StepN - Your steps are worth more than you think! Earn 2 Move

DateDate24 May 2022

StepN is a Move-To-Earn Mobile Game built on Solana's blockchain where players earn money for being physically active. StepN is a Web3 lifestyle application that combines SocialFi and GameFi to introduce Move-2-Earn. Buy your digital sneakers in the form of an NFT and start your physical activity. StepN aims to reduce global carbon emissions. Walk, jog, or run outdoors and get rewarded in GST-tokens; the in-game token.


Blockchain and crypto are doing everything they can to gain more adoption from the public. In addition to the principle of play-to-earn (P2E), which led many gamers to blockchain games, we are now introduced to Move2Earn (M2E). 

Globally, there is a big health issue. Large numbers of people are overweight, which causes stress on the health care systems. The technology behind blockchain games goes far beyond unique visuals and immersive experiences. This technology can make people live more active lives, and invest in their health while being rewarded for it in crypto. In doing so, it also aims to raise awareness of global warming and carbon emissions. Instead of using your car, put on your (digital) walking/running shoes and start earning.

StepN combines both SocialFi and GameFi to get as many people moving as possible. Challenge your friends and become the best runner and earn the most money as a result. Each player must own an NFT sneaker before they can earn money by moving. Buy the sneaker that fits your activities, start moving, live healthier, and create an additional cash flow. It leverages NFT's technology, showing that the sky is the limit. 


The more you move, the more you earn. Simple as that. But before you can start earning, you need the proper shoes. Which one do you choose?


Since not everyone is into running, there are different types of sneakers. This way, everyone can get rewards for exercising! Each sneaker focuses on a different activity. For example, you have sneakers for just walking, jogging, or even running. In each category, there are also different rarities:

  • Uncommon Sneaker

  • Rare Sneaker

  • Epic Sneaker

  • Legendary Sneaker

StepN 2


Just like in the physical world, you can't exercise indefinitely. Every sneaker contains an energy level; so after a workout, you need to provide your shoes with enough energy for your next exercise. Every 6 hours, your in-game energy is increased by 25%. Every user starts with only 2 energy caps. Do you own more than one sneaker? Then you will receive more energy, which lets you exercise sooner and therefore earn more money.

StepN 3

Assets and ecosystem

StepN has a dual token system consisting of an in-game token (that provides rewards for every user) and a governance token.


This Green Satoshi Token ($GST) is the in-game token of StepN. This immediately refers to the sustainability principle. Users will receive $GST-tokens for their physical activities. There is no fixed supply for this token. However, these tokens will be burned. Over time, you need to repair or upgrade your shoes so that you can keep moving. Users pay for these services in $GST-tokens, which will be burned in order to decrease the circulating supply. 


The Green Metaverse Token ($GMT) is the governance token of StepN with a total of 6,000,000,000 GMT-tokens; 30% of which will be distributed to users through their Move2Earn activities and governance participation. 

Just like Bitcoin, these $GMT-tokens will have a halving. Whereas Bitcoin experiences a halving every four years, GMT will experience one every 3 years. This is to ensure a solid future for the project.

In-app NFT-marketplace

StepN has an in-app NFT-marketplace where you can buy and sell your NFT sneakers. Every shoe has a specific type and requires a different amount of energy. Different sneakers give you different rewards based on your activity. Walking shoes aren’t made for running, therefore you need the proper shoes to receive adequate rewards. The more sneakers you own, the higher your energy level. 

StepN 4


Jerry Huangis the co-founder of StepN and has a history of working in the information technology and gaming industry. He is also the co-founder of Falafel Games and is a leading developer and publisher in the most lucrative category of core Strategy and RPG games. 

Yawn Rongis co-founder and an Industrial Representative for the South Australian Blockchain Association. He also is an Algorand ambassador. 

Jessica Duan is the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and focuses on driving the strategic direction of the company and business partners. She is assisting board members by evaluating new technology, crypto models, and Web3.0 innovations. This is to ensure StepN remains the number 1 Move2Earn of the metaverse.


StepN is backed by a lot of major leading companies, such as:

  • Sequoia

  • Binance

  • Solana Ventures

  • DeFi Alliance

  • Corner Ventures

  • Folius Ventures

  • 6th man venture

  • Solar Eco Fund

StepN 5


StepN is the first move-to-earn game that connects various developments of blockchain technology. SocialFi and GameFi are combined with the endless possibilities of NFTs.

Not only do players get rewards thanks to the play-to-earn (P2E) principle, but the creators of StepN also highlight global issues such as climate change and carbon emissions. With their Move2Earn Game, they motivate everyone to move more and leave the car at home. Not only is this better for the environment, but they also hope and believe that fewer people will struggle with being overweight thanks to StepN, where you will be paid to move.