World of Defish


World of Defish

GameGameWorld of Defish
DateDate09 Apr 2022

What is covered in this article:

  • Introduction

  • Gameplay

  • Marketplace and tokens

  • Play to Earn

  • Risk Factors and Legal Disclaimers


World of Defish is a collectible focused game built on the Binance Smart Chain, where players can immerse themselves in an underwater universe with hundreds, and maybe soon, thousands of various unique NFT fish to catch and collect. 

 Players can upgrade their equipment and skills to catch better quality fish, own territories to earn passive income, and trade catches with other players or even compete in tournaments! 

World of Defish 1


The world will consist of 10,000 unique zones, each with their own sizes, types of fish, and dynamic prices. The price of each zone is based on type, quantity, quality, and rarity of its fish.  

 Players will need a boat to access deeper waters which hold the rarest of fish. 

 You can even use the fish you have caught as bait, which will remove the fish from your inventory, but give you a higher chance of catching something rare!

World of Defish 2

Marketplace and tokens

World of Defish token ($WOD) is the governance, utility, and play-to-earn token of the World of Defish. $WOD can be mined from any area of the map, just by going there and fishing.  

Better equipment, skills and a higher level will all increase your $WOD rewards earned from fishing! 

 $WOD can be used to make purchases on the marketplace, to level up, and to upgrade  equipment. 

  1. Fish caught, as well as equipment and items, can be traded between players on the WOD Marketplace.  

World of Defish 3

Play to earn

The simplest way to earn in World of Defish is to simply fish! Hone your angling skills, improve your equipment, and head out to the deepest waters you can. Catching a high-quality rare fish could fetch a handsome price on the marketplace. 

If you manage to get your hands on some high-level equipment or crafting materials, you can also sell those on the marketplace. 

Alternatively, players who are looking for a more passive style of income can purchase one of the 10,000 zones in the game and earn a small fee from every other player who enters it. 

Risk Factors and Legal Disclaimers 

You should carefully consider the risks involved in purchasing and holding digital currencies. Before you decide to use any of the information herein and/or purchasing the game tokens, and/or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and/or attempting to use any blockchain network. For further information, please carefully read the Legal Considerations, Risks and Disclaimers in the Website which constitutes an integral part of the White Paper.   

Purchasing the Tokens and/or NFTs involves considerable risk. The Tokens or NFTs may become worthless and the Platform may not meet your needs. No purchases can be refunded or exchanged. Do not purchase the Tokens or NFTs with money you cannot afford to lose. There is no guarantee that the utility of the Tokens or NFTs will meet your needs or expectations.   

If you purchase the Tokens or NFTs you are inherently assuming the risk of its loss of value from the time of the purchase, and you are agreeing that the Tokens’ and NFTs’ future functionality might be all they are ever capable of doing.   

If you are uncertain whether to purchase the Tokens or NFTs in light of these disclaimers or legal notices contained herein, or if you are concerned about the loss of any money you use to purchase the Tokens or NFTs, we strongly urge you not to purchase any Tokens or NFTs. 

We recommend you consult legal, financial, tax, technology and other professional advisors or experts for further guidance before purchasing the Tokens or NFTs. We cannot provide you any of the foregoing advice.