Stormrite - Unravel the dark secrets of the mysterious kingdom of Redreach

DateDate19 May 2022

Set in the grim, medieval kingdom of Redreach, Stormrite is a forthcoming open-world action-RPG with similarities to other popular open-world RPG games like The Witcher and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Begin your adventure as a young squire in a small village torn apart by an ancient conflict. Discover the Stormrites' mysteries while encountering a variety of fascinating characters from all kinds of backgrounds and forging allies along the way.

All quest lines include various endings and a character tree that allows you to alter your interactions with the environment and its inhabitants, so no two playthroughs of Stormrite will ever be exactly alike. With only PC, Xbox, and an upcoming (to be revealed) platform, this magnificent new game will take you to Redreach, a medieval realm full of fantasy and mystery.


As you journey around Redreach's vast open world in Stormrite, you'll learn the trades and skills of the characters you will encounter and discover fascinating locations and cultures. There are many places to explore in Redreach, and each one has its own legends and stories. Starting in Silverhorn, a small mining village besieged by bandits attempting to seize control of the nearby silver mines, you'll learn the ropes of the game. This bandit siege will lead you to uncover terrible secrets about the village and its people, as well as their connection to the Stormrites. Your character will become intertwined in the Stormrites' plot, and you may be forced to save the kingdom from their terror.

Stormrite's branching skill trees allow you to personalize your character. For each combat, you can customize your loadout with a selection of spells, weapons, and equipment. Your character's specialization grows with each level of the skill tree, and the choices you've made thus far influence the path you'll take later.

Stormrite 2


The Stormrite's roadmap appears to be simple and straightforward, but we don't yet know all of the game's underlying features that could entice us to play. So, for the time being, walk with us and discover what more we should discover about the secrets of Stormrite. 

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Stormrite is a third-personsingle-player game. This action-adventure game lets players travel on exciting quests, explore the Redreach realm, and defeat their opponents with a variety of weapons and fighting abilities. Meleeranged, and magic is the three main fighting styles. You have several weapon and combat style options under each of these three categories. Ranged players, for example, can pick between a standard bow and arrow loadout, a clumsy but deadly crossbow loadout, or a hybrid melee-ranged loadout combining agility, daggers, and throwing knives.

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Magic users have the option of casting spells that directly affect their opponents, summoning allies to fight alongside them, or manipulating the very fabric of the world around them. To further enhance battle choices, players can even fire at each other with their own spells.

With five distinct fighting styles and a slew of skills at their disposal (and more on the way), melee players have a plethora of options when it comes to winning matches.

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Stormrite will also feature a companion system, allowing players to bring along partners on their journeys to battle with them, either backing them from behind or absorbing all the attention while inflicting harm. Each traveling companion will have its own unique history, and players will be able to level up their companions as they go on adventures with them. Once they're dead, however, they're gone for good!

Additionally, Stormrite has plans to incorporate a variety of additional interesting gameplay aspects, such as stealth and feats. Stormrite's development team has also chosen to use cosmetic non-fungible tokens (NFTs)—skins that are actually owned by players—to further enrich its magic combat and single-player adventures. Players can collect a range of cosmetic commodities as limited-edition NFTs and use them to personalize their characters and weapon skins in-game – and trade them freely on the open market. 

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Team and Partnerships


The Stormrite team is composed of four independent developers from around the world, with expertise in a variety of areas of game development. Kelechi Apakama, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is the founder and chief developer of Stormrite. Stormrite was first a solo effort by Apakama, but he was soon joined by three outstanding individuals, including Kim Niemann, an Australian-based Lead Artist, and 3D designer. The American 2D Artist/Concept Artist is Joshua Castillo, while the New Zealander Game Character Artist is Alex Ogrodowczyk.

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Stormrite partnered with Enjin because Enjin's technologies enable developers of all sizes to integrate NFTs in novel ways. They also chose Enjin as a partner because of Enjin's reputation in the area of gaming NFTs. They are also attempting to demonstrate that NFTs and games do not have to be "cash grabs" that prioritize blockchain over player enjoyment.

They are also committed to reducing carbon emissions from NFTs, and they hope to show that NFTs can be offered on the side without hurting the environment or traditional gaming.

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Assets & Ecosystem

Enjin's platform will be used by the team to produce three new Stormrite NFTs each month! As long as the asset is owned by the player, these NFTs can be repurposed as many times as desired.

Tormented Crystal

If you listen closely enough, you may hear the wailing of those locked inside this enigmatic artifact, which is infused with the sorrow of 1000 tormented souls.

Stormrite 9

Umbra's Edge

The souls of all those who have died at the hands of this blade remain locked inside until the wielder of the weapon dies. You can feel the pain the blade has inflicted on those it has imprisoned while holding it, serving as a continual warning to stay on the right side of it.


Tyrrkir, conceived from the void, only associates with people deserving of the Stormrites' strength, and once familiarized with its master, will protect them with its own life.

Stormrite 11

With Enjin's integration, players will be able to redeem them in-game for an item, which will then be added to their in-game inventory. This item can be used on an appropriate sort of item to alter the look of the player's item or companion without impacting its stats. For as long as the player owns the NFT in their Enjin wallet, they can apply it to as many items as they want, meaning they can utilize it at any time in the game without having to worry about what would happen if they come across a better item. As a result of this, the NFTs have no effect on gameplay, and the game can be enjoyed by everyone.

Then they can sell their NFT on Enjin's marketplace to recoup their investment (or perhaps profit from it) and start over with another one. 

According to their website: Please be aware that while certain goods are labeled as NFTs and others are listed as FTs, they will all work identically in-game. This is solely due to the fact that EnjinX does not currently allow bulk listing of products, and the team cannot list vast amounts of assets separately.

How to get started

To begin with, as stated in their discord channel, Stormrite will not require gamers to create a wallet or purchase any currency. While they're playing, they won't even have to know anything about NFTs or cryptocurrency. Stormrite does not have and will not have its own cryptocurrency, and players will be unable to trade, earn, or purchase cryptocurrency in any way while playing the game. The game is not and will never be a "play-to-earn" game. Enjin's carbon-negative JumpNet network is the only way for the game to have a connection with the blockchain, delivering only cosmetic, non-gameplay items.

They're available on the EnjinX marketplace, and to see a detailed description of how they'll work as well as purchase links, you can click here.

Here's also a link on how to set up an Enjin wallet. If you still do not have one, click here.

Aside from the information that gamers can already purchase NFT—if they so choose, there is currently nothing further we can do regarding how to get started with the game. We'll have to wait for more updates and announcements about their game on their social media platforms and websites. It may be frustrating to wait, but because the civilization shown in the game's captivating gifs is intriguing, the frustration will be swept away.

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For those who don't want to become engaged with NFTs at all, Stormrite provides a purely traditional gameplay experience.

And it's incredible that it's like a star that shines in its unique brilliance owing to its distinctive ambition and approach to gamers and to the world of games, which is currently dominated by cryptocurrency games.