Planet Mojo - Enter the arena and battle to save your world

GameGamePlanet Mojo
DateDate05 Jun 2022

Planet Mojo is a magical and imaginative Web3 gaming metaverse platform being built by an accomplished team of industry veterans from LucasArts, EA, Activision and HappyGiant. Players compete with customized teams of creatures in a suite of eSports, PvP games, and ongoing tournaments. Set on a mysterious alien planet with a deep narrative, the story of Planet Mojo will be revealed by discovery and time.

The Planet Mojo design concept is based on the philosophy of “fun first” in games and allows anyone to play whether they own NFTs or not. Simply put, players can choose to own and receive additional rewards for having Planet Mojo NFTs, or play for free and advance to Web3 when they are ready. This benefits-based system provides a friendly bridge for Web2 gamers to make their transition into Web3 gaming by offering clear incentives and an easy non-custodial wallet solution.

Planet Mojo's first game, Mojo Melee, will initially be available to play on desktop browsers and in the near future as a mobile app. In addition to being designed for a worldwide audience with diverse language support being added over time, the game will have a one-click to play option for those who want to join in the fun without an account. With social and email log-in features, players can enter the game quickly and smoothly. 

The development team at Planet Mojo aims to create a sustainable and growing catalog of games for the next generation of gamers, where they have the ability to own their in-game assets and have input into the project’s future direction.


Planet Mojo 1

Set on an enchanting, mystical planet, a new game has arisen to transport you to a fascinating realm filled with small, powerful creatures called Mojos and their fierce allies, the Clan Champions. The anthropomorphic-style clans are scattered all over the planet in different geographical zones with various terrestrial biomes.

Planet Mojo 2

Warriors known as Champions are drawn from the Clans of Planet Mojo. They were sent to help defend their world against a new outside threat and find the origin of this mysterious infestation they call “The Scourge” that is spreading over the countryside. In Mojo Melee, a player's team consists of a collection of Champions who have joined forces with a Mojo to fight together for this common cause.

Planet Mojo 3

Planet Mojo Champions will come in numerous classes based on a variety of species with leveling potential and additional skins.

Planet Mojo 4

The Mojos are plant-based magical beings who sprouted from "Moj-Seeds" and appear in a variety of forms, including Leafy, Flower, Vines and Moss, with more still to be discovered. Each Mojo is unique. They are fully playable 3D game characters that may be used in Mojo Melee, the upcoming land-based game and additional games in the future. Players will have access to special skills, synergies with various sorts of spells, and more through each Mojo SubClass.

The Clan Elders foretold of a Prophecy of “The Ancients” - gigantic sentient living creatures made of Mountains, Fungi, Trees, Water and more who would emerge when the planet needed help. After the impact, clan Champions were sent out into the wilds of Planet Mojo and as the Elders prophesied, The Ancients appeared. They told them that the planet was giving birth to a special new type of creature called “Mojos” and the Clans would need to protect these new beings at all costs, and even fight alongside them. As the Ancients told it, these Mojos have the key to saving the planet from the destructive Scourge.  


Mojo Melee

Planet Mojo 5

The first game in the Planet Mojo metaverse, Mojo Melee, is an Autochess Battler. Players will form teams of one Mojo, four Clan Champions and 2 SpellStones then face off against other players in mini tournaments or matches. Like deck building games, a player’s team will shape strategies for winning and their capability to counter their opponents’ offenses. During a match, a player can upgrade and add to their team before each round of a competition begins. Then each contestant sits back and watches their teams battle it out to see if they made the right decisions.

Planet Mojo 6

Mojos use SpellStones to wield magic from the Aura of Planet Mojo. In Mojo Melee, SpellStones unleash a single powerful ability that is used at the start of combat. SpellStones are tied to Mojo subclasses and can only be used by the Mojos of that subclass.

Planet Mojo 7

Battle Rewards

Players will have the opportunity to win many rewards in Mojo Melee. Ore is an in-game soft currency that will be used for leveling up characters and other content. Additional rewards can be gained by winning tournaments and playing in ranked games against the most intense competition. Over time Planet Mojo’s Token $MOJ will be introduced as Tournament rewards, and be integrated into other aspects of the game over time.

Organised tournaments are a big part of Mojo Melee and other upcoming Planet Mojo games. Players can expect fame, glory, and reward prizes.

Mojo Land Play

Players will be able to own Planet Mojo land plots called Biomes, which serve as both a home for their Mojos, a place to gather strategic resources and craft them. Lands have a day and night cycle. Each Biome in Mojo Land Play is a distinct NFT that is populated by the surreal and fantastical plant life of Planet Mojo. Players will have fun exploring, discovering and customising their personal environment as no two are the exact same. More details will be coming soon.

Planet Mojo 8

Free vs Owned

Mojo Melee will include a free-to-own mode for players who do not own a Mojo or Champion NFTs. Free players will be given a temporary Mojo and 4 starter Champions to play with. They will have full access to the game. By playing and having their Champions gain experience, they will have a chance to purchase their Champions as NFTs at a discount, or maybe even free. Players will be able to reap the benefits associated with owning, including the ability to earn more rewards and access to exclusive tournaments and events.


Planet Mojo 9

In Planet Mojo’s Roadmap one can see how the company has already delivered on so many of their promises. The Mojos NFT drop and airdropping owners 4 Champions; Free VIP Playtest Passes; And soon, the Open Alpha of Mojo Melee. Early 2023 the mobile version will emerge! In addition, this means that we can look forward to even more amazing game updates in the future.

Assets & Ecosystem


Planet Mojo 10


Planet Mojo's native ERC-20 token is $MOJ. Used primarily as a Rewards and Governance Token for our Community and players.


The in-game utility & reward soft currency that allows players to upgrade their NFTs. Gain as rewards in Mojo Melee.

BattleStones (NFTs)

BattleStones are passes to get players into paid tournaments and more. These are crafted NFTs that can be bought and sold on the Mojo Marketplace for $MOJ.

Planet Mojo 11:12:13



The Mojos are the main characters in Planet Mojo. They battle alongside the Champions in the Mojo Melee arenas.

Planet Mojo 14


Players bring champions into Auto Chess battles via Teams, and eventually into other games.

Planet Mojo 15

Biomes (Land)

Your homebase for your Mojos & the launching point into other games. Extract resources and craft; Level up your Biomes.

Planet Mojo 16

Clan Banners

Clan Banners will be collectible NFTs and give players access to special features in the game and increase their Collection Tier.

Planet Mojo 17

Mystic Moose

Planet Mojo 18

Mystic Moose is the company behind Planet Mojo. Among its members are veterans from LucasArts, EA, Activision, HappyGiant, and other great game studios. For both players and developers, they believe that blockchain gaming will bring a massive turning point in the video game industry. 


Planet Mojo 19


Planet Mojo 20

How to get started

Planet Mojo is built on the Polygon chain, therefore it is compatible with any wallet that supports the polygon chain.

Here, I will show you how to add a polygon network to a metamask wallet. Simply follow the instructions below:

Planet Mojo 21

Fill in the details with the following parameters:

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet


ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL: 

As of this writing, they are also having a twitter giveaway currently, in which participants have the opportunity to win a place on their whitelist by completing simple tasks. 

So far, that's all we've discovered about Planet Mojo. Follow all their social media sites and join their Discord channel to find out more about the latest updates on Planet Mojo, especially about their Mojo NFT sale.


Planet Mojo's primary objective is not limited to making great fun games, defending Mojos or their planet. Planet Mojo, concerned about the environment, also chose Polygon for its extremely affordable gas prices. In addition, they have a mission to collaborate with carbon-neutral and environmental organizations as they did already with OneTreePlanted, planting Trees all over the world. This demonstrates that this game is capable of more than just entertainment and profit; it can also have a positive impact on the world.

Planet Mojo 22