Sipher - PvP & PvE MOBA game for all ages, earn NFTs by playing the game

DateDate09 Apr 2022

VersaGames: Sipher, the upcoming NFT cyberpunk-styled avatar game 

Inspired by the word “Cipher,” to encrypt and decrypt a hidden message or secret information or clandestine treasure, and a promising future worth living for. With blockchain technology at its core, SIPHER was born. 

Sipher is a large-scale casual fighting (PvP MOBA) and adventure (PvE Dungeons) game based on the Ethereum Blockchain, with the ultimate objective of developing an open world social experience (Metaverse). Players will have full control of their in-game assets, such as avatars, items and resources, land, and so on, thanks to the usage of Blockchain technology, which allows players to certify true ownership of their assets and ability to generate revenue.

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SIPHER is a hybrid of two ideals: Surrogates and Cipher, and is designed to carry adventurers across the realm of Sipheria. Siphers are sent to explore worlds that only their human hosts might imagine.

They encapsulate the greatest that technology and encryption have to offer: the opportunity to travel unrestrictedly through digital realms, full of freedom and boundless promise. They aspire to construct new worlds free of the restraints of the past, representing the idea of the cypherpunks that individual ownership and freedom should be protected and honored.

Sipher 2

SIPHER is a bold attempt to bring together cutting-edge blockchain technology, stunning artwork, compelling storytelling, multiplayer games, and decentralized financial tools. As additional worlds, characters, and factions are released, the goal is to create an enormous world that will draw and keep the player population engaged for years to come.

Sipher is cultivating an ecosystem in which people can, first and foremost, play for enjoyment while also owning and earning.

Sipher 3

PvE and PvP Blockchain Exploration Game are included in SIPHER, a 3D live action role-playing game with an end-game objective of building an Open World Social Game that can be played on both PC and mobile platforms (iOS, Android).


Sipher 4

It’s important to remember that this is simply the most recent information on the Sipher’s roadmap, and that given the game is still in development, it may be subject to change in the future. This year’s NFT avatar gaming concept looks interesting, so let’s start with what we know for the time being.

What is Sipher?

Siphers are digital organisms derived from a CRISPR-genome extraction and ethereal element combination in the Sipher metaverse. They serve as the virtual representation of the player in the metaverse.

Siphers are ERC-1155-based NFT gaming characters. Playing games, socializing, obtaining additional in-game assets, and exchanging goods and services with other players is made possible by the use of avatars. Outfits and accessories developed by artists can also be added to Siphers, allowing for further customization.

Sipher 5
A product of animal CRISPR-genome extraction and ethereal elements.

Siphers are formed through “Sequencing,” a mechanism akin to “breeding” in CryptoKitties, as a result of CRISPR-genome extraction. As a result, each Sipher can have a variety of qualities, ranging from the common to the extremely rare: normalinfectedcyborg, and cosmic.

At the time of sequencing, the Sipher will get special powers like “Flight,” as well as stats like increased durability and even vulnerabilities. A combat aspect is included in the game, allowing players to choose from a variety of classes and subclasses in order to form teams and compete against each other on diverse terrain.

Sipher 6


The “Sipherian Surge” of the first 10,000 Siphers is made up of the Genesis race, INU, which the Mad Scientist developed.

Sipher 7

The “Sipherian Flash” collection continues with the second 10,000 Siphers. The Mad Scientist and his team designed this race as a follow-up to the first Genesis race.

Sipher 8
  • BURU

The Sipher’s third race, the BURU, is well-represented in this third citizen, suitably titled “Sipherian Charge.”

On the basis of the roadmap’s sixth phase, we can expect this to be released in the period between April and June of 2022.


It is Ather that allows characters to combine their skills and items in a unique way. Each character has a maximum amount of Ather they can receive and store. As a source of energy, Ather is used in a wide range of activities.

Small amounts of Ather resources can be obtained in dungeonsquests, and battles.

Sipher 9
Sipheria’s primitive power source

To get access to the game

Players who wish to participate in the game will need to purchase ERC-721 tokens for one or more characters via Sipher’s website through their smart contract. Origin characters: INUs, NEKOs, BURUs, are already sold out, therefore at first, the new players might choose to buy via the secondary market from other owners. Players will be able to obtain clone characters from the Sipheria laboratory as the game progresses, but they will never be identical replicas of the Origins.


Sipher 10
Sipheria Universe

There are a number of game modes in the realm of Sipheria such as the PvE and PvP game type, all of which focus on combat and exploration. In-game, you’ll be able to obtain, rank up and battle with your Sipher avatars.

Guilds- Form the perfect Guild and face other guilds for dominion in combat, sports, crafts, and more.

Sipher Cloning- Siphers can be cloned by going to the Laboratory and using a new Vessel Core (obtained from playing the game) to start the DNA sequencing process. This will produce a new Sipher with characteristics that are extremely similar to the original Sipher.

Sipher 11

Levelling Up- ATHER resources (which may be found in both PvE and PvP game modes) can be used to level up characters. As a character progresses through the ranks, their base stats grow stronger. In order to access more challenging excursions, players must progress through the levels. 

Rewards- It is possible to earn rank points and random loot boxes by winning Ranked Matches. Also, capture and conquer daily challenges for double awards ($ATHER & $SIPHER). 

Play to Earn- Character Assets, Character Attributes, and Character Information such as Names, Levels, and Experience Points are all owned by the players. 

While playing Sipher, you can make money in a variety of ways. You can get NFTs by completing daily challenges and earning prizes in the form of NFTs. Players can sell their things to other players on a marketplace that supports ERC-721, with no need for permission or trust. 

A third option is to “make” and “bind” valuable things and creatures. Moreover, you can acquire SIPHER tokens by participating in tournaments as the worth of the Sipher game rises. 

Please keep in mind that this information is subject to revision as the game is presently in development, and it will be updated as the game progresses. This covers details on gameplay mechanics, characters, and so on. This is due to the fact that the game has not yet been released. Consequently, the article was solely dependent on Sipher’s atlas. 


Sipher 12

Sipher’s main teamhavea total of 19 members. Tin Nguyen, a world-renowned architect located in Vietnam, is the primary creator of their team. Also, he is the CEO of the Trung Thuy Group, a real estate firm, and a founder of a leasing firm, Dreamplex. Sipher was also co-founded by Victor Tran and Loi Luu. Victor Tran is a CEO, CTO, and Co-Founder of Kyber Network, and he is also from Vietnam. Loi Luu, on the other hand, is also a Co-Founder and CEO of Kyber Network in Singapore. 

The team adores incredible stories conveyed through video games and films. They want to foster a culture that allows them to grow as a team. They seek to achieve exceptional results by embracing innovation and collaborative problem solving. Despite the fact that their core team is situated in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, they are a truly multinational group with members hailing from the United States, Vietnam, Europe, Indonesia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Germany, and Canada. 


Sipher 13

Arrington Capital, Hashed, and Konvoy, whose notable investments include The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, ImmutableX, and echo3D, led the seed round for SIPHER. 

With this seed round, SIPHER has also collaborated with 15 other notable Strategic Backers from Defiance Capital, Signum Capital, Dragonfly Capital, CMT Digital, BitKraft Ventures, Delphi Digital, Alameda Research, as well as,Fenbushi Capital, Sfermion, Hyperchain, GBV, Kyber Network, Coin98 Ventures, YGG and Merit Circle. 

Assets & Ecosystem 

The Sipher ecosystem was built with the intention of gradually owning, contributing, operating, sustaining, and preserving it by the community’s players, guild leaders, streamers, fans, and builders. 


Token $SIPHER serves as both an in-game and real-world governance token for Sipher Universe. 

Sipher 14

Note: Cloning new characters, marketplace transaction fees for in-game items, and specialty items from the Sipher Laboratory all require $SIPHER to be purchased, as per Sipher’s Atlas. 

Sipher 15
Sipher 16

The Sipher Vault Governance can be staked with $SIPHER and earn staking benefits, which encourages everyone who contributes to the Sipher Universe to do so. 


$ATHER, the Sipher Universe’s World Energy, will be coined and burned for the rest of the universe’s existence. 

According to the Atlas of Sipher, prior to the complete launch of the game, a small portion of $Ather could be made available through various distribution mechanisms. 

$Ather can only be obtained through in-game means since the game’s launch. 

One of the resources required to power all the in-game creation and progression activities, such as crafting, advancing up characters and equipment, unlocking new abilities and creating structures on top of in-game land, is $Ather. 

$Ather will be awarded to players on a daily basis for their involvement in PvP, PvE, and other modes of play. Depending on the difficulty of the stages, character levels, temporary boosts, and land that a player currently owns in-game, they affect how much $Ather a player can earn everyday. 

Sipher 17

How to get started 

To get started, you will need any of the wallets shown in the image below. If you already have a wallet, you can use it; if you don’t, you can create one. 

Here’s how to make a Metamask wallet — click here 

Here’s how to make a Coinbase Wallet — click here 

Sipher 18

Then, we can buy characters via Sipher’s Minting Contract or the secondary market (such as OpenSea), as mentioned above, while the game is still under development. Players can use this character as a “CD-key” to enter Sipheria, conquer expeditions, and participate in both PvE and PvP game types. 

Sipher 19

Current available characters: 

How to purchase Sipher’s NFT click HERE

In addition to NFTs, we can buy $Sipher Tokens at Kyberswap and Uniswap, where they are exclusively available. To purchase $Sipher Tokens on these exchange platforms, we would need Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) for the trade. 

After that we can stake Sipher HERE. For the full information regarding the Staking Instructions, you may check HERE

Sipher 20

If you decide to stake your tokens, you can select a lockup (stake) term ranging from 0 (non-binding) to 12 months (locked). When you keep your $SIPHER tokens locked up for a longer period of time, the larger your portion of the pool becomes, and the greater your benefits. 

Six-month, nine-month, and a year-long options were analyzed in order to provide stakeholders with a variety of flexible options. 

Sipher 21

Overall, you’re now loaded with rich fundamental information that you may use in anticipation of Sipher’s release. Announcements about when it will be launched are still subject to modifications and updates, so for the time being, we can keep a check on their social media accounts and their official website for updates. 

Sipher 22

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