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DateDate12 Feb 2022

WidiLand is a story is about a group of elite people finding a new home for humanity after the post-apocalyptic events that occurred on their planet. Natural resources have been depleted, Environment have been polluted, and the release of prehistoric viruses which killed most humans on their planet.

Almost every month, new NFT games are being introduced in the NFT world, but making difference and synthesizing the real picture of what we do in our home into the gaming world makes it much more realistic and engaging. WidiLand sticks to their six key factors that gives the player their best experience when it comes to earning and playing. The combination of motivation, meaningful choices, balance, usability, aesthetics, and fun are all present in this Play-to-Earn game!


Widi Land 2

The Famous Stardew Valley and FarmVille

Are you familiar with the famous farming game Stardew Valley from 2016? Or one of the best Facebook game, Farmville that we used to play back in 2009? Aren’t we all aching for the moments that we used to grow our farms, striving for the levels of our current status, hatching animals, and many more? If you’re currently looking for that kind of game, and at the same time earn from your hardwork, then get ready to be stunned because WidiLand is here!

Widi Land 3

WidiLand is a story is about a group of elite people finding a new home for humanity after the post-apocalyptic events that occurred on their planet. Natural resources have been depleted, Environment have been polluted, and the release of prehistoric viruses which killed most humans on their planet.

Using their spaceship, they moved to a different planet called WidiLand, a green-blue Earth-like moon and slowly started a new civilization. Players will immerse themselves in the game doing many kinds of roles and enjoy different game modes to build, sustain and preserve their new home.

The game is a dynamic game based on blockchain technology which aims to become a globally well-known social networking game thru building a social and virtual metaverse, combining usability of GameFi and NFTs. Their play to earn GameFi land management game gives off a lot of interesting features.

Just like the Farmville and Stardew Valley, you also get to enjoy Cultivating, Breeding, Cooking, Collecting/Trading items, and Daily quests! The fun doesn’t stop there, you can also earn through their other activities which we will discuss later on.

The game is playable in PC, Mobile Android, and iOS.


Widi Land 4

The game is already playable but it’s still in the early stage and is not yet fully released. However, we’re still going to discuss everything we know throughout the game.

Game story

The unique gameplay of WidiLand covers three journeys as of the moment that comes from the game story itself. With this game story in mind, the quirky yet idealistic approach has come to take light into making it an inspiration of what is currently happening today. Approaching from the ruination of Earth from 2130, agroup of scientists in the WIDI project, found a similar planet that is good enough to live in. This giant planet that is 24.2 light-years away from Earth has a similar environmental conditions to our world which is up to 73%. Successfully transferring to the other planet, another problem had surged as the landing process continuously sweep through the current plant causing serious damages to the spacecraft, high-tech equipment, and communication devices.

Widi Land 5

Chapter 1: Journey begins -Players are given then basic resources for them to start their voyage, as they have learned their lessons from the downfall of the Earth, they must now reproduce natural resources and finally put a good use to them. This chapter had already been released so you can start farming and accumulate those resources for preparations for the upcoming chapters.

Widi Land 6

Chapter 2: Devastation -A new game mode will be planned to released this coming Q3 of 2022 where Widi dwellers were at task to protect their project from the tremendous invaders. The invaders will disguise as natural disasters and epidemics that people tackled on Earth.

Widi Land 7

Chapter 3: New Era -This chapter will be releaseat Q4 of 2023 where a new civilization will be able to be formed by reconnecting with the Space Station to continue the project that was built in Chapter 1 to bring back humanity into a new home and finally to restore life on Earth.


Widi Land 8

The game composes of many aspects that make it distinctive, the graphics are user-friendly, it consists of chapters in which diverse elements are inserted, unique characters that display different job systems and rarities, 6 types of land that may cater to your cultivating activity, and other in-game activities that makes it much more entertaining among other NFT games.

Treasures, lands, and digital characters in this game both offers the entertainment side with its relaxing gameplay and financial value.

Jumping more into the gameplay, the Farmville back in 2009 that almost all of the people have gotten to be fond of can now be relived through this game, but much more better!

Job System

There are three job system in the game: the Farmer, the Breeder, and the Cook. They serve as the first NFT asset that may help you earn tokens($WSO) along the game. As every Farmer, Breeder and Cook, have different kinds of rarities, the rarer the characters are, the more higher performance, luck, and special item creations will be made compared to the lower rarity of the other character.


The Farmer is in charge of the cultivating activity, as part of the basic necessity to produce food. The players will be given 3 default characters (Non-NFT). The cultivating activity gives you the opportunity to plant seeds and harvest them as a crop, collecting these will be stored in the storage afterward or may be fed to the animals that the Breeders are taking care of.

Widi Land 9

The Breeder takes responsibility for feeding the animals using the harvested crops that the farmers have produced earlier. They are also appointed to take care of them as the animals take time in feeding the crops. With animals being taken care of, they may now reproduce ingredients such as milk that may now be used for cooking.

Widi Land 10

The Cook will now take place in having authority in the kitchen. As you garnered many ingredients throughout different types of activities, this may now give you the requirements to finish your orders and daily quests!

Widi Land 11

Character Summon

Widi Land 12

Another unique feature of WidiLand is the character summon where two characters are needed to match to obtain a new random character that inherits the genes and characteristics of the two original beings. In addition, the newly summoned characters can not be used to match with either of their predecessors to begin a new summon.

The summon fee includes $mWSO and $WIDI tokens. The summoned soul is also an NFT character that can equally participate in all activities in the game like every other character.

NOTE: Default characters can not participate in Summoning

Lands (NFT Asset)

Widi Land 13

The lands will serve as a concrete placing for the players to build and locate their construction. However, keep in mind that per land has a limited area with 16x10 squares. With different lands comes a different type of crops you can only plant, given the first image that can be identified as a Cropland, the only plants that you can only grow here are wheat, corn, and sugarcane. In this light, it means that the rarer your land is, the rarer the crops you can produce and the rarer the dishes you can make!

Default lands (Cropland) will also be given to players as a part of the basic necessity to start with the game.

Constructions that can be made within the land are the following: Field, Animal farm, Machine, Storage, Order board, and In-game market. Also, every structure should be occupied by a specific character(Farmer, Cook, Breeder) to produce the resources.

Widi Land 14


As mentioned earlier, every player gets their 1 cropland and 3 default characters (Non-NFT), with this they can start off growing their land by earning off from the activities such as Cultivating, Breeding, Cooking, Collecting items, Trading items, Orders and Daily quests. These activities will help you earn $WSO Token that can be used to build construction, upgrade the machine, or purchase items which we will discuss later on.


You can start off by cultivating your field for the growth of crops.

Step 1: Assign your character with to the field.

Widi Land 15

Step 2: Choose the type of seeds/crops that you want to plant.

Widi Land 16

Step 3: Wait for the crops to grow before you can collect them. As soon as you get the crops, it will automatically go to your storage and the action will give you EXP (Experience) which we will discuss later. Cook and Breeder can take these ingredients to complete their tasks as well.

Widi Land 17

Step 4: By doing the same process, you will eventually gain levels which will unlock new features throughout the game.

Widi Land 18


This will be the same as raising your animals in your farm. You need to appoint a breeder which will then help you feed the animals and harvest the resources after a certain time.

Step 1: Select a character to work at an animal farm.

Widi Land 19

Step 2: You can use the crops that the farmer collected to feed it to your animal farm.

Widi Land 20

Step 3: It will take some time to finish the process. You can check in on the other activities while waiting.

Step 4: As soon as the duration is completed, you can now harvest the milk which we can use for other production process.

Widi Land 21


The same procedure will be done here. We need to assign a character with a cooking job to process and utilize our products into the machine.

Step 1: Assign a character to work at the machine.

Widi Land 23

Step 2: You will need to level up to a certain level to unlock manufacturable items.

Widi Land 24

Step 3: After you have reached the required level, click on the item you want to produce.

Widi Land 25

Step 4: Check the requirements to see if you have completed the required materials for producing the product.

Widi Land 26

Step 5: You can now harvest the items as soon as the time duration finishes.

Widi Land 27

NOTE: Characters with high rarity will greatly reduce the time it takes to finish.

Daily Quest

Widi Land 28

In WidiLand, you have to complete some tasks from the daily quests to gain $WSO which then you can use to upgrade and build your farm. The system will automatically reset every day.


Widi Land 29

A busy day in WidiLand means preparing the necessary provisions for the daily needs of your customers and guests through delivering their order. You will be given an order board which contains their specific request of either resources or food. Completing them gives you more experience which will help you unlock more features in the game as you progress with your level. To make sure you do not miss any order, click on the order board to see your orders and fulfill them.


Achievements are one of the unique features and challenges in the game. By completing them, you will also gain $WSO.

Widi Land 30

Level and Experience

Level is relatively significant to one’s experience of the game. As soon as you climb your level, it further unlocks more interesting features in the game like new Crops, Goods, Machines, Animal farms.

Like other games, EXP (Experience) is the standard basis to increase your level. You can gain a huge amount of EXP through numerous in-game tasks such as: Crop-growing, animal-raising, producing, mining, and so on.

Widi Land 31


Widian levels is one of the most important elements in the game. You can obtain more $WIDI $WSO tokens just by holding your assets in-game. There are 6 levels of Widian in total, remember that every Widian level affects activities such as the Daily Quests, Treasure Farmer, and Repair Spaceship. This means that to be able to earn a large sum of $WSO in those kind of activities, you have to keep in mind that your Widian level must be high.

Widi Land 32
Widi Land 33

How to Calculate WIDIAN Level

To live well on the current planet, the player must own different types of land to grow different crops as well (Note that every land has only 3 different kinds of crops to grow). Characters are also needed for participation in the manufacturing of material wealth. To know your current WIDIAN Level, here’s the formula:

Total Hash Point = Total Character Hash Point + Total Land Hash Point

Widi Land 34

How to Calculate Total Character Hash Point

Each character in WidiLand has a rarity and classification based on job system (Farmer, Breeder or Cook). Character point on the other hand will be shown that comes with a different numbers of Hash Points based on the rarity. That being said, check this formula out:

Total Character Hash Point = Base Character Hash Point + Bonus Character Hash Point

Remember that the Bonus Character Hash Point will be based on the characters you own, see the table below for reference.

Note: You only receive 1 Bonus Hash Point for 1 Job Set (Ex: If you have 2 Farmer Job Set, you only receive 200 Bonus Hash Point for one Farmer Job Set. The second Farmer Job Set is not calculated).

Widi Land 35

Total Land Hash Point

The profusion of land that gives crops to be of used in many aspects of the activities are vital to the current planet you are living in. Being the sole resource of food for the population, the Land Hash Point is the indicator that shows the possible growth of soils.

The Base Land Hash Point indicates the number of how it is only limiting per land.See the number of limitation per land as follows.

Widi Land 36

Being a Legendary owner can also step up your game by gaining Bonus Land Hash Point. The more legendary you have, the more bonus Hash Point you can get. Kindly refer to the table above.

Widi Land 37

Treasure Mechanism

Now who doesn’t love opening treasure right? In WidiLand, treasure comes in two different types, the Character Treasure and the Land Treasure. The Character Treasure may contain 3 NFT Jobs such as Farmer, Breeder, Cook or even Miner (which is available in the future version). The Characters may range from different rarity that can be define as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Widi Land 38

The Land Treasure on the other hand may contain 6 NFT Lands, which are all defined by Cropland, Desert, Dry land, Forest land, Aquatic Land, and Volcanic Land. Same as the Character, Lands have also different kind of rarities, and may also differ from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic to Legendary.

Widi Land 39

How do they distribute Treasure?

The WidiLand Marketplace does not only cater to the NFT Assets but the sale for treasures too! Gamers and Investors are given two stages to get Treasure.

Stage 1: Public sale for everyone. (kindly see the table below for the timeline and turn)

Widi Land 40

Stage 2: Treasure Farmer is introduced, thus, making the treasure available through the second method. However, this has not yet been released.

Widi Land 41

WIDI Locked Staking

Widi Land 42

WidiLand believes that investors who have been part of their journey in making this a reality and turning the whole adventure into a more compact environment for the players will be able to get a high staking rewards.

What is Locked Staking?

Widi Land 43

Locked Staking permits the Widi investors to lock their crypto assets for a fixed period of time and interest rate. WidiLand propose the concise development goals and a particular roadmap, as the game develops into 3 chapters with accordance to 3 packages such as: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3. Locked staking will help the investors to gain passive income with high rate.

Widi Land 43

WidiLand’s Locked Staking rewards:

Locked Staking brings investors and gamers a number of advantages:

  • Generate passive income & increase $WIDI during Staking

Instead of leaving it on exchanges without receiving an increase in the number of $WIDI, you can put in the stake and receive more $WIDI during the staking process

  • Locked Staking gives you Treasure ticket

Besides IGO from WidiLand, the only way to own a Treasure is to join Treasure Farmer. And Treasure tickets are the only instrument to help you participate in Treasure Farmer. You can get them from Locked Staking.

How to join Locked Staking?

Step 1: Click the link: https://app.widiland.com/locked-staking

Widi Land 45

Step 2: Click “Connect Wallet” to continue.

Widi Land 46

Step 3: Choose your package, agree with the terms and conditions then press “Stake” to confirm.

Widi Land 47

Step 4: Put the amount of WIDI you want to stake and press confirm.

Widi Land 48

Step 5: Wallet will appear shortly, then press confirm.

Widi Land 49

Step 6: Click “OK” to complete transaction.

Widi Land 50

Spaceship Repair

Widi Land 51

To earn tokens fast and easy, repairing the spaceship is the way to go! Remember when the Spaceship crashed during their landing in WidiLand? well it got wrecked and needs to be repaired. The reward is divided among each player participating in the Spaceship Repair which will all be based on the percentage of each player’s Hash Point. Here’s how to compute for the number of WIDI that you will eventually receive:

Number of WIDI received = Number of WIDI rewards per day x Your total Hash Point/Total Hash Point of the whole system

However, keep in mind that number of rewards will be progressive, it can be claimed any time when the amount of WIDI claimed is 1 or more. Moreover, the least time interval between 2 claiming turns is 24 hours, and the number of rewards will be based on the daily total server Hash Point(refer to the picture below).

Widi Land 52


Widi Land 53

Not only people can trade in-game products, they can also buy and sell NFT items in the WidiLand marketplace. The publisher may also accumulate them from other participants or the Secondary market. The WidiLand’s marketplace highlights the following:

  • Monetizing game assets

  • Buying, Pricing or Selling NFT Assets

  • Renting or Leasing NFT Assets

  • Bidding NFT Assets

  • Searching and Filtering items

  • Limiting orders


Widi Land 54

The Founding team is made up of 5 brilliant minds. Nguyen Huu An, The CEO, he’s also a former CEO of CleverTube and a winner of Vietnam startup wheel 2018. Moreover, he’s a Top 6 young leaders in digital transformation 2021. Nguyen Thanh Binh, the CPO, also a CEO at DD Solution and former CEO at SpaceShare. The Game owner, Nguyen Nhat Anh also a co-founder and CEO of Angles Studio. Tran Xuan Duc, Founder of RELIPA CO LTD and finally Nguyen Trung Anh, the head of Blockchain Development, a former blockchain developer at Cyber Agent.

Each of the members was able to contribute to making the WidiLand to be one of the most entertaining and relaxing experience while earning. With diverse efforts and expertise in the same field and goal, WidiLand will soon be one of the satisfying DeFi Game that was ever made.

Assets & Ecosystem

Widi Land 55

There are two types of token in WidiLand, the $WSO/$mWSO token, and the $WIDI Token.

The WSO Token (BEP-20 BSC token) or the Widi Soul is the native currency in WidiLand, you can earn it by participating in a various array of activities that are prepared in the game. In addition to, it is a utility token used in building construction, in-game and inflation tokens, upgrading items, lotto games, summon fees etc.

Widi Land 56

$mWSO Token

The $mWSO is the currency used for in-game transactions. Players can change from $WSO to $mWSO following the ratio of 1:1 and use it for buying and building constructions and or trading items in the in-game marketplace.

Widi Land 56

The WIDI token on the other hand is the business token that may be used in Purchasing lands, Characters, items at WidiLand Marketplace (NFT Marketplace), Spaceship repairing, Liquidity farming, or Locked Staking.

Widi Land 57

What is the difference between $WSO and $WIDI?

Widi Land 59

$WSO tokens will act as the utility token of the game where you can use those for in-game purchases like building construction, upgrading machines or items, lotto games, summon fees etc. You can also swap your $WSO tokens to WIDI thru Pancakeswap. Moreover, the total supply of the $WSO tokens is unlimited

$WIDI tokens on the other hand will only be limited to 400,000,000. You can use these business tokens to buy land, characters, treasures or staking it which will yield more tokens and gain more treasure tickets. These tickets can be used to buy treasures at a cheap cost. They will also add more functions of the token in the near future.


Widi Land 60

Partners and backers of the game are AU21 Capital, Oracles Investment Group, Tomo Chain, Dreamboat Capital, ZBS Capital, Lua Ventures, BSC Station, PolkaBridge, LuaStarter, G. Crypto, Nebit Ventures, Idoresearch Ventures, Alphamoon Capital, Angles game studio, RedHat, Wildcat Venture, DD Solution, Hiraya Verse, Vendil Gaming Guild, and many more.

How to get started

Widi Land 61

First off, you need to create a Metamask account for your cryptowallet.

Once you’re done creating and installing the Metamask, you can go directly to the WidiLand website and click ‘Setup game account’

Widi Land 61

In the account settings, fill out the information and click Save Account.

Widi Land 62

Click the ‘Play Game’ to start playing. You can try out the game for free.

Widi Land 63
Widi Land 65

Finally we’re done! You can now start farming and enjoy the relaxing environment of the WidiLand.