PEPO Paradise - Cross-chain Petaverse with a unique FEED-TO-EARN mechanic

GameGamePEPO Paradise
DateDate11 May 2022

Pet Pocket Paradise (PEPO Paradise) is a cross-chain Petaverse incorporated with a unique “FEED-TO-EARN” mechanic that is built on Avalanche blockchain. The NFT game offers pets called “PEPO” which you can breed and nurture throughout the blockchain. These PEPOs will drop tokens and NFT rewards occasionally for owners to earn and trade on the marketplace. On the other hand, each pet or PEPO has distinctive genetic codes attached to its attributes which affects its performance in future updates like minigames, events, and rewards. 


PEPO Paradise 2

As mentioned in their white paper, the game is inspired by popular games like Animal Crossing, The Sims, Neopets & Super Smash Bros. Moreover, the game is a cross-chain with a unique "FEED-TO-EARN" mechanic that is built on Avalanche blockchain combined with a sandbox environment. On top of that, cross-chain features allow Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and other blockchain NFT holders to combine under its ecosystem as an ERC-721 pet PEPO which players can then feed-to-earn with pets from any NFT collection, as long as it’s from a collection that is one of PEPO Paradise’s partners. On the other hand, the game allows players to earn tokens and NFTs by simply owning, feeding, and breeding pets. 

Some of the games we know lack use-cases and interoperability for NFTs, also as the game grows, more collaborators will be added up which results in a more number of conversations which then overwhelms the situation. The PEPO Paradise team seek to develop the game to be the most prominent platform for NFT based interactive pets, by actively collaborating with, supporting, and promoting other fun projects to bring PEPO onto other metaverses which gives new opportunities and utility for their owned NFTs.   


Based on their roadmap, the project is quite fresh as it has just begun in Q1 of 2022. Currently they’re on stage 2 of the Q2 of 2022 and something to look forward to in the second quarter are PEPO-Land Presale as well as the IDO and the Public Token Sale. Moreover, they are planning to target the public launch of the game along with the mobile app by the end of year 2022. Overall, the roadmap is packed with awesome plans and game feature updates ahead including mini games and tournaments together with VR & AR integration which is quite innovative in the NFT Metaverse.

PEPO Paradise 3


Jumping into the gameplay, you will start off by owning your PEPOs. To acquire one, you need to purchase through the marketplace, limited presales, or converted from NFTs of their IP partners. In addition, these PEPOs can only be hatched from eggs. However, hatching costs some $PPC tokens plus the amount will depend on the rank of the Egg. The good thing here is that there is no necessary time or duration needed to hatch the egg or complete the action.

On the other hand, these Eggs are NFT rewards dropped by the PEPOs. Take note that the collection of PEPO eggs varies depending on the bonding score which we will discuss later on.

At a later time, the supply of eggs decreases over time based on the current demand to ensure that the market will not be flooded with PEPOs while keeping the long-term value of the existing PEPOs intact so one of the preferred strategy is to keep leveling up your land, deploy more PEPO, and make sure to keep your PEPO well-fed to increase the chance of getting eggs to drop on your land. 

PEPO Paradise 4

Feed-To-Earn Mechanics

Since the game has incorporated a unique feed-to-earn mechanism, these process works in four ways:

  • Feed and Care - Owners must feed their pets regularly with PEPO Food ($PPF).

  • Bonding Increases - By nurturing and staying with your pets over time, the PEPO will increase its satisfaction through care and improves their bonding score which gives players higher and exclusive rewards.

  • Collect and Earn - Once owners and pets start bonding beyond the minimum threshold, they start dropping token rewards. However, token rewards depend on bonding score.

  • Hatch and Discover - Finally, PEPOs can multiply by laying eggs for new offspring. Players can start nurturing the offspring or selling them off at the market.

PEPO Paradise 5

Each PEPO has a unique genetic code which is used to generate character PEPOs size, body parts traits, rarity and attributes for future minigames and including their partner Metaverses. You can also hatch a rare or even ultra-rare mini/gigantic PEPO if you’re lucky enough. 

Note: Players will be able to see these character attributes in the game after Open-beta.

PEPO Character attributes:

  • Braveness

  • Curiosity

  • Hardworking

  • Intelligent

  • Focused

  • Perfectionistic

PEPO Paradise 6

Character attributes will randomly increase by one as soon as the bonding score increases by one as well. They range from 1-99 depending on their tier and traits. Cheeks NFT, for example, tail style: "Cat", will give a 5% bonus on curiosity stat.

PEPO Paradise 7

PEPO Growth

As you feed them with PEPO-Food and take care of your PEPOs daily, the bonding score between the owner and the PEPO slowly builds up over time. As soon as you hit the minimum threshold, the PEPO will then start to lay eggs, drop token rewards, and blueprint for crafting. Not only that, but you will notice your PEPO will age eventually from baby, to kid, then adult.

PEPO Paradise 8

NOTE: PEPOs with high bonding scores may even drop exclusive NFT items in the ecosystem(see the image below for more information).

PEPO Paradise 9

Supported NFT collections

NFTs in these collections will become a PEPO and will be playable in the game with the same function as the others and can enjoy the Feed-To-Earn rewards. Moreover, the developers will be covering their whole collections in which you will then be able to see your NFT translated to 3D with the same body parts/traits as the 2D NFT you hold. The list as follows:

Lil Blob's WRLD

KUMO x WORLD residents


Clementine's Nightmare


Project Godjira 

Dreamland Genesis



The Doge Pound


Kaiju Kingz


PEPO Paradise 10

Team and Partnerships

The game is developed and published by FINIFUGU Games and the team consists of 12 full-time members who are working in different locations around the world including Hong Kong, London, Italy, Thailand, and Taiwan. The team has outstanding award-winning games that are featured by Apple App Store & Google Play Store when it comes to Best New Game, Game of the Day, Editor’s Choice, etc. 

PEPO Paradise is backed by industry-leading Venture Capital. They carefully select their investors and will close the private round very soon. In addition, the developers informed us that they cannot show the line up yet due to Non-disclosure Agreement(NDA). However, they will announce this as soon as they have finalized their selections.

PEPO Paradise 11


The game is quite interesting since the plan of the developers is to give NFT holders more utility and options to display their NFTs and participate throughout the metaverse. Moreover, PEPO Paradise has created a cross-chain system where NFT brands that they partnered with are allowed for interoperability. However, we advise you to always research and perform your own due diligence on the platforms that you are planning to invest in.