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Town Star

GameGameTown Star
DateDate07 Feb 2022


Town Star is a F2P competitive and continuously evolving farming P2E game. The goal is to grow, gather and craft your way to building the most efficient and productive town imaginable. The game might fools you with its cute and cartoonish graphic style, but as you get in you will notice the depth of strategies involved in striving to be a Town Star. I personally sees this game very akin to a RTS game, and a solid entertaining one at that.

The basic goal in the game is to build a sustainable production chains that the banks will keep on rolling in. However, given the various types of products available, each with different production methods and requirements, the town possibility is endless. You might want to be a rancher one time, and a cake-maker the next.

What makes Town Star unique is the cycle system which they adopts. It is a system where every week/month (depends on server chosen), the entire world is reset from scratch. This means you are more than encouraged to always try a new town build especially with the changing metas, so its less likely to cause burnout from doing the same thing repeatedly. This also means even newer players wont be too behind in term of town development. For the veterans, they are equipped with profound experiences so they do have an advantage.


The game starts by having you choose the location you want to start your town in. There are various biomes type such as Plains, Forest, Mountains. A good starting location for the beginners would be the Forest as its lush in resources.

townstar 1
townstar 2

Starting buildings:

  • Trade Depot

  • Fuel Storage

  • Silo

  • Farm House

  • Well

  • Two Wheat Fields

Initial inventory:

  • 40 Gasoline

  • 10 Wheat

  • $25,000

Using this resources you are pretty much free to develop your town as you like, however there are a few points to keep in mind.

townstar 3

Your workers won’t work for free obviously and demands payment every 1 in real life minutes. If you don’t have enough resources to pay them then they will stop anything they are doing and refuse to work till paid. So to earn money you will need to sell stuffs.

townstar 4

Remember the initial 40 gasolines? Without them you wont be able to ship out your products, and thus unable to earn more money to pay your workers. This will mean the end of your town development. Thus players usually stick to a few efficient build order to quickly establish a self-sustaining gasoline production chain. You can take your time to figure it out, or you can refer to various nice builds online, for example here.

After passing the first imminent death milestone, feel free to branch out and try various strategies to expand your town! Experimenting with various build is the best part of the game, and who knows, you might just discover the golden build yet to be known!

How to get started?

The game is F2P, so anyone can starts playing in as soon as 3 minutes! (Tried and True XD)

First, you would need a Gala Games account if you haven’t got one. Simply go to their official website here and press the register buttons. Fill in the typical account registration form and verify your email address.

Then, they will prompt to create a wallet for you, so make sure to write down the seed phrases on a nice paper and keep it somewhere safe. They are the key to your earnings after all.

You are now good to go! Go to their game section and press Play for Town Star. The game will launch and you can jump in straight away.

The P2E Aspects

Town Star is a great game, and the P2E aspects makes it way better! There are 2 main way of earning their tokens which is Gala Token ($0.32) and Town Coins ($0.52) as of writing time.

townstar 5

In starting your game, you would first choose a server. The play-to-earn server use a monthly cycle. There’s no leaderboard rewards here but you can earn by placing NFTs in your town and doing daily missions. The amount you can earn daily is affected by your Gala Power level. Your Gala Power level also determines how many NFTs placed will contribute to your earning. For example, with a Gala Power of level 3 and 6 NFTs placed, only 3 NFTs will be counted.

townstar 6

If you are feeling more competitive, you can join the Weekly Competition server, which as the name implies, adopt the weekly cycle. Those who tops the leaderboard will be awarded sweet Gala tokens, currently at these rates.

townstar 7

For more info on the play-to-earn aspects, you can refer here.

Despite being F2P, there is always some sweet benefits in owning some NFTs to start your journey with especially to boost your daily income.

How to purchase Gala and NFTs

  • Purchase Gala. Binance, OKEX, Kucoin,, Sushiswap and Uniswap are some of the exchanges that list Gala for purchase. Simply purchase your desired amount and send it from the exchange wallet to your Gala account wallet!

  • To get your Gala wallet address, go to your inventory, then click on GALA (ETH). Once there, click on the ‘Get Gala’ button underneath your shown balance to get your address, then send the Gala you purchased from your choice of exchange to that address via the Ethereum network.

    Be aware that there will be a transaction fee, so make sure you send the amount of Gala you want to hold + the transaction fee, or you may not have enough Gala and will have to make another transaction which means even more fees!

For more in-depth information on how Gala Power level is calculated and other specifics, check out the Gala Games official blog.

The Team: Gala Games

townstar 8

Gala currently consists of a team of 90+ members, with approximately 1.3 million monthly active users across the ecosystem, and a growing NFT market that has sold 23k NFTs as of time of writing, the most expensive NFT going for 3 million dollars.

Town Star is Gala’s first game release, and 4 more games are currently in development. Mirandus, a fantasy RPG; Spider tanks, a PvP arena brawler; Fortified, a tower defence game and Echoes of Empire, an RTS.

Eric Schiermeyer is the founder of Gala Games; he was also the co-founder of the well-known Zynga Games development team. Previously, he was also the Chief Technology Officer of MySpace.

Next we have T. Elliot Cannon, the Director of Town Star. With decades of experience behind him in the mainstream gaming industry, T. Elliot Cannon is one of the latest MVPs to be brought into the Gala Games full time team. Mr. Cannon was one of the original designers at Epic Games in the mid 90s, and he has worked on titles like UnrealCrysisKilling Floor and Doom. He is a multi-talented writer, director and designer with a versatile set of invaluable skills, which are already being put to use by Gala Games. Mr. Cannon’s current position at Gala Games is Town Star Director. (Jul, 2021, BTC Peers)


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Gala has no shortage of partners backing their projects, and just this year managed to receive funding from the Binance Smart Chain $100 million Accelerator Fund.

They are partnered with Polygon, the protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, as well as Brave, one of the most popular upcoming internet browsers focused on privacy and efficiency.

Other notable partners include Bitrue — a cryptocurrency management platform, Mazer Gaming — a professional esports and entertainment gaming organization, and Flare — the first Turing complete Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) Network.

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