Stella Fantasy- An anime-inspired world full of action

GameGameStella Fantasy
DateDate18 Jul 2022

Stella Fantasy is an anime-inspired world in which you can hunt, gather, craft, and fight. A new play-to-earn game with AAA action role-playing gameplay, where you will move forward by making story progress and participating in various combat events. Ring Games has created a game that will surely bring you to a fantasy world.

Stella Fantasy is an online character collectible ARPG that will connect you to players from around the globe and play in real-time in a play-to-earn environment. This was created using the Unreal 4 Engine and looks remarkably similar to great games such as Genshin Impact and Tap Fantasy. Stella Fantasy's first version as a game will be available on their PC Launcher at the end of July 2022.


In the world of Stella Fantasy, there is a land called Reterra. In Reterra, there is a well-known association called the Reterran Adventurer Association. They label people who do not belong to the organization and cause harm to society through criminal activities as "Outlaws." The association put a bounty on these outlaws, who are the antagonists of the game. They are aspiring or well-known adventurers who are leaving the association for a variety of reasons. They form unlawful organizations, which eventually grow into big groups of Outlaws. If you encounter them, report them to the nearest Adventurer Association office as quickly as possible. If you have faith in your group's abilities, get rid of them right away to get the bounty.

Stella Fantasy 2

In the mystical land of Reterra, there are continents, one of which is the continent of the Kingdom of Verania. Where you'll play as an adventurer who travels the epic journey for many reasons, including to find rare tools or weapons or to complete special missions. You will team up to battle in the game’s dungeons or dimensional gates, which have multiplayer content known as "Abyss Rifts." These rifts include both PvE and PvP elements.

Stella Fantasy 3


During combat, you can move around the battlefield as much as you want, using different skills to defeat monsters.


Stella Fantasy 4

You can play the game even if you don't buy any NFT characters, because the game will give you 3 Al's characters that can join any battle. But if you want to get more characters, you can put together a group of up to four characters to fight in the game.

You can get more characters by doing any of the following.

  • Stella Shop: On Stella Shop, you can buy characters

  • Unique Abyss Rift: Some characters can be received as rewards from Unique Abyss Rifts.

  • Marketplace: Except for the starting characters given to new players, all characters can be turned into NFTs and traded on the Marketplace.

As you explore the world of Stella Fantasy, you can also find treasure, rewards, and chances to collect and upgrade characters.

Abyss Rifts

Stella Fantasy 5

This is Stella Fantasy's dimensional gate, which can be used for both PvE and PvP. It offers many ways to earn income in both competitive and non-competitive combat modes.

1. Unique Abyss Rift

This is a special kind of Abyss Rift that is only available for a limited time.


  • Characters

  • Special crafting materials

  • $Manarings (in-game currency) 

2. Race Abyss Rift

To get to a Race Abyss Rift, you have to win it in the game’s bidding stage or racing stage, that will happen inside the game. The player who bids the most $STFY (the governance token of Stella Fantasy), wins ownership of the Race Abyss Rift. The winner can then clear all the missions and opponents in the Race Abyss Rift.


  • $STFY (governance token)

  • Large amount of materials 

  • Special characters


Stella Fantasy also has a ranking system that gives rewards at the end of each season.


  • Manarings

  • $STFY

1. Team Tag Assault (2022 Q4)

Team Tag Assault is the main boss raid in the game. Each season, players face off against different big boss monsters. A ranking board will show how well you did in this battle, where you will be rewarded with $STFY depending on your final standing on the board at the end of the season.

Town Management / Private Land

Stella Fantasy 6

Stella Fantasy has private lands where the production of materials and sources and the crafting of equipment are made. Here, you can build and manage multiple town infrastructures to produce various materials. These various sources and materials are essential for crafting NFTs (equipment), moving forward in the main storyline, and getting ready for fights in the Abyss Rifts.


Stella Fantasy 7

The roadmap for Stella Fantasy is pretty straightforward. They successfully completed all of their plans from February to June 2022. Moreover, as of the time of this writing, they are nearing their public sale and PC platform launch.

Team & Partnerships


Stella Fantasy 8

Ring Games are the South Korean-based game creators behind Stella Fantasy. They are a group of professionals with years of experience in various industries. They have more than 50 members, but their primary team consists of only eight people. It is led by CEO Jooho Yun, who has over 20 years of game development and executive experience. 


Stella Fantasy 9

Stella Fantasy has developed strong partnerships with some best-known brands in the gaming industry and companies. These partnerships are continuing to flourish. Among such companies are Animoca Brands, GuildFi, Avocado Dao, and Play Ventures, to name just a few examples.

Assets & Ecosystem


The ecosystem and governance of Stella Fantasy are maintained by the Stella Fantasy Token ($SFTY). SFTY keeps the overall value of the game and connects it to external systems. In addition, SFTY will be utilized in the game in a number of ways based on your preferences. It can be staked for further rewards, or used to participate in DAO governance activities. The total amount of SFTY is set and won't change or be given out at random during the game. The distribution of the token and the amount of STFY to be distributed is still to be announced.

 Token Utility

  • Rewards for ranking in PvP content

  • Abyss Rifts competition victory prize

  • Buying and selling in the market

  • Obtaining characters 

  • Stimulating characters

  • NFT crafting cost

 In-game Currency

  • Manaring- the basic in-game currency, which can be acquired through various daily tasks or as rewards. Manarings are used as entrance fees for different gaming activities, as well as for character and town growth.

  • Stella Fantasy Token (STFY)- the governance token and the main currency in Stella Fantasy.  SFTYs are dropped as rewards for clearing Special Abyss Rifts, Boss Raids, and Asynchronous PvP rankings. This means that players will have to beat other players to get more $SFTY.


You can get and upgrade NFTs-like characters, equipment, and runes through private land and Abyss Rifts. You can choose to sell these NFTs on the market for a profit, or reinvest them in your team to help it grow and take on more challenging tasks that provide bigger rewards.

Stella Fantasy NFTs come in 3 different varieties.

  • Characters - You can use your characters to fight in PvP-mode or explore the Abyss Rifts for valuable rewards. Fighting also helps your characters grow as you play the game.

  • Equipment - You can make this equipment on your own private lands by using materials you get from your lands and battles. In Stella Fantasy, you can turn your equipment into NFTs to trade with other players on the market. High-tier equipment is made from materials that are harder to find, and their worth may be reflected in the marketplace when they are traded.

Stella Fantasy 10
  • Runes (2022 Q4) - Runes are needed to level up characters at higher tiers, and they are the most important part of character development compared to equipment. So, it makes sense that runes are worth more than equipment. Runes are equipped on characters, just like equipment is.

How to get started

At the time this article was written, there is still nothing that can be done to get ready to take part in Stella Fantasy. At this time, all that they have to offer is a number of mini-event contests on Twitter and Discord. If you participate, you will have the opportunity to win a Whitelist and many other rewards that can be used within the game. They also mentioned in their discord whitelist channel that holding a whitelist spot will also grant you a spot for NFT character sales. The details and procedures that will be necessary for the sale of their NFT are scheduled to be announced some time in July of this year, 2022.

Moreover, the blockchain on which this game will be run has yet to be announced, according to their Discord managers. Furthermore, aside from mentioning that it will have its own marketplace called Stella Shop, which also has no further details, no information about their marketplaces has been disclosed. They have a marketplace discussion channel on Discord, but it also hasn't discussed any more information about Stella Fantasy's secondary marketplaces. 

Therefore, make sure you check their websites and social media platforms regularly for the latest information and updates regarding this action-packed anime RPG. 


Stella Fantasy is an action-packed anime RPG in which you can engage in various types of battle and earn fantastic rewards. It is set in Reterra, a magical land, and revolves around the Kingdom of Verania.

It has its own land where you can create your own NFTs. Furthermore, it provides three Al's characters to everyone who joins Stella Fantasy, allowing you to play even if you don't buy any NFT characters.

Stella Fantasy 11