Planet IX - The biggest Play2Earn & NFT-based strategy game on Polygon

GameGamePlanet IX
DateDate17 Aug 2023

Planet IX is an NFT-based gaming platform that offers players an exciting and thrilling way to earn rewards through the IXT token. Launched on the blockchain in November 2021, the game has experienced robust growth and is now recognized as a leading blockchain game with an impressive player base of over 40,000 monthly active users and more than 230,000 wallets holding IXT tokens.


The creation of Planet IX was a result of a collaboration between Swiss company Amelia Systems AG and Nibiru Software AB, a developer specializing in blockchain-based products. Since its inception, the game has garnered widespread popularity, signing new partnerships, and generating a substantial financial revenue of over $20 million. As it continues to flourish, the game is actively exploring opportunities for further expansion.

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Players can acquire and develop these PIX, creating valuable in-game assets that can be traded or monetized using the IXT token.

To obtain PIX, players can directly access the market or acquire special packages, all done through IXT transactions. Additionally, other in-game assets, including those used in Mission Control, can be purchased from the in-game market.

Mission Control

Mission Control enables users to monetize their assets by placing PIX and Territories on floor tiles. These tiles produce waste, which players can collect manually or through waste collection tech such as drones and rovers. Waste can be converted into consumer assets required to construct facilities or can be directly sold or exchanged for other items. Importantly, all in-game assets on Planet IX are NFTs owned by the users.

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IX Foundation

A unique feature of Planet IX is the redistribution of wealth within the game. Players who have acquired enough PIX to build and equip an entire territory can stake it, allowing them to exchange adjacent PIX pieces for IXT tokens. The IX Foundation, the game's GameFi platform, facilitates this process and even rewards users for staking IXT tokens and providing liquidity.

The game's design prioritizes community value and involvement by incorporating a nominal fee structure that redirects a significant portion of the generated value back to the players through various in-game assets.

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Assets & Ecosystem

Planet IX is founded on four core pillars, seamlessly integrated to provide an immersive and dynamic gaming experience tailored to a diverse audience:

  • Trading and Construction: Players engage in trading and constructing structures within the game world.

  • Farm and Play-to-Earn (P2E): Participants cultivate and nurture their assets to earn rewards.

  • Overstock & Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The game incorporates aspects of DeFi for a more sustainable financial ecosystem.

  • Games and E-Sports: Planet IX embraces competitive gaming and e-sports.

At its heart, the game showcases a digital representation of Earth, divided into 1.7 billion unique plots known as PIX, each functioning as a tradable NFT. The primary objective is to build territories, strategically utilizing the number of neighboring PIX on the game map.



For players seeking different experiences, whether casual gaming or competitive multiplayer action, the IX Arena platform will soon be available. Funded by marketplace and Mission Control revenues, IX Arena is going to cater to a diverse user base, including strategic traders, casual gamers, crypto enthusiasts, blockchain aficionados, DeFi users, and asset speculators.

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How to Get Started

Planet IX is more than just a game; it's an evolving ecosystem of multi-layered player journeys that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Our NFTs act as in-game assets and utilities, with many requiring burning or breeding to progress further in the game. Watch this video to get started and follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to our Gamebook here

  2. Start off by purchasing some $IXT here

  3. Create your account here

  4. Go to the Netempire to purchase your first land. You will need 1-5IXT to get started building your empire and purchase your first piece of land. The price depends on the Tier of the land you choose to buy.

  5. Go to the Mission Control to stake your lands and start farming your first NFT yields 

Continue building your strategy and empire following more tips from the Gamebook and White Paper.


Planet IX stands out by skillfully blending gaming technologies with blockchain, offering users a transparent, secure, and decentralized platform to strategize, collaborate, and grow their in-game wealth. Riding on the increasing acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the game has witnessed exponential growth, consistently ranking among the top 5 blockchain games in its segments according to market tracking organizations like DappRadar.