen” which means snowball fight where you need to hit your opponent with snowballs to claim victory. 


MOBA genre games are one of the most popular trends among traditional games and naming some of them are Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, and Mobile Legends and so many more. The set-up of this genre is very simple, however, once you’ve allotted your time with it you will then realize how complex and extremely competitive it is.

Zuki Moba 2

The same goes with Zuki Moba as the game is filled with action-packed combat, strategies, unpredictable moves and fast paced matches. The game is outlined as a fun snow shooting game together with a simple gameplay and chibi graphics. Moreover, it offers three different game modes(Practice, Survival, Team). On top of that, there are bosses in the game where you can defeat it to level up and upgrade your character skills.

The difference with traditional games is that gamers will surely benefit from the play-to-earn mechanism where they can earn, trade, sell and own their assets throughout the game compared to traditional MOBA games. You can start off by building up your character through in-game NFTs, game items, and Metaverse structures. 

Moreover, they plan to integrate and turn Zuki Moba into a major esports as well which most of the gamers are looking forward to. Also, the game is very UI friendly and appropriate for casual as well as competitive gamers. 

Zuki Moba 3


Zuki Moba 4

As for the roadmap, the game has already been launched this April 2022 with a chunk of updates to provide better user experience. Also since the game has just only been released, the Zuki Moba team continues to strive and improve themselves by providing more gameplay upgrades with a lot of new features and eventually progress their way to establish a major esports tournament backed up with new partnerships and many more based on their roadmap.


Now let’s jump into its core gameplay. As the game is simple, players can easily get used to the interface of the game however, it requires you to utilize your personal skills, proper timing, team coordination and quick decision making which makes it very interesting. The game has various game modes: Practice, MOBA & Battle Royale.

Practice Mode: this mode is for players who are starting to learn the game, you can start with this mode to gain knowledge and to better understand how the game works.

Melee Combat Mode: This mode is the same as a “Battle Royale” where everyone is your opponent. The more people you eliminate, the higher the winning rate.

Conflict Mode: This will be the MOBA mode where players are teamed up with friends or join random groups. Each match will have 3 groups, each group will have 5 players to face each other directly.

Zuki Moba 5

Now moving on to the character selections. Each character will have a different stats, set of damage ability and strength:

Health: This will be the life points of your character. Each character has a different max amount of HP. 

Attack: The amount of damage your character can deal with your opponent. 

Defense: The higher the defense, the better the character will be against opponents' attack due to damage reduction.

Range: This will be your character's shooting range, the larger the range, the further your character can attack.

Speed: The higher the speed index, the more flexible the movement will be which can be used to chase down opponents or run away when facing a disadvantage.

Zuki Moba 6


  • Knight (Attack champion) - has the ability to deal damage with an attack.

  • Beast (Combat General) - has the ability to deal damage from a distance, move quickly in the blink of an eye.

  • Witch (Control Hero) - has the ability to create beneficial effects or protect allies.

  • Tanker (Defense General) - has the ability to intercept and neutralize enemies.

  • Healer (Role-playing support general) - has the skill to support team members.

Zuki Moba 7

Each Hero has a maximum of 3 energy points to use a skill. Skill 1 and Skill 2 uses 1 mana, while Skill 3 can use 1-3 mana to activate the skill. Take note that the more energy you use, the stronger the skill.

Zuki Moba 8

You can gain energy by collecting crystals. These crystals can be collected by killing monsters, bosses, or other players.

In Zuki Moba, one of the most important skills you can have is the passive skill. Every time a character levels up, they will be allowed to choose 1 of many passive skills. The more you upgrade a skill, the more effective it becomes.

Zuki Moba 9

Passive Skill: every time the user gains 1 level during the game, they will be able to choose 1 in 3 passive skills. Choosing a skill many times will increase that skill level. Sample of the passive skills are Scattering Rate, Attack Speed, Move Speed, Range, Attack, Health Regeneration, Life Steal, etc.

Zuki Moba 10

Team and Partnerships

The core team consists of 18 members. Dan Ngo, the CEO and founder of Zuki Moba, Dan has 7 years of experience in crypto investments, training self-development thinking and team development. He also has undergone management in the field of ADS Marketing for website, youtube, and facebook as well for 5 years.

On the other hand, Lucid Hoang, who is the CTO of Zuki Moba and Founder at UFIN. He’s also an Advisor of  Jeritex, Moniwar, Latoken, and also a Country Manager in Vietnam with 5 years of experience as Blockchain Project Manager and a 4 years in entertainment games development for the Asia market.

Lastly, Jayz Nguyen, CMO and Co-founder of Zuki Moba with 4 years of experience in the blockchain industry. Overall, they have an interesting team line up with a combination of advisers as well to further improve their strategic growth and development.

Zuki Moba 11

Zuki Moba has tons of support from a lot of investors and partners who have a good reputation in the cryptoverse which helps bring Zuki Moba closer to more users in the whole community naming DTS, Ufin, Jlaunchpad, Hora Os, Moniwar, VNDC, BAS, ROCKET and many many more.

Zuki Moba 12

Assets & Ecosystem

With their auto burning and auto mining mechanism, The developers built a balancing structure when it comes to their tokens to avoid inflation. They use $GEM as the in game reward token, while $ZUKI will be their governance token. This will help them to buy back using the funds that they get from the transaction fees and add more liquidity for the token.

Zuki Moba 13

$ZUKI Token

-$ZUKI token is the main in-game currency and will be their governance token used for both utility and farming/staking to earn more tokens and rewards. Moreover, $ZUKI tokens can be used to buy in-game NFT’s as well.

Zuki Moba 14

$GEM Token

-$GEM token is the fungible in-game reward token that can be earned through playing the game and climbing leaderboards. In addition, $GEM tokens can be used for upgrading characters, NFTs, and or upgrade their skill.

Zuki Moba 15

How to get started

To get started we need to create our crypto wallet first. Zuki Moba supports Meta Mask and Trust Wallet so you can choose either of them.

Once you’ve successfully created your wallet, you can now download the game in Google Play or you may kindly click here.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the game, you need to connect your wallet to the Zuki Moba website to obtain your QR code.

Zuki Moba 17

You will then use this code upon logging in.

Zuki Moba 18

NOTE: Zuki Moba is only available in mobile phones, IOS, Android, Iphone. You can still play the game on the desktop by using any android app emulator for windows(Bluestacks, LD player, NOX player, etc).

Now you’re all set to play the game!


MOBA games are one of the best genres to start with as they allow you to play and socialize with your friends and work together as a team. On the other hand, you can meet new friends as well as the gaming community where people from all over the world are having the time of their lives for the love of the game and earning aspects as well. 

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