War Legends - Conquer the Battlefield and Dominate History with WW2 MOBA

GameGameWar Legends
DateDate28 Feb 2023

War Legends - War Legends is a military themed, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game and metaverse built on blockchain technology for PC and mobile gaming. We’ve held over 100 tournaments with partners like Blockchainspace, IndiGG and Seedify. Imagine WW2 never ended, it only just evolved. 


War Legends is a military-themed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by Playchain, built on Polygon, that marks the first release of an entire war ecosystem. War Legends is a Free-To-Play game that saves the hassle of players. Players need not connect their wallets to start playing and earning through our in-game economy. 

Players fight against each other in various war scenarios based on the historical WW2 battles of Normandy, East front, North Africa Campaign and Pacific. The game will become a unified war zone world that features additional functionalities, including LAND ownership, the ability to earn cryptocurrency through tournaments, trade tanks and in-game assets on the marketplace and much more.

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Players join teams to work together and participate in 4v4 Tank MOBA battles, using various destructive and creative tank builds and team combinations. The ultimate aim is to use strategic planning and teamwork to create the perfect balance between offensive and defensive tactics to take out your enemy base before they take yours.

Battle commences when minions leave their posts in an attempt to breach enemy territory and take out structures in their way. The target is to take out enemy generators to receive more powerful minions and discover powerups hidden on the map that can dictate who the aggressor is.

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Assets & Ecosystem

In-Game Economy

War legends feature various ways to earn crypto and assets through its in-game economy, meaning players are able to generate income whilst experiencing incredible gameplay.

These assets include the War Legends token $WAR, earned by taking part in battles and can then be used to purchase assets, including loot boxes. In addition, players can also earn “Upgrade Kits” for completing missions which are used to upgrade the tier of your Heroes, Tanks and Abilities. Moreover, players can earn collectables such as Heroes, Tanks and Abilities, which can then be used in gameplay or traded for profit through the game’s own marketplace.

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NFTs and Marketplace

War Legends feature three main types of collectables that can be earned through gameplay. These include NFT Heroes, NFT Tanks, and NFT Ability Cards, which players are able to trade on the War Legends marketplace.

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There are millions of combinations for players to customise their characters and teams ready for battle. Play starts with players choosing one tank, one Hero and five abilities. Players must choose wisely as some tanks are built for speed and some to take damage, plus some Heroes come with passive abilities which can determine which other abilities players are able to equip.

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The War legends team at Playchain studios is made up of gaming veterans with decades of combined experience in building games on top of Web3 experience.

Miguel Angel - CEO The CEO of War Legends has shipped more than 25 games over the last 30 years on almost all platforms imaginable. This experience is being put to use in all aspects of War Legends, leading the team to victory.

Daniel Johnsen - CCO Johnsen has over a decade of experience in 3D and game design, with 20 shipped game titles under his belt, which collectively have over 4 billion installs, leading him to gain advanced knowledge of building video games.

Juan Carlos - CFO Carlos is a highly experienced financial and company department director who has also previously worked with REAL.markets and has an impressive Web2 background.


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How to Get Started

To create an account, the first thing you have to do is to go to their market page. Once there, you will find the following option at the top right-hand side: Login/Sign up

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Click on Sign Up and fill up all your information

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Yay! You already have your War Legends account created! Now all you need to do, is download the game and start playing!


War Legends is a war-themed MOBA game that allows you to immerse yourself in exciting gameplay and strategies. We are still in the beta stage of development, but the game is fully functional and we are gaining daily traction with our player base. Join us in epic battles and make yourself a legend.