Yulgang Global - Exciting MMORPG based on the eponymous korean comic IP!

GameGameYulgang Global
DateDate03 May 2022

Play-to-Earn mobile MMORPG based on one of Korea's most popular martial arts comics.

Yulgang Global is a South Korean MMORPG developed by Tigon Mobile, a Longtu Korea subsidiary studio, and powered by WEMIX, a blockchain technology platform. It has similarities to the gameplay of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, Dragon Nest, and Skyblade, but with a twist as it is a play-to-earn game, allowing players to enjoy the game's gameplay mechanics while also offering the opportunity to earn money. Players can turn their efforts into actual money by farming certain assets that can be exchanged for tokens, which can then be converted into a cryptocurrency and freely sold on the market place. 

This game allows players to choose from eight classes and embark on a long journey across the globe, encountering numerous NPCs and challenging bosses.It is available on Google Play and the App Store and can be played as an app on PC, mobile Androids, or even on iOS.


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Yulgang (also referred to as "Scions of Fate" in the United States) is supported by a Japanese company. It is based on the same-titled Korean martial arts comic book. It is an abbreviation for the full title Yul-Hyul-Gang-Ho (热血江湖 or 열혈강호), which means "hot-blooded river-lake," with "river-lake" referring to the old far-east world of combat. "The Just" and "Evil" are the game's two factions, and the tagline "Balance of Power" corresponds to that.

Yulgang Global's primary characters are similarly based on comics, and gamers can expect branching narratives in this game. Missions are significant not because of the storyline, but because they provide massive rewards for finishing them. Leveling up and unlocking new features and modes is also made easier by the large quantity of experience points players receive. And by completing side tasks and returning to the main campaign missions, you should be able to complete the difficult stages.


Moreover, every MMORPG has its own world, and this one is no exception. There is a lot of excitement and fun to be had in the game's martial world. In this world, there is a constant battle between good and evil. Players will form a team by picking a side and going head-to-head with the opposing team in a battle for glory.

There are seven classes to choose from in this game, with an additional "boxer" class that can be obtained later on, all of which offer a variety of play styles and properties, which makes each of them suited for particular players. The game's design ensures that the player who picks any of the classes will be able to understand the qualities and play styles of that particular class. The challenges will also differ depending on the player's picked class, even though all classes can advance through the main plot missions on their own. As a player, your class choice is critical because it dictates how you'll play the game.

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Most players prefer to play Yulgang Global as a P2E game, so progressing quickly through the main story is the best way to get the most out of the game, while also farming resources and assets to buy upgrades and power up their characters. Progressing far enough in this game is the goal here, so that you can begin harvesting TIG, the in-game currency that can be converted into cryptos and traded for actual money. Additionally, players can also use this currency to buy in-game prizes and enhance their character's abilities.

For additional guides on their Play-to-earn system, click here

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Team and Partnerships

Tigon Mobile, a Longtu Korea subsidiary studio, designed Yulgang Global.

"Tigon Mobile" is a corporation and a mobile game developer that owns the mobile business license for the popular local cartoon "Hot Blood Kangho" in South Korea and throughout the world. They are driving the production of numerous mobile games by employing "hot-blooded powerhouses" based on smart alliances with established developers and close connections with the original creators. Their iconic animation, "Fire-Blood Strong," has sold over 6 million copies in Korea. It is recognized as a representative IP that has thrived in the international market, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and also Korea, due to its performance as a cartoon and game.

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Longtu Korea's stake in Tigon Mobile Co., Ltd. has grown to 35.43 percent. Tigon Mobile is now 80 percent owned by Longtu Korea. Additionally, it should be noted that Longtu Korea's partnerships have expanded to include Tigon Mobile. Source.

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Assets & Ecosystem

TIG Token is Yulgang's currency, it is a new type of token that allows in-game assets to be freely traded, stored, sold, and bought outside of the game. The value of the game's resources ensures the token's inherently valuable worth.

Tigon Token (TIG) is a WEMIX platform utility token and P2E currency Crystal that is intended to be used in Tigon Mobile's numerous games.

A blockchain-based tradable item, TIG, can be purchased and exchanged without restriction to gaming platforms, gaming world, or limits imposed between game and reality.

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On top of the $TIG, there is also Crystal, which is the primary currency in the game that can be exchanged and turned into TIG Coins, which is the game's NFT. This can be used to upgrade skills and systems in order to get more power and improve quality. It can also be used to activate the Exp bonus effect.

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How to get started

Installing the game from the Google Play Store or App Store is all that is required to get started.

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After installing the game, players can either sign up with their email or social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter) or simply log in as a guest to play.

After logging in, they can immediately start following the tasks and take on adventures in the Yulgang universe.

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That concludes our information gathering for the Korean comic-based game Yulgang. We hope it was helpful, and have fun playing!

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