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DateDate25 May 2022

X-Metaverse is a Play-to-Earn strategy card game which functions on the Binance Smart Chain. Players utilize their space battleship and astronaut NFTs to battle against enemies and seek treasures on a variety of planets within known and yet to be discovered galaxies.


Have you ever dreamed of owning an entire space fleet? Exploring and conquering the galaxies while defeating the strongest fleets in every universe? Perhaps you aim to become the general of the strongest space alliance? Here’s your chance. X-Metaverse challenges players to start a journey in their vast sci-fi galaxies. It has taken inspiration from the likes of Star Wars and some aspects from Warframe and Destiny 2 can be spotted as well.

The game offers multiple gameplay features to make it challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable all at the same time. Personalize your adventure and choose from a plethora of options in the endless universities:

  • Galaxy exploration (PVE)

  • Ranking Tournament (PVP)

  • Star Alliance War

  • Space Jump

  • Interstellar travel

  • Mining

Furthermore, the game has a mobile version which is available on Google Play, or through APK installation. The mobile iOS version of the game has not been launched yet.

X-Metaverse b


The official version of the game was released on May 10, 2022. However, it is still in the early stages which means not every gameplay feature has been added yet. As of writing, you can explore the galaxies and participate in the ranking tournament. All of the other gameplay features, except for alliance wars and sensing equipment, are to be implemented in 2022.

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To partake in PVE and PVP combat, you need to meet the minimum requirement of having one pilot and three space battleships. Before you can start an epic strategy battle, you need to do some preparations. Choose the space battleships’ positions and board them with your best pilots.

The combat system is turn-based and can feel similar to the popular play-to-earn game Axie infinity. At the start of the battle, both players receive four energy points which are required to use space battleships’ skills.

After winning a battle you will be able to receive URUmetal, Blackbox fragments, and energy cores. All of the materials have their use case which will be explained further on.

X-Metaverse 2

Space battleships

As of writing, there are five types of space battleships a player can acquire and use, all with their specialities. They can be bought in the marketplace and are contained in an NFT box called Tesseract.

Frigate – The tanks. They have heavy armour and can be placed in front during a battle to enhance the safety of the space battleships behind them.

Interceptor – The agile spies. They utilize strong reconnaissance and mobility capabilities to be able to hit anyone anywhere on the battlefield.

Cruiser – The supports. They are a simple, yet important space battleship that is used to give supportive fire to the whole fleet.

Bomber – The ‘nukers’. The term nuker does fit because the bomber will not leave a speck of dust after using the nuclear strikes on the enemies.

Destroyer – The jacks-of-all-trades. They do not excel in any of the stats but can rather be seen as well-rounded space battleships to balance the shortages of a fleet.

Players can upgrade space battleships by using energy cores which can be acquired by exploring the galaxies and defeating enemies in battle, or by receiving loots from blackboxes.

Also, similar to the popular blockchain games Axie Infinity and Defi Kingdoms, players can use two space battleships to create a new one. However, there is one difference. Instead of creating a new one, which would be kind of weird considering space battleships are not living entities, you will get a blueprint. Blueprints can be made by meeting the required amount of URUmetal.


Each space battleship has four main stats which can be upped permanently by upgrading it.

Defence - High defence means a space battleship needs to take a lot of hits to get destroyed.

Speed - High speed increases the chance to be the first one to attack.

Attack -The offence stat. High attack means high damage and the capability to quickly destroy enemy space battleships.

Critical - High critical could lead to extra damage to your enemies by landing a critical strike.

Furthermore, the space battleships have a rarity system in which ships can range from normal (N) to super super rare (SSR). The higher the rarity, the better the base stats of a space battleship will be.

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Pilots are necessary to control a space battleship fleet in battle and can be bought in the marketplace. They are contained in an NFT box called Starskeleton.

Each race has exclusive skills that can complement space battleship skills. Choose your race wisely as it can impact the power of your fleet.


The Mankind race was imprisoned but found a way to flee to the Knight Galaxy, where they settled on the Future Planet. They specialize in using their intelligence to be able to create the highest performing space battleships.

Alien Guardian

The Alien Guardian race may look like mankind with some sort of special armour; however, they consist of material existence and are the original race of the Knight Galaxy. They specialize in gathering information which can prove beneficial during exploration.


The Al-Shells race consists of robots developed by supreme biologists from the Megalithic planet.

They are the most powerful race in X-Metaverse who use their high fighting power to destroy their enemies.

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The team currently has quite some partnerships and advisors and has intentions to add more partnerships.

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Assets & Ecosystem

X-Metaverse has a marketplace in which players will be able to send or receive $XMETA when they purchase or sell space battleships, pilots, blueprints, etc. Furthermore, $XMETA functions as a governance token and therefore players will be able to stake their tokens at a later date (TBA).

The token will be exposed to a burning mechanism which applies to every transaction and purchase. The token burn per transaction will be a maximum of 4,75% to ensure a steep token deflation. CEO Lane Kao has said they have plans to change the token burn mechanism at a later stage.

As of writing the token has yet to be sold through IDOs on Red Kite and NFTbmarket, plus another IGO on GameFi.

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How to get started

Step 1: Create an account

X-Metaverse requires you to create an account as means of additional security measures. The registration is simple since they only ask for an email and a password.

Step 2: Get BNB

Get enough BNB in your wallet to buy at least three space battleships and one pilot, which is the minimum requirement to start PVE and PVP battles.

Step 3: Buy space battleships and a pilot

Go to the marketplace and purchase three Tesseract boxes to get random space battleships or choose which space battleships you want to get. The same goes for the pilots. Get a random pilot by purchasing a Starskeleton box, or choose which pilot you want to get.

Step 4: Start the game and conquer the galaxies!

But there’s more! 

Are you not sure if you want to play the game? Want to try it out first? Check out this in-depth video guide on how to play the game on the Smart Chain Testnet.


If you are a sci-fi fan and love to play strategy card games where you aim to become the best or rule over the best, this might be a game for you!

However, be wary of the risks of investing in NFT projects. Everything that you invest can be lost.