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DateDate15 Aug 2022

X World Games is a decentralized gaming metaverse that has been founded since 2018 and is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The company is based in Singapore, but its 100+ dynamic team members are located all over the world. X World Games' objective is to create a diverse gaming ecosystem that connects players of traditional games with the blockchain world. The gaming metaverse will also be a full gaming platform that gives game developers access to the blockchain structure they have built, making it easier for them to get into the cryptocurrency world. X World Games has its own marketplace, wallet, DeFi pool, and a native token that boosts the growth of the X World Games ecosystem. 


Building a diverse gaming ecosystem that links gamers of traditional games to the blockchain community is the goal of X World Games. They can help game developers get into the cryptocurrency business by giving them access to the blockchain technology that they have built.

Moreover, in order to make blockchain features approachable and enjoyable for non-crypto gamers to own their NFTs, X World Games has created a special blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. 

Some of its features are listed below:

X Marketplace

X World Games 2

It provides NFT trading services that let non-fungible tokens be bought and sold directly at a fixed price or through an auction. Future NFT trading possibilities are being studied and worked on, such as NFT fragmented trading and NFT automated market maker liquidity.

X Pool

X World Games 3

You can stake tokens and NFTs in one of the main XWG ecosystem infrastructures to earn $XWG (the native token of X World Games). By combining the capabilities of various NFTs to generate various levels of returns, it gives your NFTs more utility and increases the enjoyment of play-to-earn.

X Wallet

X World Games has a number of wallet accesses so that all functions can be used in any way the user wants. However, if you use the X Wallet from X World Games (which was made for gaming dApps on the Binance Smart Chain), you are guaranteed to have the best user experience and the easiest process when it comes to integrating with the XWG ecosystem.


Moreover, it utilizes DAO to have decentralized ownership over a gaming universe. If you own $XWG tokens, you can vote on future in-game developments, including reward systems, tokenomic systems, as well as governance policies.

Creation & Collection

You can design any form of in-game item, including custom avatars and magical equipment. Since all in-game items will be turned into tokens and represented by NFTs, they can all be traded on an open, decentralized market.

It also aims to be a blockchain gaming platform that sets up a metaverse for you and for game developers, and makes it easier for blockchain games to trade and flow income.

Games Portfolio

X World Games began its mission to produce blockchain games in 2019. The first NFT trading card game project, Dream Card, was launched with an advanced understanding of the Japanese ACG (animation, comics, and games) style. It was later followed by the release of the game Dream Card Version 2, and soon Version 3. They were created using the Binance Smart Chain and were inspired by the well-known "Pokémon Trading Card Game."

Dream Card

X World Games 4

Dream Card, also known as Dream Card V1, was the first game to be released on the X World Games platform. It was the first collection of collectible trading cards produced using NFTs that was based on the Japanese ACG style. The game creates a play-to-earn economy by combining traditional TCG battle features and play styles with blockchain technology for cryptocurrencies.

Dream Card is in its Alpha state and can be played on both mobile and PC browsers like Chrome and Firefox. You can also use your mobile phone number or email to register and log in to the game. But you will still need a digital wallet address when you need to manage your in-game and on-chain assets.


X World Games 5

The game has a PvP multiplayer mode. The rules of the game are identical to those of classic cardboard games or online TCG card games. To win against other players, you must carefully put together a combination deck of cards and destroy all of your opponents' cards.

  • Leaderboard—The rankings are based on the amount of $XWG you hold, your playing deck strength, and your overall winning percentage. Based on your ranking, you will be rewarded with $XWG.

  • Mission—By performing daily checks, daily tasks, and level rewards, you can earn reward points. These points can then be converted into $XWG, at a certain time each day. Rewards can be obtained on the receive rewards page.

  • Evolution—You will be able to upgrade your Dream Cards to a greater quality by giving up a minimum quantity of lower quality cards through Dream Card Evolution. 

    • To learn more about Evolution and the things needed for it, click here.

    • To learn more about how to evolve your Dream Cards, click here.

  • Fusion—With the Dream Card Fusion feature, you can combine the SHARDs (an in-game token and asset that resembles an NFT) you have collected to make Dream Cards.

    • To learn more about Fusion and how it works, click here.

    • To learn more about how to do Fusion, click here.

In-Game Assets

  • Mystery Box

X World Games 6

In order to receive a card and have a chance to win higher-rarity cards, you can use your $XWG tokens to buy mystery boxes. Click here.

  • Dream Card NFTs

X World Games 7

The BEP-721 format is used for the production of XWG Dream Cards (NFTs), also referred to as NFT hero cards. Each Dream Card has a unique IP that determines its qualities, elements, abilities, HPs, ATKs, levels, and other features. In addition to their collection value, you will be able to utilize your Dream Cards to engage in combat in the XWG Arena. Other than that, you may also exchange them for $XWG tokens. These cards can be obtained through the X Marketplace (click here), the third-party partner NFT marketplaces (click here), the Mystery Box (click here), and from other players.

BEP-721 is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) token standard that allows for the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  • LUCID 

X World Games 8

The primary play-to-earn reward asset that can be obtained by playing in XWG games will be LUCID. This is an in-game token and an NFT-like asset. This serves as the necessary fuel for staking in the X Pool. To obtain $XWG tokens when staking your Dream Cards, you must have a certain quantity of LUCID. This can also be used to enhance the rarity of your Dream Cards. This can also be obtained in the X Marketplace.

  • SHARDs

X World Games 9

Similar to a LUCID, SHARDS is an in-game token and asset that resembles an NFT. These are necessary for fusion and can be acquired in LUCID Chests.

  • LUCID Chests

X World Games 10

These chests contain lottery tickets (a Dream Card V2 asset that gives a chance of winning a lucky draw at the prize), SHARDs, LUCID Super, and LUCID Magic. High rarity chests offer better rewards. These can be obtained through their Dream Card special events or through purchases made on the X Marketplace. You'll need $XWG, LUCID Basic, and a minimal BNB gas fee to open this chest. Opening fees will vary depending on the quality of the chest.

- To learn more about how to purchase LUCID Chests, click here.

How to get started

Here are some links to tutorials from X World Games that you might find helpful:

X World Games 11

Dream Card V2

X World Games 12

Dream Card V2 is a multiplayer RPG game developed by Unity that features a PvE mode with new Dream Cards and NFTs. It is the second upgrade in the Dream Card series. It runs simultaneously with Dream Card v1 and focuses mostly on PvE gameplay.

Dream Card V2 isn't a reworked version of Dream Card V1. Both versions are available and functioning simultaneously, in sync and systematically. Both the game's concepts are comprehensive and can be used in either version.


X World Games 13

In contrast to Dream Card's PVP mode, Dream Card V2 offers a brand-new PvE mode. You can progress through the stages and defeat the ultimate boss while playing against computer AIs. As opposed to the current Dream Card V1, the fighting animation and special effects will be enhanced to the mobile gaming standard. This is playable on Android (Open Beta), iOS (coming soon), and Mac/Windows (Bluestack).

Additionally, you will now be able to play Dream Card V2, which features improved earning opportunities. You can now buy NFT assets based on your preferences and choices. It might be a monster, a piece of land, and/or a set piece in the plot that generates long-term revenue. You will also receive a lottery ticket as a reward for completing each and every level of the game. It's intended to increase your chances of winning a piece of the prize pool.

In-Game Assets 

  • NFTs

X World Games 14

Dream Card V2 has an NFT feature that can be used in many ways. It gives you different ways to own NFTs, based on your own preferences. Dream Card V2's NFTs go beyond the game cards and include items like a chapter's monster, a piece of land, or a set piece in the plot (to be released). When you purchase these items, you will benefit from long-term revenue generated by the number of times the plot is played. 

X World Games 15
  • Lottery

The lottery feature in Dream Card V2 is a brand-new creation and the first of its type in crypto games. When you finish each level of the game, whether you win or lose, you'll have a chance to win a lottery for your lucky draw at the prize pool. 

  • Gears

X World Games 16

In Dream Card V2, characters can use gear from two categories: outfits and weapons.

Every class has its own exclusive and distinctive gear. Gear can be acquired through completing game stages or opening mystery boxes.

White, green, blue, purple, and orange are the five different quality categories for gear, ranging from low to high. Lower quality gears can be burned to upgrade to higher quality gears, which retain the experience of the upgraded gears. The qualities of Dream Cards can be increased by gear, which is tradable on the marketplace.

How to get started

X World Games has already provided a detailed tutorial and step-by-step guide on how to begin and play the Dream Card V2. You can go there instantly by clicking the link next to this. Click here.


X World Games 17

As of this writing, X World Games is collaborating with top-tier professionals in the gaming business and game developers to draw in more traditional players and broaden its ecosystem. It wants to establish itself as the "Open Sea" of blockchain games and a blockchain platform similar to Steam. 

Furthermore, according to their git book, they have already completed numerous project line-ups for the X World Games. They are now in Q3 of their roadmap, and will soon launch the Dream Card Fusion.

Team and Partnerships


X World Games 19

There are eight members in the X World Games team. Fernando Liu, the CEO and co-founder, is one of them. He has more than 17 years of expertise in global M&A reorganization, private investment, venture capital, and fundraising. Since 2017, he has invested in blockchain technology and virtual reality games.

Sean Chen, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, is the next. He founded the BlaCat game platform and has more than 15 years of experience in the software and online gaming industries. 

Ada Yuan, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, follows. Since 2012, he has invested in cryptocurrencies and supported the community. And last but not least, Edwin Liu, co-founder and Chief Global Officer of X World Games. Since 2013, he has invested in cryptocurrencies, and he has actively contributed to the development of numerous blockchain projects.


X World Games 20

X World Games has partnered with well-known blockchain companies. Some of their partners are Brave Browser, Crypto.com, Clover Finance, and Mexc Global.

Assets & Ecosystem

In the XWG ecosystem, all transactions are made using the XWG token, a type of BEP-20 token produced on the Binance Smart Chain. Users within the ecosystem have the option of either earning XWG tokens through in-game mining or buying them on a marketplace. Holders of XWG tokens can also buy game cards on the NFT marketplace at the same time.

BEP-20 is a token standard on the Binance Smart Chain that expands ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard. It serves as a structure for tokens that outlines their use, eligibility requirements, and other guidelines.

$XWG token

X World Games 21

The X World Games' native token, $XWG, was created on the BNB Chain. It enables token holders to participate in the game, make investments, and play. The expansion of the X World Games ecosystem needs $XWG as its primary fuel. Holders of $XWG will be eligible to receive benefits by taking part in the play-to-earn-to-stake mechanism, DeFi operation, and DAO voting process. The X World Games marketplace, where players may purchase and sell their in-game NFT assets, will also take $XWG as payment. 

Token Utility

  • Rewards, Play-to-Earn-to-Staking

  • Yield Farming, Staking, Mining

  • Governance

  • Purchasing NFTs

Token Distribution

A total of 10,000,000,000 tokens are available for $XWG. The distribution of these tokens is illustrated below.

X World Games 22

To learn more about how to purchase $XWG tokens, click here.

To learn more about where to purchase $XWG tokens, click here

For a tutorial on buying $XWG tokens, click here


NFT cards are transparently recorded on the X World Games. Consequently, they can be purchased and sold with $XWG tokens. Additionally, you can customize the features and styles of your cards. When you breed them, you can get new characters with interesting traits and different levels of beauty, which makes the game even more fun.

  • Dream Card NFTs


  • SHARDs

What we can see in the future

X World Games 23

For the games, X World Games will finish building a huge platform infrastructure. Included are full-featured tools for making games; a marketplace for exchanging NFTs; a cross-game protocol port; and a service for digitally distributing blockchain games. It will also lead the community toward full DAO governance.

At the X World Games, burning and other economic mechanisms will be used to create a better economic deflation and a sustainable rewards system. This will be done through decentralized governance. The process will start with the ideas and votes of the community, and the whole thing will be transparent and clear.


X World Games is a decentralized gaming metaverse built on the Binance Smart Chain. It aims to be a blockchain gaming platform that links gamers of traditional games to the blockchain community and helps developers delve easily into the world of blockchain games. Its first game is Dream Card, a collectible trading card game with a Japanese ACG (animation, comics, and games) style. It has the $XWG token as a native token and a primary fuel of the X World Games' ecosystem.