Space Misfits - 3D Multiplayer Space game giving players an opportunity to P2E

GameGameSpace Misfits
DateDate05 Jun 2022

Space Misfits is an online multiplayer battle royale role-playing game set in outer space (MMORPG) that utilizes blockchain technology to optimize the player’s authority over their own assets and could even manage them as they see appropriate.


The objective of Space Misfits is to build a unique, engaging, and ever-changing universe with this in mind, Season of MMO gaming creates a breadth, scope, and narrative that provides expansion and direction.

Players would be able to access multiple scenarios through varied views and gameplay styles in such modes. Progression is a major feature of the game, and maximizing the result will necessitate boldness and risk.

Some of the examples of the gameplay would be the following:

  • Player vs Player (PVP)

  • Mining of Minerals

  • FPS or First Person Shooter engagement


Ecosystems are set to begin construction in Q2 of 2021, with Space Misfits currently in the Rogue Update.

Space Misfits 2


Space stations 

The land play in space or the Space stations will be the major center point of every system and will each have a market, forge space agent, and airport as well as private locations to congregate, shedding light on the game’s essential characteristics and features. The Station is a safe haven from the severity of space, and every system has at least one for players to take safety, store their ships and belongings, do commerce, and socialize with other people.

Space Misfits 3

Diving more into the game mechanics, players must be familiarized with five fundamental elements: role-playing, excursions, PVP Arena, space flying, and security zones. 

  • To begin with, role-playing is the selection of characters for a broad range of positions within Space Misfits. Each position will enable a player to earn BITS, which can be used to purchase in-game items. Some of the potential occupations include miners who extract minerals from asteroids, constructors who create in-game items and sell them on the market, and NPC hunters who battle in empty areas and capture the treasure. Every position a player takes provides them the chance to win in-game prizes.

  • Moving on with the game modes Excursions and PVP Arena, Excursions will lead the players to be engaged on a rogue-like adventure flying across arbitrarily generated stages in this game mode. A player must pass across the space gates to access a new system and accomplish objectives when each level is finished. This game may be played alone or with other people. The awards increase in value as the player continues. On the other hand, PVP Arena players may bet in-game money on their battles and gain various incentives based on how well they play in the arena. Inside the player arena, a maximum of 5v5 matches will be supported.

  • Simulators such as Space flight can be used throughout the game. Players will have complete control over their spacecraft and will be able to perform elevated rotations in space to dodge enemy assaults. To evade approaching missiles, players can use things including space asteroids and constructions.

  • Lastly, in the security zones, the Misfits are in charge of and safeguard the seven systems. The Misfits have organized a roaming patrol to keep space secure from thieves inside the seven systems. If a player encounters another player inside the seven sectors, Misfit Patrols will track down and eliminate the attacker. For a certain period of time, a penalty will be assigned to that player, and NPC enforcement will continue to search for and demolish it.


The marketplace, which can be found across every station and throughout space, is the heart of the Space Misfits economy. Players will do business with one another and within their divisions here. Crafters will sell their forged goods here, grinders will trade their resources and rare commodities here, and market participants will play here.

All things in the store will be purchased using CROWN tokens ($SMCW), Space Misfits’ premium in-game money. All transactions in the marketplace will be charged a 5% broker fee, which will be dispersed to the station.

Space Misfits 4


The hanger is where players may manage their complete inventory inside the station, including all aircraft, turrets, modules, resources, and other items.

The following should be considered when entering the Hanger:

  • Repair services are provided at the hanger for players who need to mend their ships after they have been damaged in space.

Space Misfits 5
  • Every ship necessitates fuel.

  • A hanger is installed on each space station. To store their stuff in the hanger, players must pay a fee.

  • If a player owes a hanger payment, they would be unable to collect their belongings until the amount is paid.

  • Hanger is also in charge of ship outfitting. A player can purchase things in the market and then equip them on the aircraft they have purchased.

The Forge 

If players have the necessary assets, players can use the Forge to manufacture ships, turrets, modules, weapons, and a variety of other objects in the game.

Blueprints, as well as the resources (minerals and BITS) needed to execute a certain build, are necessary within the forge to manufacture an item.

Space Misfits 6

Space Agent

The Space Agent is a facility within each space station with various distinct functions. First, it is where players have their own private room. The Space Agent’s second mission is to determine which game style players like and where they should go on their next expedition.


Mining is a game mode in Space Misfits that lets players collect materials from asteroids, transport them to the station, and sell them on the market. Different mining turrets may be equipped to break down asteroids and harvest what’s within, which can then be stored in the ship’s cargo hold in the hopes of safe arrival to the station.

Space Misfits 7

NPC Engagement

NPCs, or non-player characters, can be encountered in asteroid belts and within excursion zones. Players will face off against NPC pilots in the hopes of defeating them, collecting resources, and completing tasks. NPCs carry various goods that players might loot, and when destroyed, they distribute BITS and any other items they may have.

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Factions play an important role in gameplay. Players will be able to select which groups they wish to investigate. In the beginning, players will be able to pick from three different sides. When players score their Faction’s Powerplay, they will receive a separate bonus.

  • Powerplay — A player must perform the Powerplay on a daily basis. It may be an operation to rescue a captive in space or to mine and transport specified minerals to the station.

  • Levels — Players will climb through levels as they progress within the powerplay and gain perks.Switching factions — A player can change factions at any time. When a player moves factions, they lose all progress and perks earned in the prior group.

  • Additional earned points — players will be able to convert Telemetry earned in the game into faction points.


Disembark will be the first game in the Space Misfits series to feature First Person Shooter (FPS) action. Players may participate in this game by entering abandoned ships inside Excursion and plundering for minerals and other valuables.

Disembark is also an element of the powerplay, with participants’ effectiveness in Disembark contributing to their overall Powerplay score. Players may also employ their Bio-Tech Droids in Space Misfits in Disembark.

Space Misfits 9

Team and Partnerships

Samuel Stebbins, the CEO of Space Misfits and Co-founder of Jade Stems Studio LLC, is the man behind the incredible Space Misfits. Having served in the US Navy for 16 years, this is the game for those who want expertise based on real knowledge of aircraft design, build, rebuild, repair, and maintenance. 

Space Misfits 10

Jade Stems Studio LLC, formed in 2019, is a Florida-based indie game developer. Some of the backers of the game are the famous Animoca Brands.

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Assets & Ecosystem

The Space Misfits is a Play to Earn game that assigns players in pursuit of token prizes. Events, Missions, faction powerplay, tournaments, and the recycling center are all ways to gain tokens.

BITS is a non-transferable in-game currency gained through either proof of labor or proof of stake. It’s a crafting material that may be used to make spacecraft, weapons, and clones.

CROWN ($SMCW) will be released on Ethereum and connected to the Binance Smart Chain for cross-chain capabilities. In the future, other gas-efficient EVM-compatible chains will be supported. Tokens may be gained by depositing CROWN into the player’s gaming account via Metamask.

Space Misfits 12

Token Allocation

There will be several methods to gain NFTs. Skins emote, blueprints, Telemetry for better crafting, and shares in in-game firms may all be used to produce BITS. All are ENJIN-backed and tradeable on the ENJIN exchange.

Staking and Rewards are a method to compensate CROWN ($SMCW) token holders for thinking long term and locking up their tokens, eliminating them from the circulating supply.

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How to get started

To begin playing Space Misfits, follow the procedures below. To be redirected to their website, click here.

Step 1: Click download.

Step 2: Click the SM_ARENA_URP, for further instructions please refer to the type of device that you are using.

Space Misfits 14

Windows users: After downloading, unzip the file and run the SM ARENA URP.exe program.

Mac OS users: Utilize Parallels, click here for the website of Parallels.

Space Misfits 15

Step 3: For the registration of your account, click here.

Step 4: Choose a Username and a Password; keep in mind that the Username is case sensitive.

Step 5: Confirm your given e-mail address.

Finally, we’re done!

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Space Misfits, like all the other NFT games, has its own system and gameplay. We may acquaint ourselves by studying and noting all of the crucial clues about the game, how to manage our accounts, and how to generate money or assets by playing the game and putting in an effort. Moreover, Space Misfits offers several possibilities, as battling is not the only method of gaining tokens. Players may get an edge by joining factions and reviewing the game's essential features.