Rage Effect - High quality FPS build on the Solana blockchain

GameGameRage Effect
DateDate18 May 2022

Rage Effect is the first AAA-Graphics FPS built on the Solana blockchain, introducing a new gaming genre as well as a play-to-earn mechanism that has similarities to games like "Counter-Strike", "Battlefield", or "Call of Duty". By merging a traditional game mode with a decentralized rewards system wherein the player owns all of the game's assets, the Solana blockchain offers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

This game requires no crypto or NFT to be purchased in order to be played. You can also personalize your characters, weapons, loadouts, and mystery boxes, giving you ultimate control over your gaming experience. Rage Effect provides a mobile and desktop gaming experience with a high level of production value.


Rage Effect is a blockchain-based, community-driven video game that combines shooter, survival, and exploration gameplay with a "play-to-earn" system. There are elements of Counter-Strike and dynamic gameplay by guilds in this genre that motivate players to work together to help them survive and win prizes.

It's great for both competitive and decentralized gamers to identify the best strategy, team, and climb the leaderboards to win tournaments with Rage Effect's combination of competitive gaming and blockchain technology. The concepts of blockchain gaming and first-person shooters have been blended into a free-to-play play-to-earn game in which users can earn, purchase, and even bet with their Rage Effect tokens. With a decentralized rewards system, players may also govern and increase their game assets in-game. Additionally, NFTs can be acquired and utilized to enhance a player's game experience as well. 

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Rage Effect has a well-thought-out plan for the game. All of their plans for Q1 2022 went as planned, and their Q2 2022 projects are nearing completion. According to their plan, they are now in the Project Collection NFT Drops/Sales phase. So for the time being, we will delve deeper into the information and knowledge pools and discover more about this game.


The gameplay of Rage Effect is goal-oriented. There are six game modes to choose from, including:

Team Deathmatch: With a maximum of 16 players per match, a Team Deathmatch pits two opposing teams against each other to complete objectives such as eliminating enemy players.

Capture the Flag: is a game in which two teams compete to capture the other team's flag, which is located at the team's "base," and returns it safely to their own base.

Free-to-All: Players are entirely liable for their character's life and must eliminate their enemies in a free-to-all game.

Elimination: In order to win, two teams must eliminate each other's members (players cannot respawn until the round is over). The winner of the game is the team with the most round victories. When a player dies, he or she can still see his or her comrades who remain.

Demolition: There are two teams involved: the terrorists and the counterterrorism agents. The terrorists are tasked with planting a bomb in one of the plant zones, while the agents are tasked with preventing or defusing an existing explosive. Planting a bomb and protecting it until it goes off is the primary goal of the terrorists on this mission.

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Gun Game: In this game, players engage in a free-to-all approach. Players will get different weapons as they kill more people; the player who kills the most people with all of the specified weapons wins the game. Players will auto-respawn after being eliminated.

Based on their individual performance and daily reward system, players are rewarded with in-game currency as well as cryptocurrency ($RGETokens) at the completion of every round, which they may use to purchase more powerful weapons, skins, vehicles, and other items in subsequent rounds. Tokens and coins are awarded for completing objectives such as eliminating other players and winning rounds.

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Players can earn money in Rage Effect in a variety of ways, both actively and passively. Winning games and tournaments, hosting your own Battle Arena, engaging in community activities, and taking part in Battle Royale seasons are just a few examples. On top of that, weapons can be designed by players themselves and improved to the point where they can be traded on the NFT market. Battle Arenas follow a similar structure. Additionally, Battle Arenas and a variety of projects and skin collections will be included in NFT drops. 

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Team and Partnerships

Founded in India and now based in Singapore, Goldon Studios is committed to creating unique and interesting games so that the most passionate gamers in the world have the finest possible gaming experience. J.O.S.H. - Joint Operations Secret Heroes, now called Rage Effect, is the first flagship project of Goldon Studios. They have a large team of talented individuals developing games they hope players will enjoy. Their passion for gaming is intense, and they seek to produce games that satiate every gamer's insatiable appetite for play.

Their goal is to make their first-person shooter game available on the blockchain, and they want it to be a "play-to-earn" game that anyone can enjoy. They have already achieved this goal with the help of their advisors and their first investor, Solana Ventures.

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Assets & Ecosystem


The ecosystem's foundation is Rage Effect's native token, $RGE.

Staking their token, taking part in PVP battles, reaching seasonal top ranks, and voting in critical governance votes will all earn $RGE holders incentives.

Players can get $RGE in a number of different ways, including by opening treasure boxes, winning battles and matches, making purchases on DEXs, and hosting games in Battle Arenas.


Three NFTs are included in Rage Effect's project:

Weapon Skin NFT is available to choose from in Customizer

Rage Effect 9

Contemporary Emote in Warehouse

Rage Effect 10

Crafting Elements like Suppressors, Sights, Grips, etc. as NFTs

Rage Effect 11

Game-Asset NFT: In Rage Effect, NFTs include weapon skins, crafting resources, and emotes. In order to utilize them, players must first purchase them from the game's store and then activate them through the Customizer and the Pause-Game-Menu (for Emotes).

Unlimited Coin Glitch NFT: This NFT is a treasure hunt in Rage Effect's Desert map, and it shows if a player has it in their wallet. Users can claim 10,000 Rage Effect coins by walking across them when they are discovered. The average chance of finding the NFT is only 10%, which makes it very rare.

Rage Effect 12
Unlimited Coin Glitch NFT inside Docks map (low texture development)

Collectible NFTs: Consider these to be trade cards or simply season-specific game artwork. The token mints into a player's wallet when a user clicks on 'claim.' Each collectible NFT has a maximum supply of 500. Each map contains a total of four collectible NFTs. Moreover, in accordance with their white paper, the average chance of finding the NFT is 10%, which makes it very unlikely that it will be found.

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How to get started

Rage Effect's Alpha Build was released on May 9th. To take part, all we have to do is join their Discord channel and participate to win a spot on the whitelist, which can be found here.

They will choose 300 individuals from their discord. The Alpha event will last ten days (9th May-19th May). At the end of the year, the top 50 players will be awarded a whitelist spot for ALL future NFT drops (including metaverse land assets)!

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To secure an Alpha position, all you need to do is invite others to their server, retweet their most recent tweets, and participate on their server.

Winners will be chosen based on the number of invites they receive, their rating, and their twitter participation. Sharing memes and community artwork is a plus!

For more information regarding how to acquire a whitelist spot, click here

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The Rage Effect is one of the twists in the gaming world of NFTs. It is a breath of fresh air among the remarkably similar gameplay of other metaverse games. So, if you want to learn more about Rage Effect and immerse yourself in its feisty environment, be sure to follow their website and social media accounts.

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