Project Quantum - MMOFPS, fight, hunt and mine for resources

GameGameProject Quantum
DateDate26 Jun 2022

Project Quantum is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn high-quality AAA gameplay that is based on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a combination of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and First-Person Shooter (FPS) where the objective is to loot and escape. During your adventure, you will discover different ancient technologies while you struggle to escape the rage of the monsters. Experience the thrill of escaping through a deep new sci-fi world, full of mystery and danger along the way.


Project Quantum is all about shooting, hunting, and looting. With first-person shooting, you can immerse yourself in the action of fighting monsters or even other players. Furthermore, you can play solo or join a squad in surviving dangerous maps in PvE (Player versus Environment) or in high-stakes instanced PvP (Player versus Player). 

The goal is to explore maps in search of valuable artifacts to unlock the unknown secrets of the past. As you crawl your way out along with the new sci-fi world, remember that everything is precious and up for grabs. Think you can handle the adrenaline rush? Then Brace yourself for the dangerous actions that will happen as you prepare for the journey!


JERICHO, a quantum starship with military capabilities, was developed collaboratively with you and the crews to help with the neighbor of your planet named Charnel. A new problem arises as to the quantum starship, which fell out of orbit and crashed on the planet’s surface. This killed all the crews onboard, except you. Your objective is to stay alive, get resources, and fix the starship. When? The answer is now.

Project Quantum caters to a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn system, with the genres of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and First-Person Shooter (FPS). The game was produced by Unreal Engine 5, known for games like Ark 2, Red fall, The Day Before, etc. Apart from that, they are also known for being an advanced real-time 3D creator for photo-real visuals.

Finally, let’s jump into the really exciting part of Project Quantum: the gameplay. By hunting, shooting, and looting, you will obtain NFT items that can be used to your advantage in multiple ways. Below are the game features and highlights of the Project Quantum.

Project Quantum 2
  • High Stakes Shooter — High risks, high rewards. Every game gives you the option of playing alone or with a squad. The primary goal is to kill seekers and take their belongings. A seeker is a person who goes in search of resources or loot. To accomplish your second goal, you must hunt powerful creatures, mine resources, and recover ancient technology to repair your starship.

Project Quantum 3
  • PvE meets PvP — In this game, each seeker must be eliminated within the shortest time possible. Those who continue to live in the given time are more likely to encounter the Cernos. The longer the fight lasts, the more violent and deadly the Cernos become.

Project Quantum 4
  • A Treasure Hunt to the Death — You must be attentive when collecting artifacts and clues throughout the map. Keep an eye out for other seekers, as the stash of legendary equipment, technology, and resources (NFTs) is also looking for them.

Project Quantum 5
  • Deep customization — You can customize your own seeker to suit your preferences. 

  • Real Economy — In exchange for $QBITs, you can trade in-game items (NFTs) on the “Jericho Free Market”.

Project Quantum 6

QBIT-tokens enables you to gain access to Project Quantum NFTs, such as weapons, armor, and cosmetics, for your own use. You may also use your QBIT to shop in the Project Quantum market for rare collectibles. 

Team and Partnerships

Founder, CEO, and multi-award-winning Scottish businessman Frase Gordon is the man behind Project Quantum. Along with being a brilliant founder, he is also very hands-on with Project Quantum. His strong points include making videos of the game, updating the white paper occasionally, and keeping the players informed.

On the other hand, the Director, Magnus Stone’s interest in the world of gaming, had earned him first-class honors in game design and production management from Abertay University. Magnus’ approach to problem-solving has been successful in the realms of problem-solving across the board. 

The team also includes Jamie Magnus Stone onboard as their Lead World Builder, Jason Tennent as Director, Shaddy Safadi as the art director, Ace Van Acker as a contract developer, Juanjo Chust as Blockchain senior developer, Caitlin walker as a creative writer, and Colin Smith as finance director. With their combined talent, everyone aboard had surely contributed their knowledge and expertise to Project Quantum.

Project Quantum’s partners include Dragon’s Lake and One Pixel Brush. Dragon’s Lake is known for being one of the best PC and console game development studios around the globe. Some ongoing projects include Godfall, Astroneer, Life is Strange, etc.

Project Quantum 7

Meanwhile, One Pixel Brush provides AAA concept work for the top games in the gaming industry. Some of their past projects include Sony Online Entertainment, The Last of Us, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Prototype 2, etc. 

In terms of marketing, Project Quantum, in partnership with Sent into Space, has a space-themed campaign suited for the game’s genre.

Project Quantum 8

Assets & Ecosystem

The Binance Smart Chain uses $QBIT to power Project Quantum. It takes on the BEP-20 format, which means that transactions are quickly processed with low gas fees (network transaction fees). The team provided their own token so that it could be easily integrated into the game world via a dApp. A digital wallet containing $QBIT will be connected to the game by users via their accounts on the website.

By using $QBIT, the team can keep the game free to play while simultaneously developing it. This may also support and update their live service title as soon as their game launches. To do this, the team takes 10% from every purchase, sale, or moving transaction. 

Quantum Works benefits from this tax by receiving 3.5%, which goes to game development and support. Another 3.5% will go along with the game world wallet as a token. This may also be utilized as prize money for tournaments. Everyone else who holds the token receives the remaining 3% in reward for their continued support and economic growth. 

Token information

Project Quantum 9

Budget Allocation

Project Quantum 10


Their roadmap as of now is as follows. However, there has been an announcement that the game will go live in 2024 regarding the discord channel. Below are the updates and information that they provided in Q4 of 2021. The team has accomplished the following setup in accordance with their scheduled date. 

The building process for the foundations of the gameplay and system is still in progress for upgrades through Q1 of the year 2022.

Likewise, Project Quantum will undergo the process of strengthening its pillars in Q2 of 2022.

The updated whitepaper of the project also states that they are currently working on the core mechanics and fundamentals of the game. 

In addition, they will hire new game directors, to further develop the game. Their in-game marketplace will also launch soon. This will offer gamers access to the NFTs available.

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Project Quantum 12
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How to get started

Since the game is still in development, the only way to access QBIT is to purchase it. If you are interested in purchasing the token, click here. You will be taken to Pancake Swap, where you can obtain the token for a very low gas fee.

For those of you who are new and still unsure of how to get tokens, here are the steps: 

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A game set in the future, Project Quantum is centered around AAA gameplay and utilizes a combination of MMO and FPS genres. Your ability to save the quantum starship and help planet Charnel is determined by your resources, skills, and bravery. The game has the ability to keep your gaming interesting by utilizing the Play to Earn system. Loot resources to trade them in the marketplace, and finish the battle without dying. You get to decide in your everyday battles, and you also get to decide on whether you will take on the journey or not. The choice is yours!