Silks Horse Racing - Real racehorse owned in the metaverse

GameGameSilks Horse Racing
DateDate08 May 2022

This derivative Ethereum based metaverse lets you earn in-game tokens when your favourite horse wins races in the real world, and even generate a passive come by stabling your horse at one of the farms.

Silks is the first P2E metaverse game that mirrors the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. A unique NFT-collection of 10,000 Silks Horse, each with a different bloodline, lineage and quality. Each in-game horse represents one of the top thoroughbred race horses in the real-world.

Invest in the digital version of your favourite race horse and conquer other contestants in this P2E metaverse game. How? Every time your horse wins a race in the physical world, you will be rewarded as well with in-game prizes and tokens.

Buy land, stake your horse in one of the farms or even own a farm. Give shelter to a maximum of 100 horses and receive a percentage each time one of these horses wins a race. And just like in the real-world, foals are born every year. These are also minted as an NFT once a year.

Thanks to Silks, the creators want to make the world of horse racing more accessible to the public. Don’t invest hundreds of thousands of dollars for a qualified racehorse, but a digital variant which mirrors their activities and win numerous prizes too!


Horse racing is a global economy worth billions of dollars. Promising thoroughbreds are sold for insane amounts of money, and there is plenty of gambling worldwide on their performances.

For some it’s a lucrative source of income, for others an exclusive and inaccessible world. Up until now! Silks Horse Racing is the first derivative P2E Metaverse that mirrors the real world of the top thoroughbred horse racing. Thanks to P2E-mechanism, the use of NFTs and the development of Web3, anyone can now digitally own their favourite thoroughbred racehorse. 

This derivative Ethereum based metaverse lets you earn in-game tokens when your favourite horse wins races in the real world, and even generate a passive come by stabling your horse at one of the farms. Or better: become a farm owner and earn a percentage of the prize money of all your horses. Are you as excited as I am? Watch the official trailer here.

Silks Horse Racing 1

P2E Metaverse 

Silks Metaverse is a derivative of the exclusive real-world thoroughbred horse racing industry. Each year, promising thoroughbred racehorses are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Based on their bloodlines, pedigree performance and qualities, these horses are a valuable investment for the future. 

More than just trading horses: buy land, a stable or a whole farm. Earn in-game rewards in countless ways. Silks Metaverse consists of 202 500 acres of virtual land where each plot is 450x450. 

Virtual land

Silks’ horses need care and shelter too, just as in the physical world. Buy land, build a stable, or even create a whole horse farm where you train and care for these horses. 


A stable must be a contiguous estate of 10 separate parcels. Each stable can accommodate up to 10 horses. There will be a limited number of stables available equal to 10% of all race horses in the Silks metaverse. 

Horse farms

Owners can bring their horses to a horse farm where professionals take care of the horses and train them. In return, horse farm owners receive a percentage of the prize money when one of the horses in their farm wins a competition. The more horses you have in your farm, the more chances you have of getting rewards. As a horse farmer, you have the freedom to choose which horses you allow on your farm. You only want the best horses, right? A farm must be an estate of 10 acres, with a maximum of 100 acres with 10 stables and 100 horses.

Silks Horse Racing 2

P2E Gameplay

Each digital horse is an actual representation of one of the top physical horses. Track their performance, follow their training, and receive rewards for these real-world achievements in Silks' metaverse. 

Silks Avatar

These distinct colours and features are shown on your own Silk horse or stable to mark your presence and identity throughout this Silk Metaverse. Before you can buy a Silk horse, you must first own a Silk Avatar. These are available on OpenSea and soon on Silks' integrated NFT-marketplace.

Silks’ Horses

All real-world thoroughbred racehorses are registered by Silks. These NFTs track bloodline, training progress and characters. These horses, in the form of a unique NFT, are sold in a public sale. 

Each year, the Silks Metaverse will introduce the qualified horses into the metaverse. The public data will be created on the blockchain in real-time by using public data that is published and verified by the community through consensus and Proof of Stake (PoS). These horses are sold in a traditional blind NFT-sale. Everyone pays the same price for their horse and will not know which horse they bought, until it is revealed. This mint is planned for Q3 of 2022.

And what happens to horses that retire? Thanks to the algorithm, online competitions will take place between these horses to keep the P2E-mechanism alive. This way, you will continue to earn in-game rewards and continue to contribute to the ecosystem.

Silks Horse Racing 3

Fractionalized NFT’s

Want to spread your risk? Invest with 9 others in your favourite thoroughbred racehorse. This not only adds to the social experience, but you can also contribute to the community and this economy on a smaller scale. These fractionalized tokens are also freely tradable. But shared risk, also means shared profits.

Assets and ecosystem

Players contribute to the ecosystem in numerous ways: 

  • Speculating on land properties

  • Buy and trade horses

  • Developing land into horse farms

And they win rewards and a passive income by:

  • Staking horses

  • Racing horses

  • Breeding horses

Silk has a dual economy to enable the decentralized DAO. This is based on the fungible token $SLK and the in-game transaction token $STT.


SLK-token is the governance token of the DAO that is backed by a treasury wallet to secure the DAO. The token is earned by members of the community in numerous ways as they contribute to the ecosystem, such as verifying and minting information on the blockchain. The SLK-token has a total supply of 500 million tokens.

$SLK - DAO token

  • 5% reserve

  • 5% advisors

  • 20% ecosystem

  • 30% Team

  • 40% Players


All transactions that occur, including rewards for horse owners, will be settled using $STT. Earn $STT-tokens when your horse wins or breeds in real-life. The token has a max supply of 5 billion tokens and is convertible into $SLK-tokens at a variable exchange rate decided by the DAO, backed and secured by the DAO treasury. A percentage of every sale on the secondary market will be used to fund the DAO Treasury.

Silks Horse Racing 4

Team and Partnerships

Silks has a team of over 25+ people. We take a brief look at the founders:

The idea for Silks was established and founded by different people. Leading founder is Troy Levy, president at Tropical Racing, a well-known horse racing business in the United States, and has more than 20 years of experience with thoroughbred race horses. 

He launched Silk together with co-founder Dan Nissanoff, an internet and blockchain start-up entrepreneur with 20 years of experience developing and building large-scale, business-backed companies from the ground up. 

Benjamin Plotkin is the co-founder and head of product. As a product-centric technologist with a passion for NFTs and the metaverse, he’s more than determined to make Skills a success!

Silks Horse Racing 5

How to get started

Although, the initial P2E game will not be launched until Q3 of 2022, you can already prepare to participate in Silks’ Metaverse:

Step 1: Buy Silks Avatar

These avatars will not only be your virtual representation in the metaverse, they also give you early access to the Silks Horses, but also gives you exclusive rewards. You can buy them on OpenSea by using your MetaMask wallet and be revealed later on.

Step 2: Once you can access the Open Metaverse, you will be able to buy land, stables or horse farms.

Step 3: Next up? Buy your favourite horses and start earning money. (no more info)


The horse racing industry is an exclusive world worth billions of dollars. There are only a few who can actually buy a top racehorse and make money with them. Thanks to the development of Web3 and the use of NFTs, we can now be a digital part of the success of this world, and more affordable, fractionalized ownership of a horse is possible. Silks is the first derivative P2E metaverse that mirrors the real world of thoroughbred horse racing, where players can earn in-game rewards in various ways. 

Buy land, invest digitally in a promising new racehorse, stake your own horse in a horse farm or open a farm yourself. Plenty of ways to make money in Silks! Thanks to Silks, the exclusive world of race horsing tournaments are now accessible for the public. An open and decentralized virtual world where anyone can financially benefit from this real-world industry.