Synergy Land - An ARPG Hack and slash

GameGameSynergy Land
DateDate05 Aug 2022

A fantasy realm with four distinct aspects is the setting for Synergy Land. It is a play-to-earn blockchain-based multiplayer ARPG, hack and slash. Prepare yourself for an adventure, as Synergy Land provides a fantasy environment where you may go dungeon-crawling for NFT riches and fight legions of enemies and bosses. Do you like upgrading your weapons and armor? Then, gather the necessary materials and craft those powerful NFT items throughout the game! You can also breed your pet, purchase your own island, and create and customize your heroes to fit your play style.


You, as an adventurer, will choose your own path to become one of the most powerful Synergians in the game. Travel to the fantasy world of Synergy Lands, which is divided into four kinds of elements: 

  • Fire

  • Ice

  • Earth

  • Water

Select your favourite type of hero and immerse yourself in a world that is filled with uncertainty, challenges, and adventure. As you slowly unravel the mysteries of the world, you and your party of four will fight your way against very powerful creatures that are lurking in the dungeons using a set of weapons and different kinds of magic spells. Fortune awaits at the end of every dungeon. Do you have what it takes?

Synergy Land is a NFT play-to-earn multiplayer cross-platform ARPG built on the Solana blockchain. Moreover, the game is created and published by Synergy Games

The game has a unique battle and spell system that allows players to mix different elements that will create a new kind of effect. That new effect can be either beneficial or harmful to the caster or the opponent. In addition, the game is inspired by popular games, such as Diablo and Path of Exile, which both excel when it comes to action role-playing games.


Synergy Land 2

Synergy Land provides an immersive 3D-world to explore. There is a variety of classes to choose from. And each class has its own unique features. You can configure each class to suit your play style. You can also combine your skills to create different effects, which is a unique concept for any action role-playing game.

The importance of teamwork and strategy cannot be overstated! With a group of four players, you'll fight through a variety of enemies, solve puzzles and riddles, and take on bosses to acquire treasure and wealth. Furthermore, the dungeons can be customized to your own level of difficulty and randomized each time you play to ensure fresh perspectives and NFT rewards. A higher difficulty level will result in a larger drop rate as well as special NFT drops.

A stamina mechanism is used in the game to limit the amount of times one player can enter a dungeon. Furthermore, any member of the team who dies throughout the dungeon will be permanently lost during the current dungeon run, making the game more difficult. Playing as a team and employing methods will undoubtedly boost your chances of completing dungeons.

Synergy Land 3

Players vs Players (PvP)

Take over the arena in action-packed battles that do not involve targeting combat systems. Pick your hero and pet, and play with friends or by yourself. Learn to use your skills well and work with your teammates to find new abilities and powerful combos.

Breeding Pets

Synergy Land 4

In addition, the game includes functions such as acquiring and breeding pets. Train your pet to improve its powers and stats, so that when it reaches adulthood, it can assist you in your adventures as a friendly battle partner.

Private Island

Synergy Land 5

Finally, owning a private island will be one of the most important aspects of the game, as you will be able to build structures and gain resources that will assist you in upgrading your equipment, crafting or creating powerful NFT items, or selling them for a profit. Click here for additional information on private islands.


Synergy Land 6

The most powerful items in the game are made through crafting, except for very rare items found in dungeon loot and a limited number of NFTs (like characters, bosses, pets, and stations) that were added to the game through presales.


Synergy Land 7a

Since the game is freshly being developed, there will be a Synergian Badge NFT Sale that will be happening this July 2022. Information regarding this will be announced soon, so stay tuned on their discord. The team aims to release the game in Q4 2022.

Team and Partnerships

Synergy Land 8a

Synergy Games is  a new game publisher founded by specialists with more than 15 years of expertise in the video game industry. The team has also worked for well-known firms such as Ubisoft, Konami, Nintendo, Riot Games, and many more. 

Additionally, they have extensive experience with AAA games, which they intend to apply to the blockchain in order to increase the quality of NFT games on the metaverse.

Synergy Land 9a

Synergy Land has more than 20 different partners and investors worldwide. On top of that, communities in their discord are very supportive and active in the project. 

List of the current investors and partners of the game are:

Assets & Ecosystem

Synergy Land 10a

The team is working on a method to safeguard the value of their governance token, which will include a number of deflationary mechanisms:

The game's long-term goal is to be completely independent and governed by decentralized governance. Players and investors will vote and regulate the ecosystem, increasing decentralization day by day and being in charge of adding new features to the game.


This will be the governance token of the game. Players can obtain $SNG by finishing special events in the game. In addition, token holders can participate in the future governance votes of the game. 

$ACN (Ancient coins) 

Will be the secondary and the utility token, which is designed as an in-game reward currency. You can earn these tokens through finishing quests and dungeons. The total max supply is not fixed, but is regulated by burning mechanisms. Moreover, this will be required for purchasing NFT items in their in-game marketplace.

Note: $SNG will be required for marketplace purchases and will also have a fixed supply.

How to get started

At the time of writing this article, there is not much to do since the game has not yet been released. However, you can start off by buying the Synergian Badges in the following secondary market in preparation for the game release.

Opensea - click here

Fractal - click here

ME - click here

Solanart - click here

Coral Cube - click here

You can also join Synergy Land discord channel (under useful links) to get more information and stay updated on their project.


Overall, the game is packed with action, exploring the world of endless dungeons, crafting NFT equipment and owning pets making the game quite interesting for players who love ARPG type of games while earning. At the end of the day, always do your own diligence when investing in NFT games to protect your hard-earned money from malicious projects.