The Seed Collector - FPS, a post-apocalyptic zombie survival, scavenger hunt

GameGameThe Seed Collector
DateDate10 May 2022

The Seed Collector is a Survival Based, First Person Shooter that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. You will start off as a detective where you fight your way through hordes of zombies, race against other players to solve clues and puzzles, and extract seed phrases for real world prizes. 


The Seed Collector is a Survival FPS where you will start in a post-apocalyptic world. The game will start with a character named “Jax” that comes back after his two-month vacation only to discover that a virus has decimated the world, leading to the collapse of traditional banking institutions and global currencies, leaving cryptocurrencies as the only financial system left in place.

Thus, the agency "Seed Phrase Recovery Unit"(SPRU) was formed, where you were hired as a detective to help retrieve client's lost recovery phrases to unlock the characters wallet and extract the crypto.

Moreover, the setup of the game contains a dynamic weather system which then players will have to deal with day and night cycles including storms. 

The Seed Collector 1


There are no confirmed details regarding the released dates of what’s indicated on their roadmap. However the team is striving to finalize this information which will be released soon. 

The Seed Collector 3


The game offers seasonal events where there will be three episodes in each season. You will start off by having 3 items in your inventory:

  • Smartphone - this will be your item to used for scanning QR and a built-in crypto wallet

  • Flashlight - used as a light source outdoors or in darker places since the game has a dynamic weather system.

  • Battery - used to refill your flashlights battery.

The Seed Collector 4

The goal of the game is to investigate along each episode, you can decide to kill zombies, find and solve clues, or hunt for easter eggs. After doing those, you will be rewarded with a QR code which you can use the smartphone to scan and send the crypto to your personal wallet. 

NOTE: Players will be required to hold at least $100 worth of “WORDS” tokens. Players can sell their tokens anytime, however, they will not be able to claim the prizes in-game if their balance drops below $100 USD.

The Seed Collector 5

Team and Partnerships

The game is developed by Hold 2 Play labs where the team is doxxed and consists of 4 members which all have prior experience in the crypto industry. 

As of this writing, we have not yet confirmed any information regarding their partners/backers.

The Seed Collector 6

Assets and Ecosystem

Through the use of web3 technology and Tobin taxes, the team have created a system that allows for a perpetual P2E prize wallet. 

The team's target is to release multiple episodes per season which then they will use the 50% of the prize wallet and 50% of the marketing wallet per episode to ensure budget and sustainability.

$WORDS - This will be the native currency of the game.

The Seed Collector 7

How to get started

We have not much to do in the game yet since it is still on the Demo version. However, you may want to follow them on their telegram and discord channel to get more updates on how to buy their token and to join their presale.


If you love to play post-apocalyptic type of games where you need investigative skills, or great thought and preparations to survive then you might want to try this game out. Also, don’t forget to always research the NFT projects that you will be getting into as you don’t want to lose your hard earned money investing on the wrong platform. 

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