Planet Mojo - mysterious alien world where players are competing in PVP

GameGamePlanet Mojo
DateDate05 Jun 2022

Planet Mojo is a new Web3 game metaverse set on an enchanting and mystifying extraterrestrial planet. Developed on Polygon by LucasArts, EA, Activision, and HappyGiant veterans. It has a blockchain-based PvP auto chess game. It allows players to personalize and own their gaming characters (as NFTs) as well as participate in ongoing tournaments to generate income. 

Planet Mojo's game will be available on desktop browsers and, subsequently, on Android and iOS mobile apps. In addition to being designed for a worldwide audience with diverse language support, it will also integrate a non-custodial wallet solution. With social and email log-in options, players can enter the game quickly and smoothly.

What is covered in this article:

  • Introduction

  • Gameplay

  • Assets & Ecosystem

  • Team and Partnerships

  • How to get started

  • Conclusion


Set on an enchanting, mystical, extraterrestrial planet. A new game has arisen to take you to another fascinating realm filled with anthropomorphic creatures represented by different common earth-like creatures. These creatures are all part of a group called a clan, and they're scattered all over the planet in different geographical zones with various terrestrial biomes.

Planet Mojo 2

Drawn from these clans are the champions, who were sent to the wilds to find out what the spread of evil was. As they travel, though, they find out that some of them already have powers that no one has ever seen before. The elders told Brooka of Clawhaven, a clan warrior, to search for the ancient who would reveal the path forward to defend the clans against the scourge

Planet Mojo 3

The Ancients were huge, intelligent, living things. Predicted that the clans would have to fight alongside a new race of creatures called Mojos. In addition, they must be protected since they hold the key to saving the planet from its enemies. 

Planet Mojo 4

Plant-based creatures, known as Mojos, are the major characters on this planet. They came from a  mystical Moj-Seed. They gather resources, make goods, and engage in combat with players. These 3D characters are completely playable and can be used in biomes, auto-chess, and more in the future.

Planet Mojo 5


Mojo Melee-AutoChess

There will be numerous match modes in Mojo Melee, which is a competitive PVPauto chess game. Teams consisting of one Mojo and four clan champions will face off against other teams that also consist of the same number of Mojo and champions. The opportunity to own their teams as NFTs and earn the in-game token $ORE will also be available to players.

Planet Mojo 6

Battle Rewards

Contestants will have the opportunity to win $ORE, and other possible rewards. As well as other progression-related attributes, that can help their team become more powerful. 


Players will be able to participate in tournaments by crafting battle stones (tournament entry tickets) using $ORE.

Biomes (Land Play)

Players can buy Biome NFTs, which serve as both a home for their Mojos and a place to gather and craft precious resources. The Biomes have daily tasks and the option to craft items for tournaments, as well as for upgrades, and trades on the Mojo Market. Once new features are added to biomes, they will serve as a "homebase" from which players can embark on new quests and adventures.


In the future, players who do not have a Mojo or Champions will be able to access a free-to-play path in Planet Mojo. This mode of play has some restrictions, but it still provides a good opportunity for gamers to put their talents to the test and get a taste of Mojo Melee's action.

For solo clan play, Planet Mojo will eventually provide a number of game styles. And will continuously add new game modes and content, as well as create new games. 

Planet Mojo 9


Straightforward, but packed with substance, is Planet Mojo's roadmap for the future. For the year 2022, they've had plenty of exciting projects planned, including a whitelist event, an NFT drop, and the Open Alpha. In addition, this means that we can look forward to even more amazing game updates in the future.

Planet Mojo 10

Assets & Ecosystem

Planet Mojo 11


Planet Mojo 12


Planet Mojo's native ERC-20 token is $MOJ. Everything from staking to in-game purchases to governance will be done for $MOJ.

Planet Mojo 7


Planet Mojo's in-game utility and rewards soft currency. That can be acquired through Auto Chess and lets players enhance their NFTs.


Planet Mojo 13

  • Mojos

Mojos are the major characters on this planet. They came from a  mystical Moj-Seed. They gather resources, make goods, and engage in combat with players.

Planet Mojo 14

  • Moj Seeds

The magical seed that will sprout into a one-of-a-kind mojo

Planet Mojo 15

  • Champions

Players use teams to bring champions into auto chess fights and then into subsequent games. 

  • Biomes/ Land

The starting location for other games and the players' homebase for their Mojos Here, players can gather materials and craft. They can also enhance the level of their biomes.

Planet Mojo 16
  • Battle Stones (NFTs)

Passes to paid tournaments are provided with battle stones. These NFTs can be crafted by players from their biomes and can also be purchased or traded for $MOJ on the Mojo Marketplace.

Planet Mojo 8

Team and Partnerships


Planet Mojo's new company, Mystic Moose, is made up of 16 members. It is led by Mike Levine, CEO of HappyGiant.

Among its members are veterans from LucasArts, EA, Activision, and HappyGiant, as well as many others. For both players and developers, they believe that blockchain gaming will bring a massive turning point in the video game industry. 

Planet Mojo 17


Planet Mojo's partnerships have compelled almost every well-known and famous brand in the gaming industry. Leading the way is the well-known gaming platform Animoca Brands, followed by Polygon Studios, the Merit Circle, and many others. Not only was it made by well-known game veterans, but major blockchain companies also swiftly put their trust in it. 

Planet Mojo 18

How to get started

Planet Mojo is built on the Polygon chain, therefore it is compatible with any wallet that supports the polygon chain.

Here, I will show you how to add a polygon network to a metamask wallet. Simply follow the instructions below: 

Planet Mojo 19
Planet Mojo 20
Planet Mojo 21

Fill in the details with the following parameters:

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet

New RPC URL: https://rpc-mainnet.matic.network

ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL: https://polygonscan.com 

As of this writing, they are also having a twitter giveaway currently, in which participants have the opportunity to win a place on their whitelist by completing simple tasks. 

So far, that's all we've discovered about Planet Mojo. Follow all their social media sites and join their Discord channel to find out more about the latest updates on Planet Mojo, especially about their Mojo NFT sale.


Planet Mojo's primary objective is not limited to defending Mojos and their planet. Planet Mojo, concerned about the environment, also chose Polygon for its extremely cheap gas prices. In addition, they intend to collaborate with carbon-neutral and environmental organizations as they want to help our nature as often as they can, using games. This demonstrates that this game is capable of more than just entertainment and profit; it can also have a positive impact on the world.

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