Phantom Galaxies - An open-world online space simulation for new pilots

GameGamePhantom Galaxies
DateDate06 Oct 2022

The galaxies are overrun with vicious pirate hordes, and threats far more advanced and alien. Humanity has banded together, taking to the stars in Mechanized Starfighters. But will it be enough to defeat interstellar anarchy? The Ranger Squad represents the best Starfighter pilots, renowned for their power, dedication, and bravery. Are you ready to take up the fight to save the human race? 

Phantom Galaxies is a fast-paced 3D third-person shooter ARPG on the Polygon blockchain. Phantom Galaxies aims to be the leading multichain science-fiction action RPG, to build an interoperable multiverse for all players on all blockchains. Can’t wait? Watch their official trailer here.


What’s better than bringing a play-and-earn approach to traditional AAA games? That’s right, creating an entire multiverse ecosystem. Phantom Galaxies aims to be the leading multichain science-fiction shared world online APRG game. Each individual blockchain will have its own home galaxy. Players from these different networks and blockchains will be able to interact with each other throughout the Phantom Galaxies universe, creating a multiverse experience that shows NFT interoperability at its best. 


Over fifty years have passed since the great war between the Union and Commonwealth. Today, these two factions uneasily co-exist in an alliance against a lawless pirate guilds and new, more dangerous enemy: the Sha’Kari. Technologically superior, hell-bent on taking revenge for the humans’ desecration of their home-world, this alien threat tests the human alliance when it is needed most. It’s going to be a wild ride.

The Ranger Squad is a unit of Union and Commonwealth elite pilots, known for their bravery and effectiveness in battles. Do you have what it takes to make a name for yourself among the Ranger elite?

Phantom Galaxies 2


Switch strategically between classic mecha robot mode and starship mode. Your moment-to-moment decisions on which mode to use are vital to your in-game journey.

  • Mecha robot mode: Most effective ranged combat, allows ground-based combat and exploration.

  • Starship mode: Best for space combat and space travel.

Fight on the front lines and explore deep space. Discover valuable resources to fuel your fight against Ranger foes.  Throughout the game, upgrade your mechs and unlock special traits. Fine-tune the perfect Starfighter setup for each combat scenario. Choose one of the four different Starfighters to launch into the stars:

  • Lancer

  • Buster

  • Assault

  • Breacher

Core Game Loop

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Explore the galaxies and upgrade your Starfighter as you become a better pilot. Complete missions and quests, gain in-game assets, craft items and level up your mech. 


Learn more about the universe's characters, locations, and histories. Missions are designed to tell a long-form story. 


These are standalone stories. Quests showcase less important characters and factions within the Phantom Galaxies universe. This allows players to enjoy a wider variety of gameplay scenarios. 


These will be the backbone of the repeatable content that keeps gamers interested and engaged daily or weekly.


Raids will be the ultimate PvE challenge, in which you team up with other players to tackle the toughest trials in the game. Do you have strong coordination, communication, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics? Join your team on one of the raids!

These game activities aim to level up your Avatar NFT and Starfighter NFT to their maximum capacity. Gain resources and other in-game items to reach your full potential.


PvP content will be available in the Arena. The Arena will host small-scale PvP combat battles, with both team and free-for-all modes. Additionally, periodic PvP events will take place in the future, where you earn rewards determined by an event-specific system. 


Different organizations will allow players to band into groups. This could be because of a common purpose or a governance structure. 

  • Corporation

  • DAO

  • Democratic

  • Private

  • Sponsored

  • Warlord

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Assets & Ecosystem


ASTRAFER is the backbone of the in-game ecosystem. You can buy and mint new NFTs within Phantom Galaxies using ASTRAFER. Phantom Galaxies has a total supply of 888,077,888 ASTRAFER tokens:

  • Planet Emissions — 258,643,804 tokens

  • Ecosystem Fund — 53,284,673 tokens

  • PvE — 120,000,000 tokens

  • PvP — 21,313,869 tokens

  • Blowfish Team — 88,807,789 tokens 

  • Marketing — 62,165,452 tokens

  • Liquidity Pools — 88,807,789 tokens 

  • Launch Contributions — 44,403,894 tokens 

  • Reserve — 150,650,617 tokens 

In-game NFTs

Phantom Galaxies has a variety of in-game items that exist as NFTs with true digital ownership.

  • Weapons

  • Armour

  • Shaders

  • Consumables

Avatar NFT

Avatars will be minted and released in different batches. Level up your Avatar and use skill points to increase your fighting efficiency and boost your journey throughout the game.

Phantom Galaxies 5

Starfighter NFT 

The Mechanized Starfighter will be the core NFT asset for your in-game activities. You will need one to explore the Phantom Galaxies. Other NFTs are available to level up your Starfighter NFT to its full potential. 

Phantom Galaxies 6

A Starfighter which is destroyed in battle will lose durability. If this level remains above 0, you can still use your NFT. If it should fall below 0, your Starfighter will be locked and inaccessible until a specific cooldown period has expired. You can, however, buy an insurance policy to reduce the cooldown period.

Player-owned planets

Users can own land in Phantom Galaxies in the form of Planets. Every player, or organization, can buy and own Planets. These Planets are not only an in-game base, but also produce an emission of the in-game utility and governance token of Phantom Galaxies, ASTRAFER. During the private sale, 7,734 Planets & Asteroids were sold for a total of $19.3M.


Phantom Galaxies was developed by Blowfish Studios, an Australian-based subsidiary of Animoca Brands. Blowfish Studios have published a variety of high-quality multi-platform games, like Morphite, QBism, and Siegecraft. Their mission? To create compelling and enjoyable games with technical and artistic excellence. 

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Benjamin Lee: Co-Founder & Managing Director

Benjamin Lee has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering. He has 20+ years of experience in the computer software and 3D graphics industries. Over the past nine years, he has grown Blowfish Studios into a globally competitive video game development house and publisher. 

Aaron Grove: Co-Founder & Creative Director

Aaron already has 20+ years of experience creating high-end visual effects for commercials and music videos worldwide. His creativity and passion for 3D and video games allows him to produce immersive and beautifully crafted video games. 

Animoca Brands is a global leader in gamification and blockchain with a large portfolio of over 380 investments, and with the mission to advance digital property rights and contribute to building the open metaverse. The company and its various subsidiaries develop and publish blockchain games, traditional games, and other products, many of which are based on popular global brands including Disney, WWE, Power Rangers, MotoGP™, Formula E, and Snoop Dogg. For more information visit

How to Get Started

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: Connect your wallet: Wallet Connect, MetaMask, or Coinbase Wallet.

Step 3: Ensure you own a Phantom Galaxies Origin Series NFT, purchasable through OpenSea.

Step 4: Download Phantom Galaxies


Phantom Galaxies is a play-and-earn 3D-action RPG shooter game. Team up, join guilds, explore the cosmos, and save humanity! Phantom Galaxies contains a wide variety of in-game NFTs, including Avatars, Starfighters and Planets. Blowfish Studios aims to push the possibilities of blockchain forwards, and create a Phantom Galaxies multiverse. Each blockchain will have its home galaxy, and players from different blockchains will be able to interact with each other and trade all sorts of in-game assets.

Phantom Galaxies plans to show NFT interoperability at its finest by bringing numerous blockchains into one gaming experience. Take to the stars, and enter the breathtaking expanse of Phantom Galaxies!