Sunflower Land - Play 2 Own Farming Game

GameGameSunflower Land
DateDate05 Oct 2022

Farm, chop, mine, craft, and raise animals. Do whatever it takes to create your farming empire. Sunflower Land is a play-and-own farming game where you own all the in-game assets as NFTs. You must plant, harvest, chop, mine, and collect all the ingredients needed to mint your NFT. Hard work is required!

The Polygon-based game reflects a real-life economy. It uses supply and demand to determine the prices of all assets. The scarcer the resource, the more valuable it becomes. Become a virtual farm and start earning today! Watch their step-by-step videos here.


Sunflower Land attempts to recreate the conditions of a real-life market economy. Supply and demand drive every in-game aspect. Some resources will be more scarce and more valuable than others.

The use of a halving mechanism attempts to reflect the real-world supply and demand.

Sunflower Land mirrors the real world of farming. You need tools to harvest your land, resources to feed your animals, and ingredients to make your dishes. Buy, sell and trade all these resources, tools, and products. 

Sunflower Land highlights the differences between humans and goblins. Humans centralize by nature, and Goblins follow different rules. Humans follow strict rules. It represents all the off-chain gameplay:

  • Farming

  • Minting

  • Raising Animals

  • Chopping Wood

  • Craft items

  • Explore & collect resources

Goblins are all about decentralized protocols:

  • Minting is items & NFTs

  • Liquidity Pools

  • Withdrawing/Depositing

  • Resource trading

Sunflower Land 1


Sunflower Land is a low barrier to entry ($5). You start the game with a plot of land. After signing up, you can mint your own piece of land, which you can build up from the ground. Collect the right in-game assets or buy the necessary tools to progress.

Everything you collect throughout Sunflower Land is an NFT. To craft an NFT, you must plant, harvest, chop, mine, fish, and gather all the ingredients needed. Hard work is required to succeed!

Crop farming

A farmer knows everything starts with a good harvest. Farm crops and collect resources to mint rare in-game items. Sell your produce for the native token $SFL, or use crops to craft recipes. The natural supply and demand determine the price of these NFTs.

Different crops are:

  • Sunflower

  • Potato

  • Pumpkin

  • Carrot

  • Cabbage

  • Beetroot.

Other recipes are:

  • Pumpkin Soup

  • Sauerkraut

  • Roast Cauliflower

  • Radish Pie

Sunflower Land 2

Raising Animals

Become an animal farmer and take care of your animals. Would you instead raise chickens, cows, fish, or bees? Every animal is essential for the food chain supply. Cows give milk, chickens provide eggs, and bees produce honey. Like the real-life economy, these animals need food. Buy the right food, so your animals can give you eggs, milk, or honey. You can then sell these in-game items.

Sunflower Land 3

Resource Gathering

Being a farmer is more accessible when you have the right tools. It saves you time, and you can harvest even more. Sunflower Land has different devices which help you farm more efficiently. Every tool has a specific use case:

  • Axe

  • Fishing Rod

  • Hammer

Assets & Ecosystem


The native currency of Sunflower Lands is the SFL token. It has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 tokens. You use $SFL for all the in-game purchases and trades in the in-game marketplace. There is a halving event to re-evaluate the prices of an in-game asset. The halving event is to mirror a real-world economy.

NFT land

It all starts with minting your own NFT land. This plot of land is accessible to mint and is the backbone of Sunflower Land. Although the game consists of 150+ tradable in-game NFTs, your land is not one of them. You cannot sell your land on the secondary market. If you do, a smart contract will destroy your land.

Halving Event

As more people farm and the overall supply increases, the rewards decrease. A classic example of natural supply and demand. This means that early players will receive more rewards for harvesting. These rewards are based on the total supply of the token. The more tokens in supply, the lower the rewards in SFL.

Sunflower Land 4

In-game marketplace 

Sunflower Land has an in-game marketplace, the Goblin village. The game supports more than 150+ different NFTs and collectibles. You can sell every crop you harvest or piece of wood you chop on the in-game marketplace. Use your well-earned SFL tokens to purchase in-game items like animals, food, and tools. This helps you progress faster in the game.

Although the token becomes more scarce, all NFTs keep their price. These SFL tokens are sent to a burn address when you craft an item. Items will become harder to acquire over time, ensuring the token's demand.

Wishing Well

Provides liquidity and receives rewards. Players will pay a specific tax when they withdraw tokens from their farm. Part of this amount is sent to the ‘Wishing Well.’ This play mechanism rewards players for their loyalty. 

Sunflower Land 5


Sunflower Land is produced by Thought Farm Pty Ltd, a Sydney-based gaming company. Their goal is to build the #1 play-to-own game. 

Adam Hannigan: CEO & Co-Founder

Adam graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney as a Game Developer and Game Designer. As a former Senior Engineering Team Lead for a software company, he founded Thought Farm Pty Ltd in January 2022.

Spencer Dezart-Smith: Founding Engineer & Ex Dairy Farmer

As a Certified Scrum Master, Spencer knows the drill of Software Engineering. Not only is he a founding engineer and UX expert, but he also is a chicken specialist. Spencer knows how the farming industry works and uses his knowledge and experience in the development of Sunflower Land.

Romulo (Romy) Furtado

Founding Engineer, Musician & Chief of Team Goblin

Graig Gray: CTO

Graig graduated as a Computer Engineer and worked for big names like Vodafone and Amazon Web Services. Being passionate about emerging technologies and Web3, he became Chief Technology Officer of Sunflower Lands.

Sunflower Land 6

How to get started

Watch their official video on how to get started:

  • How to get Sunflower Land

  • Farm Tour

  • How to Farm

  • Resources Explained

  • General Strategy

  • Scheduling

  • Plants vs. Animals

  • Optimize your gameplay

  • Find your style


Sunland Flowers reflects the real-world economy of the farming industry. A natural demand and supply determine the prices of in-game assets. To harvest, you need the right resources and tools. Plant, harvest, chop, mine, and build your farming empire. Sunland Flowers has a wide variety of in-game NFTs that are all tradable. Are you ready for this virtual economy? Do you have what it takes to be a successful farmer? Discover Sunland Flowers!