TCG World - The future is here! Earn, play, and make new friends

GameGameTCG World
DateDate09 May 2022

Play. Collect. Trade & Dream. A cross-chain play-to-earn MMORPG metaverse game powered by the Binance Smart Chain. TCG World brings the concept of play-to-earn to an all-encompassing metaverse. Buy land, collect rare creatures, battle with your evolved creature against other players and earn passive income in numerous ways. Is TCG World the new competitor to giants like Decentraland and The Sandbox?


TCG World is a free to play MMORPG play-to-earn game build on the Binance Smart Chain where you can trade, receive rewards in numerous ways and make your dreams come true. Take part in social activities, collect rare NFTs that you can trade and build your dream house or even start a new online business on your favorite piece of land. 

Owning land in the metaverse combined with the game effect like Axie Infinity. This digital world is the playground for every player, the possibilities in this new play-to-earn game are endless:

  • Open world exploration

  • Player-controlled economy

  • MMORPG Play-to-earn

  • Breed, tame and trade NFT-creatures

  • Land ownership and buildings

The game

The metaverse in TCG World is much more than just owning or trading digital real-estate properties. It’s an all-round digital virtual world where players can invest in real estate, but also where players can train and even breed all sorts of creatures. All these different elements come together in this dynamic world where you can earn a passive income in different ways.

Metaverse real-estate

TCG World offers over 800 km² virtual land with 100,000 unique plots. Players can buy and own customizable regional plots where they can build whatever they want.


These lands are located in one of the four in-game regions. Every region offers different kinds of rewards. Thus, creatures grow faster in the Forest, but you have more chance of catching creatures in the Asia-area.

  • North

  • East

  • Asia

  • Forest

In addition, you can invest in farming land. These virtual lands are more expensive, but offer you a unique opportunity to farm your tokens. These farming lands are placed randomly throughout the districts mentioned above. Although TCG World is not live yet, a lot of plots are nearly sold out.




In this Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) players are rewarded for their activities and their presence in the game. The more you are involved, the more rewards you will receive. Go to social events, visit museums, or even go to a theme park. And you want to impress other players? Arrive in style with your own Lamborghini.

As you explore the world of TCG World, you may just discover a variety of different creatures. Catch them, tame them, and claim them as your own Pokemon-like pet. Train your creature, compete with other players and earn extra rewards. Feel free to have a look at the official trailer here. Be ready to be amazed!

Is your creature the star player of TCG World? Trade him on the integrated NFT-marketplace and earn big money. A portion of the in-game transaction fees will be distributed in the liquidity pools, so you can maximize your in-game profits. 



Founder & CEO of TCG World is David Evans, a Dutch entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in National Security and a specialist in Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has worked for governments and banks and decided in 2021 he wants to use all this experience to combine play-to-earn and Metaverse into one all-round virtual world, accessible for anyone.

He is joined by 3 developers from the Czech company BlockCzech, led by Stepan Sidorov. BlockCzech focuses on building bridges between the gaming industry and blockchain ecosystems. In addition to being CEO of his own gaming studio Matrix Creators, Stepan is also Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at TCG World



TCG World has more than 20 different partners worldwide. The best known is NFTb, one of the largest NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain. But also, DeFi & NFT expert Crypto Mom and She's Blockchain Savvy, a blockchain educator and crypto enthusiast, are official partners. But also, Whitebit, one of the leading crypto exchanges in Europe, is a partner of TCG World. Community is one of their core values and based on their partners, they already have a lot of communities supporting them.


Assets & Ecosystem

The divers TCG World is designed around the governance token TCGCoin 2.0. The dual world between the metaverse and the play-to-earn mechanism are both realized through the use of the native token TCGCoin 2.0. Avatars and land are purchased with Binance Coin (BNB), the Binance Smart Chain's own currency. However, all rewards obtained from these plots are paid out in the native token of TCG World, TCG2.0-token.

These building sites can then be used to build houses, flats or office buildings. Sell or rent these properties, provide advertisers and create a whole new economy. Your world, your rules. The integrated NFT-marketplace is the cornerstone of this metaverse. Here you can sell and trade lands that may or may not bring you more rewards.

Buy in-game assets, explore this digital world, train creatures and compete with other players. For all these activities, you will receive TCG2.0-tokens. Use these earned tokens in one of the metaverse farming lands to obtain a great yield and compound your way through TCG World.

TCG World has a total supply of 280 million tokens, which are allocated according to the following schedule. They want to build a solid community and decide to redistribute 44% of the total amount of tokens back to the holders. This by giving players numerous rewards and the ability to farm these rewards for higher yields.

TCG World is an interoperable cross-chain game where you can seamlessly swap tokens to different networks. Thanks to the integrated swap on their platform, you can trade tokens to the following blockchains:

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • TomoChain

  • HECO

  • Celo

  • POA Network

  • Avalanche

TCG - Trading Card Game

TCG World has its own Trading Card Game where you can trade numerous real-world collectibles as well as virtual NFT’s. They all share the same token, which creates the connection between the metaverse of TCG World and the TCG Trading platform. Buy or sell your favorite card in TCGCoin 2.0-tokens.

Cross-chain swap

How to get started

Step 1: Create an account

Unlike other metaverse protocols, TCG World requires you to create an account first. This is an additional security for all players. No further KYC is required. 

Step2: Sufficient balance

Get enough BNB-tokens in your wallet, so you can buy your first virtual piece of land. In your personal account, you get direct access to the integrated NFT-marketplace and an overview of all your in-game assets. Once logged in, you can connect Metamask or Wallet Connect and you are ready to conquer TCG World.

Step 3: Buy land

Visit the NFT-marketplace to buy your first piece of digital land. Check the map and decide which land you want to buy.

Step 4: Explore TCG World

Explore this new world, make new friends, train your creatures, but most of all: have fun!


The team is working hard for this new largest open world Metaverse NFT-platform. They have an impressive roadmap that they are updating in a timely manner. We can't wait to see what the future of TCG World will be. Is this all-in-one metaverse the future?


TCG World is the latest form of a metaverse that provides full integration of the play-to-earn principle. The team wants to build a community for everyone. Buy virtual land, build houses, go to online events and build a network. And for all those gamers out there? Play while doing it! Bread, tame and educate your favorite creatures and conquer your opponents. Explore this whole new virtual world with endless possibilities, and the best thing? Earn money while having fun!